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New snippet from THE BANE CHRONICLES

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Cassandra Clare has taken to her tumblr and shared another THE BANE CHRONICLES snippet:

“You’re quite wrong, you know. I am the most permanent person,” said Magnus, his voice breathless with laughter and his eyes stung a little by tears, “that you will ever meet. It is only that it never makes any difference.”

THE BANE CHRONICLES is a 10-story cycle collaboration of Cassandra Clare and her writer friends Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan. Every month a new story will be released before its published in its full print form in 2014. The first installment is “What Really Happened in Peru” and the ebook will be released on April 16.

Check out the first snippet here and click here for all the other TBC news.

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7 Comments on New snippet from THE BANE CHRONICLES

  1. I can’t wait till it comes out sometime next year. I know that it’s coming out as a ereader every month till it’s release as a full book. I’d rather have the whole thing to read at once instead of one piece at a time per month. Is there a date of release for the full book yet? Or will that come later this year, as we get closer to 2014?

  2. SexyVampireMojo // March 11, 2013 at 9:49 AM // Reply

    I don’t have an ereader so I’m just going to have to endure the wait, it won’t be easy though. Once again my lack of technology stands in the way of me and new TMI content 😦

  3. Wow. This shows you how bitter Magnus feels toward his imortality. I believe this is part of the reason Magnus pushes Alec away. He knows, just like every other relationship he’s ever had, that it’ll end and will ultimately leave him feeling lonley and bitter, all over again. He knew Alec’s ancestors for god sake and their long gone now. Magnus must see his relationships a fleeting. Thats so sad.

  4. teamedwardjace // March 11, 2013 at 7:22 PM // Reply

    i’n guessing mangus b no longer wants to be immortal and maybe he’s talking to tessa? i’m going to have to wait till 2014 though to get the full issue 😦

  5. The more books that come out in this saga, the more i get excited. I just hope that i never grow out of reading about shadowhunters and downworlders because i might cry if i do lol. These series are practically my life and they’ve inspired me in so many ways. I truly don’t think i will grow out of these series and can’t wait for more.

  6. Magnus Bane seems to be the unifying lynchpin that links the Shadowhunter stories. I am looking forward to the Bane Chronicles. I am interested in learning more about Will’s father. Also I hope to hear Magnus elaborate a bit more on Will. In Clockwork Princess he tells Will he will never forget him, coming from an immortal that is quite a statement. Also hope to find out why he found the the star on Will’s shoulder “interesting” and Tessa felt he knew something he wasn’t telling them. Loved this series and all the characters. Even though it is completed, I do hope we learn more about them in future books. I have found myself rereading them, and particular passages over & over. I also listened to the audio books & picked up on things that I somehow missed when reading the books. Thank you Cassandra Clare for these wonderful characters and for all the research that went into them that allowed us to immerse ourselves & learn about different periods, cultures, and sites of historical significance.

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