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New ‘Shadowhunters’ Rumors: Creepy Jace + Production Pushed Back to Late June?


Happy Thursday, Shadowhunters. How’s your day going? If it’s going well you might not want to hear about these latest rumors from the Shadowhunters television show. It doesn’t sound encouraging.

According to Spoiler TV, production on Shadowhunters has been pushed back from May to late June. That’s not the concern. The production delay most likely is related to scheduling conflicts and such.

But the real concern lies in these new teasers from the pilot script (thank you Spoiler TV), including a highly disturbing teaser about Jace and more information about this Natalie girl that no one cares about.

– An early scene see’s Simon and Clary at Java Jones. They’re watching the news about a ‘Demonic Killer’ who has killed 7 people.

– Natalie carries Yeti in her backpack. She’s described as a bit possessive and bohemian beautiful.

Jace has a creep moment where he inscribes a rune on Clary’s upper thigh while she’s passed out.

– Steles are retained from the books.

– Seraph Blades are retained from the books.

“Jace has a creep moment.” Wow that’s just fantastic. Because nothing says sexy leading man like a rapist. Because “inscribes a rune on Clary’s upper thigh while she’s passed out” isn’t just a creep moment, it’s rapey.

This better be a rumor. A horrible rumor. Because Jace is not a rapist. There’s no way that anyone would condone something as inappropriate and rapey as what Jace is said to do to Clary. I can’t say this enough, but this better be a rumor because it’s just all kinds of wrong.

Do those in charge need a reminder of what kind of character Jace is? He’s charming, handsome, vulnerable, caring and funny. He uses that humor to deflect and make us care about him. It’s that multi-faceted and humorous personality of Jace’s that made us fall in love with him. It’s the personality that was missing in the film. Jace isn’t Jace without that humor. And this rapey Jace certainly isn’t Jace.

Can we instigate a #JaceIsNotARapist trend or something?

Because I am tired of all these negative rumors, let’s focus on the couple bits of positive rumors, which include the steles and seraph blades remaining a part of the story. Let’s hope that’s a sign that Ed Decter will remain faithful to the world of the Shadowhunters (but at this point my faith is wavering). It’s also nice to see that Java Jones is in there (with Clary and Simon sharing a scene there like in the book).

Also, Spoiler TV shared the full description of Shadowhunters:

Clary Fray is perfectly normal; she’s a budding art student who loves spending time with her friends and family. On her 18th birthday, however, Clary discovers she is part of an age-old battle between demons and an elite race of warriors known as Shadowhunters. When her mother is kidnapped and her home is destroyed, so is her sense of reality. Clary must now understand her new role in an ancient battle, and come to terms with her family’s past.

Shadowhunters will air on ABC Family with production set to begin, according to Spoiler TV, now in late June in Vancouver.

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88 Comments on New ‘Shadowhunters’ Rumors: Creepy Jace + Production Pushed Back to Late June?

  1. I am becoming less and less enthused about this series and I dont think I want to watch it and spoil the memory of the books for myself…..

    • I know, right? *shakes head*

    • Clary “perfectly normal” absolutely not!!!! Jace a creeper? ABSOLUTELY NO!!!!! And yet I thought the changes from insurgent made me nervous but this get it together people!!

    • Give it a chance, these are rumors! If you’re really a fan you’ll watch it. Plus it probably will start out bad, but thats why you have to keep watching. Almost every anime I’ve seen, the first episode always sucks, then it starts getting slowly better till its eventually amazing.

  2. Kind of think Cassandra Clare should step in before they ruin her characters. Why can’t anyone stick true to the books that are so great!

    • The thing is, she can’t. She signed over the rights to Constantin and they can do anything they want with both TMI and TID without even discussing it with her. Unfortunately, that’s how these things work. Hopefully ABC Family will pick her up as a producer so we know this show will be in faithful hands.

  3. Why can’t most TV Shows or movies ever stick to the book? That’s why this TV Show was created, I’m just hoping Natalie and Rapist Jace is just a rumor.

    • Oh the negativity! The show was not created because the books are so loved, the show is being created because they think it could be a profitable TV show. No the key word in there, TV SHOW!

      No movie/TV series, ever sticks 100% to the books, because they aren’t the books. Best people realize that now.

      To call this Jace a rapist based off of this rumor alone, even if it is true, is absurdly immature. There is no context. What if it’s Jace putting the first rune on Clary to heal her?

      And to hate Natalie before even getting to know the character is even worse. Daryl is the best character on TWD, definitely the most loved, and he wasn’t even part of the comics.


      • Kirsten Armstrong // March 31, 2015 at 8:32 PM //

        I understand what you mean, but look at Outlander and at how true they are staying to the books, it can be done. As for Natalie it’s not that I don’t like the idea of a new female character, I actually thinks it’s a great idea, it’s the fact that she supposed to be dating Simon which throws off the story line. I personally believe the success of the books is why it is being made into a TV show, because how would anyone know if it was “profitable” without the fan base.

