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TMI TV Tuesday: The Importance of the Fandom

The Mortal Instruments

On Tuesdays, TMI Source and Fangirlish are bringing you TMI TV Tuesdays, where we discuss different aspects regarding the upcoming television adaptation of The Mortal Instruments.

When adapting a bestselling book series to a television show the fans can either be your saving grace or your downfall. In regards to The Mortal Instruments television show, there are enough fans to have a significant impact on the show. Whether that’s in a positive or negative way is yet to be determined.

Nowadays a show’s success is measured not only by ratings but by social media engagement, which involves the fandom. And with a pre-existing fanbase – a massive one that is known for its social media savvy – Constantin already has an upper hand. Sounds like a recipe for success, right? Potentially. If utilized correctly.

Like with any other pilot, a pilot based on a book series requires the show to make a pitch to the audience. Only with a Young Adult book adaptation the pitch is more difficult. Because you’re not only pitching your vision to a generalized audience, you’re pitching your vision to an audience that already has a pre-existing vision of their own which comes from the book series. There’s already an expectation there, and the fans are waiting to see if they can trust those involved with the show to take care of the characters they love. And if there’s one thing that book fans sometimes have a hard time embracing it’s change.

Now here’s why fan engagement with The Mortal Instruments TV show is so important. As much as the fans can help the show they can do twice as much damage if provoked.

Fandoms are passionate. Book fandoms are insanely passionate. They have love for a series that been a large part of their lives – in the Mortal Instruments fandom for as long as eight years. That’s a lot of devotion to a series, its characters and its author.

I believe fans of most book series have come to acknowledge that in any adaptation there is change. But the severity of that change is a fine line that Ed Decter, Constantin and whoever the network turns out to be, should tread carefully. Because given provocation the fans could tear this show to shreds.

Enough with the negativity, let’s look at how the Mortal Instruments fandom could help this show. Because of today’s TV age where social engagement is as important as ratings themselves, having that pre-existing fanbase – a large one at that – is crucial. You already have an audience that will watch this show. You don’t have to hope that enough people will find the premise engaging, watch the pilot and return every week. That core fandom is already in place and open for newcomers of the world to join.

You need something trended? This fandom can get it done. You need to create buzz? This fandom can get it done. Whatever you want this fandom can get it done.

This fandom is a vocal one, and the studio, network and showrunner should utilize the fans and Cassandra Clare. We will let you know when we like something and when we despise something. What changes work and what changes most definitely do not work. We’re literally in the palm of your hand.

Make no mistake this fandom wants this show to succeed. This fandom will do anything to ensure that it does. We’re basically free marketing at your disposal. The only thing we want in return? A faithful adaptation. Give us that, and we’re yours.

Angelic Power Rune

Head over to FANGIRLISH to read their take on the fandom’s impact on The Mortal Instruments TV show, and check back on Tuesdays for TMI TV TUESDAYS.

What are your thoughts?

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6 Comments on TMI TV Tuesday: The Importance of the Fandom

  1. So very true. I completely agree with this article. -applause- We will get it done or tear it down. Hopefully those that are trying to get this show off the ground like Constatin are reading these articles 🙂

  2. I’d prefer a second movie w/ the same cast!!!!

    • I agree with your sentiment Janet! I just loved the cast and really enjoyed the movie. However, I can see where a cable tv series would be a great enhancement as it would give more time to fully develop the rich story lines and characters. It will be very hard for me to accept different actors for some of the lead roles, as I thought Jamie Bower, Lena Heady, and Robert Sheehan were particularly strong in the movie (for example). With regard to the article: I don’t really think this statement from the article is fully accurate: “Make no mistake this fandom wants this show to succeed. This fandom will do anything to ensure that it does.” You will do anything? Overall, beginning at the pre-production stage of the movie, I have read a large amount of negativity in this blog (and other similar blogs) about the City of Bones movie. It seems that many of the ‘fans’ are emphasizing the ‘tearing down’.

  3. I’m hoping (with all of my being) that the show will not screw up as badly as the movie. Make no mistake, I love Lily, JCB, Lena Heady, and all of the actors/actresses who were in the movie. I have no problem with most of the movie; the demons were well done, the cast actually knew how to act, a lot of the content was there, etc. The one thing I didn’t like about the movie were the small details they changed (a few of you may understand where I come from). But before I go off on a rant on that topic, I fully agree with this article. Book fandoms are very important in any book-to-screen adaptation. Hoping to see more than one season, just as I was hoping to see more than one movie.

  4. I believe the plot line CAN be more detailed now that it’s being portrayed in a series. I suggested they take their time with capturing the story line “IN ORDER”. In movies, you only have so much time to lay out the story line.

  5. I agree with this article, but the fans of the book all have their own interpretation of what should be included, and I think this will be the downfall. I’m a fairly new fan, I saw the film before I read the books. Whilst watching the film I thought ‘Wow, this is amazing!’. Once I had read the books, I hated the film. And I think this is what is going to happen to the TV Series. New fans will love the series, then read the books. I want TMI to do well as a series, as I love Tv series, but I just hope the producers and directors let the fans have a huge part in the making of this show, otherwise it will not do well.

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