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Movie tie-in publishing program by Simon & Schuster

Our page founder Alyssa (also known as ‘our fearless leader’) is at the BookExpo America in New York City right now and she shared a picture of Simon & Schuster’s promotional pamphlets.

Thanks to our friends at PageToPremiere we also know what’s inside:

The Marketing & Publicity Campaign consists of, for example, floor displays or in-store marketing kits with bookmarks or rune tattoos.

Here is another picture that Alyssa shared on our tumblr:

What have you seen so far in your local book store? Sound off in the comments!

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6 Comments on Movie tie-in publishing program by Simon & Schuster

  1. teamedwardjace // May 30, 2013 at 3:16 PM // Reply

    aweso,me and i’d sure there’d be other tie in novels with official posters!

  2. “local bookstore” I wish. There isn’t a bookstore within hours of my house.

  3. Wow I really wish I was there!!!! Uh lucky much I’m so jealous. Right now!!!! No fair

  4. nothing yet in Canadain bookstores, ive been checking every time i have gone in. Fingers crossed that I’ll start seeing more stuff soon!

    • Hey Samantha – where in Canada are you? I’m in Montreal. I haven’t seen anything yet either but I will post here as soon as I find something!!!

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