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TMI Memories: Fans sound off on what the series means to them

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It’s hard to believe that The Mortal Instruments is coming to an end. City of Heavenly Fire is set to be unleashed upon the world in just five days, and we’re still not ready to say goodbye. But instead of thinking about how sad it’s going to be, let’s look back at how much this series has changed our lives. For the better.

Last month, we asked fans to write in to us telling us what The Mortal Instruments means to them. We’ve compiled some of their thoughtful and inspiring messages below:

  • Through out reading the mortal Instruments , I’ve laughed and cried etc. It’s a shame to see such a great book series come to an end , I will miss Jace’s sarcasiticness , Isabelle’s great fashion sense , Alec’s protectiveness , Clary’s stubbornness , Simon’s vast knowledge of computer games and manga , Magnus’s sparklyness and many more . -Ciara
  • I am clinically labeled as Bipolar and have never really had a way of venting. I started to read The Mortal Instrument Book Series. I found an escape through Clary and Jace’s adventures. I actually thank Cassandra Clare for helping me stay sane through her books. -Miriam
  • The Mortal Instruments meant beyond words to me from the day i started the reading City of Bones i know that my life was never going to be the same. I fell in love with it instantly with the characters especially certain ones including Jace of course hehehehe to be embraced by my fellow shadowhunters meant the world to me. And we are a huge family and we will be there for each other in 50 days when City of Heavenly Fire is released through the happiness and the heartache it’s sad that this chapter is coming to a close but there is one yet to open. And more characters to meet and get to know just like the ones before them and though yes characters that you have come to know will die they will still live within you so truly they are never really gone. To be part of something like this is beyond amazing i will never forget the day that i went to see a certain movie wearing black with runes on knowing after that there will no turning back when your lucky enough to discover a book series like this one. And your looking forward and not back to what you were before reading them they changed my life for better otherwise the nickname i go by (Runed Mockingjay) would have never existed if i didn’t make that choose to read those extraordinary books by Cassandra Clare. I have really enjoyed learning about the Shadowhunter World drawing runes in my sketchbook just like Clary I’m not the same person that i was this time last year but I wouldn’t want to ever go back to that I love being a Shadowhunter it was one the best decisions that i have ever made in my life. -Stacy
  • The Mortal Instruments characters have become my friends and family. Loosing any of them will bring tears to my eyes because I love them all so much. While I will be prepared for the waterworks with a big box of tissues, I won’t ever be ready to let go. Cassandra Clare has constructed a story that has wound it’s way around my heart by making me laugh and cry along with it. Mortal instruments forever. -Danielle
  • I believe The Mortal Instruments isn’t just a series of brilliant books, TMI is full of lessons, powerful emotions, clues and advices we could all take to our normal lifes. We can learn a lot from this series. We can learn to be better human beings, we can learn to love and cherish our friends no matter the ghost they hide inside. Cassandra Clare shows us the lifes of people who, just like us, are fighting for what they believe. Making this world better and free of evil. Constantly driving themselves to greatness. This series has made me believe in things that I haven’t believed before. I’m very proud to be a fan! -Sara
  • I read the Mortal Instruments at a hard time in my life. It practically saved me. I read it when I had nothing else to do, and I fell in love. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Before TMI, I was a physical and emotional wreck. Overnight, I completely changed. I find strength in each character, and I relish in their victories. Cassandra Clare’s writing showed me what life has to offer. I realized my ambitions of being a writer and an actress, something I should’ve realized a long time ago. Needless to say, I am NOT ready for this book. It all ends here. For the past two years, I have been waiting and waiting for this book. But I’ve been wondering whether I am actually ready for this. With every new snippet, I become unsure. I keep imagining what I’ll do when the book is in my hands. Will I laugh? Will I cry? Will I hesitate to open it? Honestly, I have NO idea. I do know that it all comes down to this. This book could be my “salvation, or [my] destruction.” -Rashmi
  • I’m Jess and The Mortal Instruments has affected me so greatly. Before reading TMI, my writing and ideas didn’t really come to me as quick as they do now. Cassie’s incredible story has really helped me figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to create a love between two characters that Jace and Clary have. I want to take people away from their lives and transport them into a completely new and fascinating world, like I was when I found myself in the beautiful and dangerous world of the Shadowhunters. This book means everything to me and I’ve come to find that I’ve made lots of exciting new friends because of this book. I’ve found that I’ve joined a family that can kick some ass when we need to! Because of TMI, I’ve become a strong, independant Shadowhunter who looks better in black than the widows of my enemies! 😉 -Jess
