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TMI Memories: TMI Source staff on what TMI means to them

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It’s hard to believe that The Mortal Instruments is coming to an end. City of Heavenly Fire is set to be unleashed upon the world tomorrow, and we’re still not ready to say goodbye. But instead of thinking about how sad it’s going to be, let’s look back at how much this series has changed our lives. For the better.

Cat, Megan and myself talked about what The Mortal Instruments means to us and reflected on our favorite book, character, ship and favorite moments that we’ll forever remember.


What does The Mortal Instruments mean to me?

Looking back over the past eight years since I began reading The Mortal Instruments, I can’t help but get emotional because of how this series has changed my life.

One of the reasons I’m most thankful is for how The Mortal Instruments has introduced me to so many of my great friends who I can’t imagine not having in my life. I could not be more grateful, and it just goes to show you how a shared passion can unite strangers and turn them into best friends. Getting to know Cassandra Clare has been an honor. Cassie is such a wonderful person who is just as nice of a person as she is a writer.

Of course there’d be no TMI Source without The Mortal Instruments. I mean, it’s in the name – The Mortal Instruments Source. Starting this website has opened so many doors for me, as well as afforded me so many incredible opportunities, like participating in Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices book tours, getting to tour the set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and attending the premiere of the film, as well as meeting and interviewing the actors.

What The Mortal Instruments offered me was an escape. It’s what all books and forms of entertainment do, but The Mortal Instruments completely captivated me and whenever I wanted to escape my reality I’d run immediately into Cassie’s world.

I was emotional saying goodbye to The Infernal Devices. But it’s safe to say that saying goodbye to The Mortal Instruments is going to be 10x worse. And The Infernal Devices is my favorite series of the two. But The Mortal Instruments started it all. And having to close that chapter in this ongoing saga is going to hurt like hell. But knowing that I can revisit these characters and stories years from now is the light in the darkness. And I couldn’t be more thankful that these characters will live on forever with readers and myself.

Favorite Book: City of Glass.

Favorite Character: Isabelle. She wasn’t always my favorite character, but in five books I’ve watched her grow into a strong and capable woman. Her strength isn’t just physical. It’s emotional. She’s just as capable of kicking someone’s ass as she is open to being emotionally vulnerable. And that’s just beautiful. But I’ll be honest, I fear for her life in City of Heavenly Fire. Please don’t break my heart, Cassie!

Favorite Ship: Clary x Jace. I first started reading The Mortal Instruments shortly after City of Ashes was published, which meant that I had to wait FOREVER for City of Glass stewing in that knowledge (at the time) that Clary and Jace were related and praying every minute that they weren’t. But it didn’t matter I shipped it anyway. You know you’re invested in a ship where even when you know they’re related you still ship it. Luckily, they turned out not to be related. *throws confetti*

3 Favorite Moments:

1) The Letter in City of Glass: To this day reading the scene where Clary find the letter from Jace and the Morgenstern ring and then actually reading the letter Jace wrote, it makes me emotional. This was a poignant moment for these two characters and offered some beautiful insight into Jace’s character.

2) Seelie Court in City of Ashes: THIS CHAPTER. Everything about the Seelie Court was incredible, from the humor to THAT KISS. “You can close your eyes and think of England, if you like.”

3) Pandemonium in City of Bones: This is where it all began. Just imagine if Clary and Simon had decided not to go to Pandemonium that night. Actually, don’t. That’s a depressing thought.


What does The Mortal Instruments mean to me?

I’m finding it hard to write down what TMI means to me because this feels like a farewell letter, which I guess it somehow is. I first heard of The Mortal Instruments in the summer of 2009, but didn’t read the first cycle until January 2010, when I ‘marathoned’ the trilogy. I was hooked and when two friends discovered the series, I was so happy that we could fangirl together, which we of course did and still do.
Today I’m surrounded by my TMI books and yes, I am crying because this is it. In a few days I will be reading City of Heavenly Fire, I will be saying goodbye to beloved characters that I will never see again because they have died. I will be saying Ave atque vale, The Mortal Instruments. But I’ll also be saying ‘thank you’, because over the last 4.5 years, this book series has become such a big part of my life.
Clary discovered a whole new world, a hidden world at the beginning of City of Bones and in a way, I am like her, because I discovered the books and later the TMI fandom on the Internet. Clary went on a lot of adventures; she made new friends and so have I. Cassie’s books made me meet so many great people, made me go on adventures – book signings, a movie premiere, interviews –  I wouldn’t have dreamt were possible and I am so grateful, so humbled.  I wouldn’t be writing this today if it wasn’t for three special ladies: Cassie, Alyssa and Megan so thank you ♥

The Mortal Instruments mean so much to me that I’m not really able to put it into words. I’ve never been a wordsmith, but 4.5 years ago I fell in love and to this day I still am. The ‘relationship’ had its ups and its downs, but in hindsight, I have to quote Cassie: “I only count the hours that shine”. Goodbye, Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, Alec, Magnus and all the others and thank you for making me laugh, for comforting me when I needed it, for making me cry and for making my life more beautiful. I will miss you.

