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Gabriel confronts Gideon in a new CLOCKWORK PRINCESS snippet

Clockwork Princess

To celebrate The MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES winning the first round of MTV Movie Brawl 2013, Cassie has taken to Tumblr to share another CLOCKWORK PRINCESS snippet and this time it isn’t about Will, Jem or Tessa.

“Why?” Gabriel asked. “Why are you so sure that Charlotte’s side is the right one?”

“Because our father’s is not,” said Gideon. “Because I know Charlotte. Because I have lived among these people for months and they are good people. Because Charlotte Branwell has been nothing but kind to me. And Sophie loves her.”

“And you love Sophie.”

Gideon’s mouth tensed.

“She’s a mundane and a servant,” said Gabriel. “I don’t know what you expect to come of it, Gideon.”

“Nothing,” Gideon said roughly. “I expect nothing. But the fact that you believe I should shows that our father brought us up to believe that we should do right only if some reward was the result. I will not betray the word I have given Charlotte; that is the situation, Gabriel. If you do not want a part of it, I can send you to live with the Blackthorns. But I will not lie to Charlotte.”

“Yes, you will,” said Gabriel. “We are both going to lie to Charlotte. And I will tell you why.”

Pretty mysterious, right? Any guesses what Gabriel will tell his brother?

Sound off in the comments and stay calm, only 63 days left!

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20 Comments on Gabriel confronts Gideon in a new CLOCKWORK PRINCESS snippet

  1. Wow cant wait for this book hurry up already 🙂

  2. …and what was that about Giden sending Gabriel to live with the Blackthorns?

    It’s a shame we still have to wait 60 more days…. What If I die before it hits the shelves?

  3. Ria Jace Herondale // January 14, 2013 at 8:21 PM // Reply

    -_- this is just too much.

  4. I can’t wait for this book to come out!!

  5. KikilovesJace // January 14, 2013 at 10:10 PM // Reply

    Oh! this is getting good. I think that gabriel will tell gideon about his father’s something something. Or possibly something else that would be oh so juicy to have in my hands. 😀

  6. You know Cassie. Whatever we think we have figured out she has something else in mind that we haven’t thought of. I really bellieve Gideon and Sophie get together and have a child and that is a descendant that turns up in the Dark Artifacts series.

    • Katherine Carstairs Herondale Lewis Lightwood Bane // January 15, 2013 at 7:40 AM // Reply

      That woud be so sweet! I hope that does happen since Emma Carstairs is in it, so they may already know each other because their great grandparents were all so close. Oh, right, and I can’t wait for the book either!

      • Cinderbella // January 15, 2013 at 4:06 PM //

        I always thought that they did get together and their descendent’s became Alec and Isabelle in TMI. After all doesn’t Sophie have black hair like Alec and Isabelle or am I just totally off the mark?

  7. The fact that Gideon has the authority to ‘send’ away Gabriel implies that he is Gabriel’s guardian… So old Mr Lightwood is dead?

    • Ah! Thats right! His dad is either dead or he’s joined the magister, leaving his sons behind.

      • but isn’t Gabriel 18. They are always bragging how “I’m 18 now..I can go to meetings” like it’s a huge monumental age to be. Jessamine couldn’t wait until she was 18 so she could leave the Institute. I’m not sure Gideon would be considered his “guardian”..but I think you might be right about Mr. Lightwood. He was infected afterall, it was only a matter of time.

  8. This is taking too long I need to this book just like I need to breathe!!!!!!!

  9. TeamEdwardJace // January 15, 2013 at 6:15 PM // Reply

    oh gabriel what are you up too? let gideon be happy! and oh cassie, the suspense is killing me! but this is a a sample of how amazing cp will be and how great of a writer you are!

  10. Depthsofthemind // January 15, 2013 at 11:10 PM // Reply

    Okay Gabriel, what do you have on your warped twisted little min. I have always said you weren’t bad just confused;I had better not regret that. Secondly, by the angles this had better not effect Gideons chances with shopie

  11. Gideon is hoing to have an Ah-Ha moment when he realizes just what a disgrace his father is. I feel sorry for him. His fathers hold on him is so tight.

  12. Gabriel living with the Blackthorns? Oh my. Is this the reason why the Lightwood family and the Blackthorn family close in City of Glass?!?!?! *So much to take in*

    • There is no Blackthorn family in City of Glass, you probably mean Penhallow 😉
      Gideon and Gabriel’s sister Tatiana married a Blackthorn in Clockwork Prince.

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