  • This series saved my life. I mean that in the most sincere way. I lost my brother when I was twelve, so the next few years after that were pretty dark. I didn’t really know what it meant to laugh and smile for no reason at all, but I picked up this book towards the end of my freshman year of high school anyways (not really, my cousin *made me* read the first couple chapters). I couldn’t recall a time back then when something had made so undeniably happy that I couldn’t contain myself, but this book changed that. Clary, though some find that she is annoying, is my favorite character that has ever been in a book (I have read a lot of books). She is awkward and funny, but she does not take anyone’s shit. I can admit that she doesn’t think about things before she does them, but then again neither do any of us. Whenever someone says they like Tessa better than Clary, I automatically assume they don’t understand her like I do. Clary will do anything for the one’s she loves, and that is a trait I have been trying to accomplish because of her. Simon taught me that sacrifice is the key to friendship, and his determination to stay in Clary’s life is a big inspiration to me. Jace loves with everything he has and that isn’t something I see very often in books. I mean everything that has happened since Clary has come into his life, should have sent him running for the hills, but there he is ready to take fire against every evil in the world. Isabelle proved to me that a boyfriend isn’t what you need, hell she’s in love with someone and she won’t date him (let’s hope that gets cleared up soon). I am now a senior in high school and will be graduating only five days after City of Heavenly Fire releases and crushes my heart. I would say that these books made my life enjoyable when I went through high school, but I know they will continue to do that for as long as I remember everything these characters stand for and fight for. -Lexi
  • Ive been through many periods of depression mainly due to tests and school and every single time I felt down I would go to TMI, I still do.Cassandra Clare’s writing can make me laugh and cry and feel emotion so deeply that I forget about my own pain. I live in this world for a short time and it can totally turn my life around. NOW ENOUGH WITH THAT. My all time favourite character in this series is Simon,(I love TID as well and i’m a hugee Jem fan) Simon is always sailing through life so simply and he hides emotion so well to keep other people strong. Him and izzy are so perfect for each other and his and Clary’s friendship is so strong as well, which i also love. BASICALLY I JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER AND KEEPING ME HAPPY WHEN NOTHING ELSE CAN. -Robyn
  • I discovered the Infernal Devices first back in the beginning of 8th grade. Half way though Clockwork Angel however, I felt the need to stop and start with the Mortal Instruments and it was then when I became completely involved with the lives of the Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Through out my whole journey, I wasn’t the only one. My older sister also began reading TMI around the same time I did. It brought us closer than ever before. We talked about it all the time, created our own OC’s, and all that stuff. We even went to the Movie Mall Tour last Summer. I have never been so obsessed with a book series in my life so far. Ever since the completion of Maximum Ride -which was the first book series that got me into reading books- I felt like I had nothing else to do. Not only that, I was going though emotional situations and life became really difficult for me once again. But Cassie’s books saved me; They literally helped me leave the everyday mundane world, peeling away the Glamour and giving me the Sight to a world I never knew existed, giving me a different perspective on everything I see. While other people may say it was Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, or Percy Jackson was the series that made them a different person, Clary, Tessa and everyone else made me the who I am today. While the Infernal Devices opened the doors to the Shadow World, the Mortal Instruments kept them open for me. I am so emotional over the fact that TMI is coming to a close. But no matter what, it will always be a story I will never ever forget in my life. -Remie
  • The Mortal Instruments has been THE series to read ever since City of Bones came out. It has been my fandom for WHO KNOWS HOW LONG. I am a Shadowhunter. Here saying: TMI has changed my LIFE. Cassie is TALENTED and should always keep writing. AND JACE IS AMAZING. I’m still getting therapy for…..well…….the fact that he’s not real, and I REALLY hope that he doesn’t die in City of Heavenly Fire. -Lalitha
  • What does The Mortal instruments mean to me? ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!I have been a fan for almost a year, but honestly it has changed my life. Before that I would never read books, i had no creativity and nothing to spend the day “fangirling” about. Then one day I saw the trailer for CoB and thought “Hey, that’s a book, i should read it before the movie comes out.” Then I went y’know to my local bookstore and got the first 3 books on sale for $25 (Aww Yeah, SALE!) And that night I started to flip through the first few pages. As I read, I couldn’t stop. The story inescapably intrigued and drew me in. I found myself reading practically til morning, until my eyes could no longer stay open. Then came that, uh, infuriating ending of CoB. I remember practically crying, and being really moody for at least 3-4 weeks. Then I moved on to Ashes, and continued my obsessive love affair with the series. And then I saw the movie AHHH! PERFECTION! I absolutely adore the cast and the film (and i think if your a true fan you love everything that is attached to the books *eherm movie haters*) And soon I started making a whole collage of photos, and hunting down posters to put in my room. Then eventually I started to decorate my room Tmi and clary’s room inspired. I’m learning to draw so i can have similar drawings in my room, I made my own mortal cup, stele, seraph blades, rune chandeliers etc. And i buy every piece of merchandise i can find. I was a shadowhunter for halloween obviously, spending a few months sewing and creating my costume, and won best costume in school, but who’s bragging? *shrugs* I watched the movie soo many times i can mentally remember it perfectly, like