Favorite Book: City of Glass. I just love this book because all of the characters get to shine and didn’t we all breathe a big sigh of relief when we finally had confirmation that Clary and Jace weren’t actually related? 😉

Favorite Character: Simon. His loyalty to Clary, but also to the other Shadowhunters is incredibly admiring. He’s grown so much in the series and I just love him so I am very jealous of Isabelle and Clary for having such a great (boy)friend in their lives.

Favorite Ship: Simon and Isabelle ♥ (sorry, Clace, but I’m rooting for the underdogs. I love you too, though)

3 Favorite Moments:

1. This is a Sizzy moment. I feel all warm and fuzzy when I even think about it. It’s from City of Fallen Angels, Chapter 19: Hell Is Satisfied:
“Why didn’t you summon us?” Isabelle demanded, her voice thin with betrayal. Why didn’t you tell us you were coming here? Why didn’t you send a fire-message, or anything? You know we would have come if you needed us.”
“There wasn’t time,” Simon said. “And I didn’t know Clary and Jace were going to be here. I thought I was the only one. It didn’t seem right to drag you into my problems.”
“D-drag me into your problems?” Isabelle sputtered.
“You—,” she began – and then to everyone’s surprise, clearly including her own, she flung herself at Simon, wrapping her arms around his neck. He staggered backward, unprepared for the assault, but he recovered quickly enough. His arms went around her, nearly snagging on the dangling whip, and he held her tightly, her dark head just under his chin. Clary couldn’t quite tell – Isabelle was speaking too softly – but it sound like she was swearing at Simon under her breath.”
And then later:
“You came for me. You came for me.”
“Of course I did,” she said, in a muffled little voice. “When I thought something had happened to you—“
He leaned toward her. Their faces were inches from each other. He could see the reflected sparks of the chandelier in her black eyes. Her lips were parted, and Simon could feel the warmth of her breath. For the first time since he had become a vampire, he could feel heat, like electrical charge passing between them. “Isabelle,” he said. Not Iz, not Izzy. Isabelle.
“Can I—“

Oh my shipper heart! Why did Cassie stop there?!

2. City of Glass, Chapter 14: In The Dark Forest: (I’m sure you know what will come now)
“There’s no pretending,” Jace said with absolute clarity. “I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.” *melts into a puddle of goo*

3. This was tough because how can I pick only 3 favorite moments from 5 books? I somehow managed, though.
City of Glass, Chapter 20: Weighed In The Balance:
“You could have had anything else in the world, and you asked for me.”
She smiled up at him. Filthy as he was, covered in blood and dirt, he was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. ”But I don’t want anything else in the world.” […]
“You’re not my brother,” she told him, a little breathlessly, as if, having realized she hadn’t yet said them, she couldn’t get the words out of her mouth fast enough. “You know that, right?”
Very slightly, through the grime and the blood, Jace grinned.
“Yes,” he said. “I know that.”

This still makes me want to hug the book to my chest and sigh happily.


What does The Mortal Instruments mean to me? 

I was introduced to TMI when City of Ashes had just been released by my friend Kaylee I was editing a podcast about TMI for her, so unlike many others I knew the ending of City of Bones before I began reading it. I think I mostly started reading the book because Kaylee dared me to read the book and NOT ship Jace and Clary. I was bound and determined not to because I knew that they were siblings! …… yeah that didn’t last long.
That is how I got into the series, but it means so much more than a book. The Mortal Instruments has been a friend, an escape, a tool for cheering me up, a tool for making me sad and gateway to friendships that wouldn’t be possible if there weren’t these books. I was going through a little bit of an awkward phase when I first started reading these books in 2008. But after reading City of Bones and City of Ashes I felt like I needed to reach out. I needed to bond with people that were going through at least a little part of what I was going through. I have given a copy of City of Bones to friends, neighbors and strangers. I gave a copy to a girl that was diagnosed with cancer a copy because I heard she loved books, and later she told me it was the best way to stop thinking about every negative thing that she had gone through in the past few months.
I met Cassandra Clare once. I barely spoke to her. I wanted to explain how amazing she was, how her books had changed my life, how she had made me laugh and cry with her characters. I wanted to thank her for the gift that she gave me as an author. All I could say was “I’ve loved the series since the second book came out.” That doesn’t even touch what these books mean to me, or what her talent means.
The Mortal Instruments gave me a bounce in my step that wasn’t there before. As much as I fear this last book because it is an ending of this wonderful story, I’m so glad that it exists. I would not have met Alyssa or Cat, I wouldn’t have met my lovely Parabatai Dom. I wouldn’t have countless friends on tumblr (even though I have been slow recently) I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet great women who dedicate themselves to running websites about these books. I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I truly feel like The Mortal Instruments helped me transition to a strong confident woman.
(sorry that is a little more than one paragraph!)
Favorite book: I always say that my favorite book is City of Bones. The reason for that is, that is where everything began. That is where we met the hero and heroine. City of Bones is where we started our author/reader friendship with Cassandra Clare. Without City of Bones we wouldn’t have The Infernal Devices, we wouldn’t have the Bane Chronicles, we would have the characters that we all know and love and obsess over insanely! So that is why I have to say City of Bones is my favorite… it leads to everything else that is amazing and that we love about this fandom!
Favorite Character: Simon. I am not even a Sizzy shipper (not that them getting together isn’t a desired thing) I love Simon because he has one of the biggest arcs as a character. He doesn’t start out in the shadowhunter world. He doesn’t even like the shadowhunter world at first, but he enters because of his best friend and at the time love. He follows a girl that he has loved his whole life into danger because he can’t stand being without her. Sorry but that is the most romantic thing! I know some people think that Simon is annoying in the first book but it if weren’t for Simon’s prank call in the second chapter of City of Bones I wouldn’t be as hooked to this series as I am!
Favorite ship: Jace and Clary…. pretend that twenty minutes have passed trying to figure out where to start on why I love them so much and coming to the conclusion that just their names are enough. Jace and Clary belong together! They have ever since Jace gave her a condescending shrug in the alley!
Three Favorite moments
1. The Seelie Court – I think I love this part so much because it brings all of the elements that Cassandra Clare is good at. Laughter with Isabelle and Simon and Jace throwing in his one liners here and there. Danger with Clary being trapped. Conflict with Simon kissing Clary and the realization of her true feelings. Pain with Jace having to kiss Clary and them not being able to be together. (also the scene after in the Institute between Jace and Clary is amazing as well)
2. Jocelyn Tells Clary- If I have said it once I have said it a million times. Waiting for City of Glass was the LONGEST WAIT EVER!!!! (Alyssa still had to convince me that we didn’t wait 3 years for that book.) But I think it was this scene that we were waiting for. When Jocelyn tells Clary that Jace isn’t her brother it felt like a heavenly choir came down on all TMI Fans and sang at once. Finally they could be together!!!
3. The real Jace- I think the scene in City of Lost Souls when Jace (the real Jace) comes to talk to Clary they embrace they kiss and Jace tells her that she has to kill him. This scene was so beautifully written it hurts! I loved that you could feel through these words on a page the difference between this character who was literally going through the motions and the damaged character that we all fell in love with. I remember reading that part and crying for Clary because it was Jace, her Jace and there was a huge difference, like a relief that you could feel when you read that very familiar character, who is willing to sacrifice himself to save Clary and to save the world. How very Jace!
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7 Comments on TMI Memories: TMI Source staff on what TMI means to them

  1. By the Angel…you guys are getting me emotional now…*sniff sniff*…pass the tissue box please.

  2. What does the mortal instruments mean to me?: I began reading the series when I was 12. And let me tell you it made the whole Jr High highschool transition a lot easier. It was my escape from the mean girls at school and these stress of grades.
    Favorite book: it will always and forever be city of bones because it is what started it all. I remember picking it up and thinking I wouldn’t like it very much. Oh my gods look at me now.
    Favorite charecter: probably Isabelle because I feel like she is trying so hard to be strong and independent all while still trying to be a girl. She has a certain flair that I admire. She seems so rigid and ruff when you first meet her but in reality she’s one of the kindest charecters in the series despite what she’s gone through with her family.
    Favorite ship: Definantly Clary and Jace. They have a relation ship that is so real that they have worked so hard for. I love the fact that even when Jace thinks he’s Clary’s brother he still loves her more then anything. That is what I want.
    Thee favorite scenes:
    1. When Clary smacks Jace in the elevator for the other 10%. That is really when I began shipping them. It showed me that Clary really was a very strong charecter and kind of sealed me into the first book. I also laughed way more them I should have at that because I mean come on. That was funny.
    2. When Jace is looking through the box of his father’s things. It kinda just brought an innocence to Jace that we rarely get to see. It was like for the first time he was a teenage boy who had no idea who he was and all the secrets lied waiting in this little box. I just loved the innocence it gave him because no matter how grown up you are there’s some of you that is always going to feel lost with out your parents.
    3. The moment in City of Lost Souls when Jace broke free of the spell he was under for a short amount of time and wanted to tell Clary it wasn’t the real him and not just Sebastian/Jonathon’s mindless puppet. It was sad because he begged her to kill him and she wouldn’t do it. She cared more about his life then anything in the world. He wanted her to be free and she wouldn’t take it unless she was free with him.