it’s downloaded in my memory. I’ve also related and learned alot from Cassie’s world. I love how it literally has everything; the romance, the love triangles, the danger, the suspense, the humor, the fantasy. And it has Angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, faeries, warlocks, and mundies. It’s the perfect balance between Fantasy and reality. And i love how the ending for CoB was not a cliche or terribly predictable, I mean he ends up being her “BROTHER!” Would never have saw that coming. I honestly don’t know how Cassie is able to make me fall in love with every single character, it’s impossible! but possible, apparently. (And as for TID, THAT WAS SO AMAZINGLY WRITTEN! I love the characters, relationships platonic and romantic, and that she’s immortal and ends up with both. Again a win win for Team Wessa and Team Jessa or both! and NOT CLICHE! And also i love how all the series are intertwined and connected (like the little cameos of Tessa’s Clockwork angel, Jessamine’s initials in the silent city, Will’s copy of Tale of Two Cities he gave to Tessa, Woosleyand of course, Tessa in CoG)   Any way, this series and all of the shadowhunter chronicles are MY LIFE. I have since then become a avid reader (fanfiction writer, improved vocabulary and what not) but I still, and don’t ever think, that I’ll fall in love and be obsessed with any other series whatsoever. Sorry for this really long e-mail, but you asked what TMI means to me, and trust me, it’s way more that just the contents of this letter. -DaniThe Mortal Instruments series means THE WORLD to me. It pretty much changed my perspective of the world, changing how I think of various things. I can’t look at a mango or a rubber duck without thinking of the amazing Jace Herondale, nor can I look at something sparkly or glittery without thinking about the fabulous High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. This series has gotten me through my mundane, boring life with the breathtaking adventures it takes me on throughout its five wonderful books. I can’t count the times I’ve fantasized about being a mysterious shadowhunter and going on badass missions with the shadowhunters in the series. I’m not really sure what I’ll do after reading City of Heavenly Fire, and officially being able to say I’ve finished reading The Mortal Instruments. I’m pretty sure I’ll either be crying from the death of a favorite character, or dead from the overwhelming amount of feels in the book. I’m so sad that the series is ending, but I’m glad I got to live an amazing adventure with such inspiring characters , and I can’t wait until the release of City of Heavenly Fire. -Mara
  • To be truthful, I found this to be a tough question to answer. Many people say “This series has changed my life” and I respect that and as for me…I can honestly say that this series really did change my life. I am a reader and always have been a reader. I guess you can say it’s in the blood because my mom is, in short, a book hoarder. Thankfully, that love of reading and books was passed down to my sisters and me. For as long as I can remember, reading has been my escape; from reality, life, and hardship. I have always found that reading stories about worlds other than ours or worlds that is hidden from humans have always fascinated me. I guess that was one of the things that drew me to manga and anime, one of my first loves. Some manga possessed some of the most epic adventures, most memorable characters, and the most intricate worlds that I never really found in novels. I remember for a good eight years of my life I read nothing but manga and watch almost nothing but anime. Occasionally I would read a novel here or there but during that time, I realized that my love for reading novels was drifting away and that saddened me. But I was able to rekindle my love for reading novels thanks to this series. And to this day, I can never forget what got me into this crazy but wonderful fandom, and it’s a funny story, because I was in the middle of enjoying another fandom of mine. I remember I went to go see the Twilight Series: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in theaters (and yes I am a bit of a TwiHeart, shoot me but I regret nothing) and I was just sitting there, watching the previews. And that was when I saw the teaser trailer for a movie called The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Immediately, I was sucked in; and I mean literally sucked in. Everything about this story intrigued me. When I saw that it was “based on a world-wide bestseller,” I remember whipping out my phone, not caring who was behind me or around me, and made a note to myself to check it out. When I got home, I remember telling my sisters about the movie but also about the trailer I saw. And my little sister recognized the title and she told me she actually had the first book. [Originally it belonged to our older sister, but she ended up giving it to her due to lack of interest (enter le gasp)]. Then after much begging and pleading, my little sister gave me the book as a Christmas present. In a span of three months, I was immersed in the world of the Shadowhunters. Never before have I been so obsessed with a series before. I even started to think the fandom has become a cult following. I have become such a devoted fan that I followed everything that had to do with the series, bought every book, read every article, and possessed any merchandise I can get my hands on. I even made my own characters and created their own family trees, profiles, the whole shebang. Not to mention I attended every and any event I was able to go to. When I heard that Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, and Cassandra Clare were coming to Philadelphia for the movie mall tour, I literally flipped out. I stood in line for the bracelets for six hours and the actual mall event for eight hours. And it was the best two days of my life, especially when I high-fived Jamie, liking my high-five, and saying “I liked that. That was a nice, solid high-five right there.” From then on it was such an exciting roller coaster ride of emotion with the release of the City of Bones movie, reading Clockwork Princess, waiting for any news about the City of Ashes movie, Cassandra Clare’s Midnight Release Party in New York City (one that I am going to) and now with the impending release of the last installment of The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire and all that comes with it (snippets, spoiler art, tweets, etc.). But I have to say that what I treasure most about the series is that I was able to enjoy all of it with my little sister. She is at that age where most teens go through a lot of stuff that comes with growing up and it was hard to see her go through it. But our love for this series made us closer and not only did it make me happy but it made her happier too. So when it comes to anything where TMI, TID, or any of the Shadowhunter Chronicles are involved, I won’t hesitate to make sure we both get to experience it together. I think that is what The Mortal Instruments series means to me: an irreplaceable treasure; and one that I get to share with a loved one. It will be sad to say good-bye to the cast of characters that have become so near and dear to my heart no matter the outcome of the last book and I am SO not prepared to let go. But I don’t regret anything. Not. One. Thing.  -Yuka
  • The Mortal Instruments symbolizes every single book to me because it’s the series that led me to read in the first place. Without The Mortal Instruments, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to explore more worlds, and I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to use books as my escape when things get to tough for me. Without The Mortal Instruments, I wouldn’t have this family of fangirls that I have met online, who understand me. If I hadn’t picked up that copy of City of Bones, I don’t know how my life would be today. -Kristen
  • I’ve been getting migrane headaches since I was in 3rd grade, I’m now an 8th grader and still get them. Last year (7th grade) I went through a migraine that lasted 3 months, I was extremely painful and I was having to go to my neurologist really often. I ended up missing more than 3 months of school and was homeschooled for a while. I couldn’t really do anything because I was constantly on medication that made me really dizzy and confused. Basically I missed the last 3 months of school which made me kinda outcast socially. Over the summer I was constantly catching up on work, I was really anxious when I went back to school. On the first day all of my old friends ignored me so I decided to sit with a different group of people. These 4 people(3 of which I went to elementary school with my whole life) became my best freinds. Over the next few weeks one of them kept talking to us randomly about how annoying TMI was, she was on City of Ashes at the time so I totally understand. I decided to read them and instantly fell in love, I finished the whole series in 1 week, only to read TID in 3 days. I really grew to love this friend that introduced me to them and we are now constantly trading books. I’ve even preordered 2 singed copies of COHF for us:) Bascicallly tmi made me realize how much I love to read, and helped me make friends that truely love me. Without it I wouldn’t be surprised if I was in the middle of a monster headache caused by stress(which was most likely the cause of the last one). Thanks to TMI I now have a group of friends I’ll love forever and will actuallly care for me. -Cammie
  • I know some people are really against thinking of Jace as Jace Lightwood, and are adamant about him being Jace Herondale, but for me Jace being a Lightwood means so much.  I was adopted as a baby by two of the most incredible people on the planet, and despite how much I love them, and how much they love me, sometimes it’s a struggle when I realize that there will always be some level of disconnect between us–on certain points genetics are just too strong.  Nevertheless, watching Jace (and to a certain extent, Clary as well) overcome the same conflict I’ve felt for so many years when he realizes he has a family in the Lightwoods has made me feel less alone.  TMI taught me what I should have already known, that love is what makes a family, not blood.  What Jace has with Maryse, Alec, Isabelle, and Max is so beautiful and reassuring for me.  A thousand thanks to Cassie for writing such amazing books that are powerful enough to reach right to the hearts of your readers. -Molly
  • The Mortal Instruments means so much to me. Since it is the first book that has everything I want in a novel. It has fierce action, sweet romance, complicated conflict, good plot, siblings power, exciting adventure, and laughable jokes. This series was also the first one who was so bold enough to bring up the sensitive and unusual topic, which is LGBT issue. Even though, it’s not quite an issue here. However, Cassie had successfully made it as something acceptable and even quite interesting. The greatest impact probably came from the villain side. OMG how could Cassie made me fell for the bad guy??? this is totally the first… first time I ever thought that a villain could be likeable, even lovable. So this is very ironic or weird or whatever you wan to call it, when everybody is busy worrying about the fate of their adorable Team Good characters, while me, magically can be busy worrying the fate of the infamous villain, Sebastian Verlac a.k.a Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern hahahhaaa Anyway, TMI series also brought me together with the gorgeus people in TMIndo, the Mortal Instruments community in Indonesia. It has been very exciting to hang around with people who has the same interest as you, and it happened everytime I met with the TMIndo group. We discussed everything about TMI (books and movie) and other Cassie’s books. We even organized an event where we watched the TMI movie together with all TMI fans in Jakarta, that was realllyy fuuunnn, I tell you. Well, needless to say that I looovvveee TMI series so much I wish all the stories ARE REALLY true hahaa ,, and of course I still don’t know how to cope with the fact that the series is gonna meet its final moment. It was hard when I did it with Clockwork Princess. It will need another magical strength to truly say goodbye with the TMI series. I’m gonna misssss everyone there a looooot. Hmm but on a sceond thought, I think I will try to find any way to plant the TMI stuff in my memory and in my heart permanently. -Meida