  3. The series kind of came out of nowhere for me at a random time last year and this was several months before the City of Bones made its theatrical debut which was the perfect time for me to start reading at least part of the series from the 1st one the 2nd and then the 3rd, I’m still on the 4th though and I read the first two chapters of City of Lost Souls so far (I know I’m bad), And i also read other books that talk about the series which made me get to know it better as if I had known it all my life but it was only just a few months. I think it was TMI that really introduced me to the world of YA outside of HP, Twilight and even THG and I love all of them very dearly. In fact I even wrote my own letter to the series. It’s a bit of a doozy and you might want to get out a tissue box.
    Dear “Mortal Instruments” my god how time flies. I cannot tell you how happy and thankful I am in getting to know you, because you became an unexpected surprise for me during a time when I was on the process of moving on from “Twilight” and looking for another story to love other than “Hunger Games” and there you were. You introduced me into a whole new world of fantasy and open up my eyes to even more amazing stories that are out there and took my fangirlingness to another level and made new friends online. A few weeks ago I wrote something in one of the post about my thoughts about TMI and what I have learned from here is what I wrote “If I ever had the chance to meet Casandra or write to her in a letter this is what i would say: when it comes to “The Mortal Instruments” I have a very special, personal connection to it because i love my supernatural and fantasy stuff and the fact that it takes place in New York so it strikes a chord with me there since I am a New Yorker myself. And the fact that its very multi layered in terms of themes. It’s not just another fantasy story with strange creatures or a little complicated love story between two characters but this is really a story about life, it’s about society because the Shadowhunter world is so diverse and there’s issues between them and Downworlders (they are supposed to hate each other.) it’s a little political in a way because of the clave, it’s also about justice and doing what is right, and then you have multiple coming of age stories between the young characters. It’s not just Clary’s story but it’s also Jace’s and Simon’s (I mean come on going from a normal human boy to a vampire is a massive turn around and transition) and also Isabelle and Alec go through their growing pains and self-discovery journey too. although with Alec he deals with something more profound that resonates with how a lot of young people like us struggle with especially with his sexual orientation and how hard it is for him to fit in because of that and even having his own family mostly his father disown him. Hell even Magnus has his own shit going on as well, god i love him. Even the love stories are layed out different instead of having just a one sided romance practically almost everyone has their own romantic thing going on including our beloved Malec, Sizzy heck even Luke and Jocelyn’s love story is cute and full of feels. Ok I think I’m getting carried away here. And last but not least you have the basic classic themes of family and friendship and good vs evil all of that. Ok I can go on forever with this but seriously that’s what I love about “The Mortal Instruments” and if this is how I feel about it imagine how I’m going to feel when I read infernal devices. I am aware that it has a bit of a love story going on and that it is very similar to mortal instruments but I know I am going to be in for a real treat.” Yes this is all true although I know that during the middle half of the year you went through a tough time and I won’t say what it is but I will let you know that no matter what happens from this point on I am here for you. I will continue to fight for your film franchise along with a million of your other fans who still have faith in you. To me you are not just another supernatural novel, your are more than the “next Twilight” or “Hunger Games”, you are more than just another young adult film, you are so much more than that. To me “Mortal Instruments” is a beautiful story about life, growing up, finding yourself and where you belong and not letting society label or define you, facing injustice and bringing justice to society and fighting for the people who are most dear to you and to continue fighting for what is right. I can go on forever but I think this sums it up and illustrates my love for this series and it’s twin “Infernal devices” the prequel series.

  4. claceforever // May 26, 2014 at 12:30 PM // Reply

    Emotional. I don’t really have anything else to add, you guys literally explained everything I feel about TMI. I can’t believe it’s nearly over.

  5. Lena Grace // May 26, 2014 at 3:10 PM // Reply

    I can’t believe its all over tomorrow.

  6. It’s so hard to narrow down my top 3 favourite moments in the series-there are too many-but 3 OF my favourite moments are;

    1.First time Clary sees Jace Alec and Izzy in Pandemonium

    2.Fearless Rune scene

    3.Tomato soup and a mango 🙂

  7. Hay u all I finished reading the book last night let me say have a tissue box they a lot of main charicters

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