  • I am one of those girls who would much rather stay at home and read a book than go out to a party – but that ok! because when you read a book you get to live not only your own one life, but live so many other much more thrilling and exhilarating lives over and over again. When i picked up ‘city of bones’ in the library , just as part of the collection i had to get me through the holidays – i did not expect to find that i had just stumbled across a once in a life time jewel. Now i am not going to lie and say that this book helped me through some really hard times, because i am lucky enough to not have gone through those things – no i don’t have a sad story- and i’m not the best reviewer in the world. So i am just going to tell the truth; when i finished this book i was enchanted, and i still am a year later. That’s not a very long time though is it? True. That is because once again i was lucky enough to only have finished all of the shadow hunter chronicles 2 months ago. I read them all, and brought them all, because i fell in love. I fell in love with the beautiful world that was created with only words on a page, i fell in love with all the nooks, crannies, and twists and turns in the plot, all coming together like a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, and most beloved, i treasured all the flaws, jokes and secrets of the characters deep inside my heart. This is because they were always waiting for me to join in with the hunt for the demon, always waiting for me to laugh about their joke, and cry with them when something awful happened. The world was always just inside that cover, always patient and ready for whenever i needed to get away from reality and be whisked away into a place of fantasy,romance and danger. So i would just like to say thank you Cassandra Clare for always – in a way – being there for me. -Jolene
  • I was one of many suffering through the Harry-Potter-end-of-series hangover… I was so sad… the heart, the magic, the adventure… it was over and I was afraid no other book/series would come close or fill the void. I read several duds and was losing hope fast until I picked up City of Bones (recommended by someone I worked with at the time). I was hooked, line and sinker! One of the things I loved was the humour! I would laugh out loud (and even snort on occasion) on a bus or train and not care because I was having so much fun getting through each chapter, devouring each book to find out what happens next. What resonated with me the most about the series was the existence of runes to reinforce or enhance traits e.g. Healing, strength etc… I found this particularly inspiring as I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and there were times I REALLY wished I was able to draw a ‘fearless’ rune, just like a Shadowhunter. Instead, I bought a ring with the ‘fearless’ rune on it. Wearing the ring gives me courage and in intense moments of anxiety, it gives me comfort – When I touch it, I’m reminded that I can do this, get through this, I am fearless. Thank you Cassie, for the TMI series… I think we’re all Shadowhunters in a way, where our runes exist in our minds and sheer ‘belief’ is the stele. -Melissa
  • I saw the trailer for city of bones in June of 2013 and fell in love with it, but when I figured out that it was based on a book series I read city of bones before watching the movie. I fell in love with it and proceeded to read the rest of the books, as well as the clockwork angels series and the bane chronicles. The books have bought me such joy and relief at knowing that someone thinks just like I do and that I can relate to a specific character in the way that they feel or express emotion. I feel especially close to Alec, mainly because he’s he oldest and he has to keep up the appearance and honor and dignity of the Lightwood family by hiding his sexuality. I felt the same way, and at the beginning of the school year, I stopped hanging out with kids who only got in trouble and hung out with kids who like music and arts like I do! Now, I feel different and unique and like I don’t need to belong anywhere to be myself. The mortal instruments to me, means that we all have to make hard choices to get what we really want in life and to not let others carve out a path that leads to a miserable outcome. We have to let people see us for what we really are not what they want us to become. -Chelsea
  • The Mortal Instruments. I honestly feel like I have known these characters for a life time and that they are real people in my life. The Mortal Instruments gave me a place to escape to when I needed one. The Mortal Instruments helped me improve my own personal writing and vocabulary. And for that, I thank you Cassie. -Emily
  • It is not an exaggeration to say that TMI changed my life in such a unique way. My sister first introduced me to the books and I was hooked. Then I got this crazy idea of “wouldn’t it be an interesting challenge to write a song based on these books?” I had never tried anything like it before and when I nervously posted what I had come up with to YouTube, I could have never imagined the reaction it would get. It’s been a little over a year now since I first posted “Warrior,” and it means everything to me that I am able to do what I love- make music that means something to me and seems to mean something to the people who hear it. I truly believe that none of this would have been possible without TMI. One of my favorite book series is responsible for opening so many doors for me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. -Beth
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10 Comments on TMI Memories: Fans sound off on what the series means to them

  1. Aww these comments r sooo sweet….the one about the girl losing her brother made me cry though ….. We love u Cassandra Clare ❤️

  2. Mrs. Bower // May 26, 2014 at 9:47 AM // Reply

    Just listens to Beth’s songs, its AMAZING!! I watched the film almost a year ago and decided to read the books, (they are much better but still love the film) can’t wait for CoHF, and really hoping CoA will be made into a film, 😊😁

    • claceforever // May 26, 2014 at 3:36 PM // Reply

      Haha, it’s the same situation for me. Even though some fansights would probably push me away for being a newcomer to the series, tmi source hasn’t. Thank you

  3. Lalitha Sankaramanchi // May 26, 2014 at 11:43 AM // Reply



  5. teamedwardjace // May 26, 2014 at 2:35 PM // Reply

    These are amazing and the books all mean something to us!

  6. Just reading this made me cry! So not prepared but I’m still super excited at the same time!!

  7. JaceYourMine:) // May 27, 2014 at 5:12 PM // Reply

    For me the The Mortal Instruments has been my escape from everything, ive had a very tough start to life, emotionally and personally in various ways, and the TMI series has lodged itself into my heart forever. Its amazing to read all these stories and know how much something has touched you has touch millions more!! Thats what creates a family! In the words of Clary “Family isn’t blood”!!!

  8. Jessie's twin // May 28, 2014 at 5:45 AM // Reply

    2 easy words
    my life
    I know I haven’t read it for long but if you think of it, I was way too young when the series first came out to start. I found out about the movie after I knew about the series so in a way I’m not a fan from the movies (though I did watch the movie before reading the book cause that’s just what I like to do an it allows me to appreciate the movies more)
    after that I have gotten 5 of my friends onto the series. 1 had only started today. we like to call them ascenders because its like they are turning into shadowhunters
    ever since the series I’ve changed
    it let me see the world in a different light
    let me appreciate other people and stopped me judging books by covers
    I say “by the angel” on a daily basis and draw runes on myself like the crazy and weird child my friends call me and I have just started CoHF and already screamed ” Its Here!” and just screamed over one person that newly died
    im telling you, cassnadra clare did not lie when she saud there was a death early in the series
    it was a charcter I did like and I came out to my family with a sad face on. they all asked me whats wrong and a told them. Only my dad listened cause he keeps tabs in what I read (I tell him everything in detail so its like he reads it himself). he comforted me and calmed me down
    im now going to read more with a mourning rune darwn on me
    Ave atque vale

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