      • Simon having a girlfriend ruins the idea of his crush on Clary, which in turn destroys the competitive nature of Jace and his relationship….

  4. Jamie Campbell Bower had personality and then some! He made the movie! The only reason I liked the movie and bought the books was because of Jamie’s gorgeous face and his sarcastic, comic wit!

  5. The thigh scene seems a bit racey for an introduction to a character, in a pilot, on abc family. I’m betting that doesn’t happen.

  6. Damon Casale // March 19, 2015 at 6:08 PM // Reply

    The only reason I could see that could POSSIBLY make sense of Jace inscribing a rune on Clary’s upper thigh while she’s passed out is 1) she’s lying face-down and 2) for whatever reason, Jace needs to put the rune in a place that won’t be easily visible.

    It’s not the best possible scenario, but it would make sense of his actions that seem rather bizarre on the surface.

    • Or you know, she is wearing a dress/skirt, has a jacket on, and he quickly needs to inscribe the rune to you know, save her.

      • Damon Casale // March 20, 2015 at 10:56 AM //

        Amber, I can appreciate that you don’t want people to be negative. I actually don’t either. It’s a disservice to the rest of the potential audience to be as negative and emotionally reactionary as a lot of these comments (on this and previous posts) seem to be. But on the other hand, another poster is exactly right that THIS is the time to make changes, NOT LATER.

        #1, I’m positive that the showrunner and producers know what they’re doing, but there’s still a big difference between simply catering to a demographic to make money and giving things the proper artistic attention to get it right. The latter can still make money.

        #2, if Jace were simply in a rush to heal her, he could have inscribed the rune somewhere on her upper body just as easily (and the scene could be adapted to make that possible). But according to another poster who actually read the script, this is “Jace having a bit of fun.”

        Btw, it could also be that Jace doesn’t want Clary to see the rune just yet, when she wakes up.

        As you can see, I’m aiming for a nuanced response somewhere in between “this is just fucked up” and “we should be more positive.”

  7. Why can’t TV/Movie people understand that the best book-to-movie/tv adaptions (save for a few others) do the best when they a) involve the author b) are faithful to the book. You only have to look at Harry Potter and The Hunger Games to understand that.

    • Damon Casale // March 20, 2015 at 11:07 AM // Reply

      Harry Potter was a series of movies, and they left quite a bit of material out to make everything fit. This is going to be a TV series, and they’ll have to add a bunch of material to round out a full season.

      I personally think they’ll do a decent job. Of course, I don’t want it to be just decent, I want it to be totally awesome. And I want to help make that possible. Then again, no replies from Ed Decter to my email to him, so I doubt I’ll get any direct input.

      Of course, if the showrunner or any of the producers happen to be reading these comments, I would strongly suggest that the origin of the Shadowhunters be during the Crusades, and that the reason that demons started entering the mortal world in the first place was because of senseless slaughter of innocents (as in the first Crusade). Let Jonathan and the few others like him who could actually SEE the demons be from the different factions, Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Let the story of the Shadowhunters involve religious and cultural tension from the very beginning, of somehow finding a way to work together despite deep differences. Oh, and let the reason that more and more demons have been entering the world during the past several years be because of more and more senseless slaughter of innocents in the world, only the Shadowhunters have forgotten the original reason the demons were able to cross over in the first place and have to rediscover this all over again.

      That would make for a very interesting show, on top of faithfully adapting what’s in the books and expanding on it in the present day.

  8. I think we shouldn’t worry… “these are rumors, nothing more…” (repeating this as a mantra inside my head) 🙂

  9. Geez, at this rate, Clary and Jace in the greenhouse will be a full on sex scene. I’m also willing to be they’ll totally gloss over Idris and Alicante like they did in the movie.

    • I doubt it. They will probably get a decent focus seeing as how this is TV and they will make for good visual sets.

  10. In the sides it doesn’t sound as creepy as that. He draws the rune to help her, and being on her upper thigh is just him being a smartass. The scene doesn’t sound creepy and and while Clary calls him a creep for it, she doesn’t say much else about it.

  11. WOW! How truly lovely that we already have to deal with the idea of a twitter campaign called #JaceIsNotARapist?! This cannot be fucking happening! And isn’t it pathetic that we’ve already lowered our expectations to the point where we’re rejoicing in the fact that “at least the steles and seraph blades are remaining a part of the story”?! FML!!
    I miss the days where waiting for the next TMI book to hit the shelves was our biggest challenge…

    • Or you know, just stop being so negative, taking things out of context, and creating the idea that Jace is being portrayed as a rapist, when there is no reason to believe that at all, at this point.

  12. Katie Houston // March 19, 2015 at 9:15 PM // Reply

    I’m just…. Well, giving up, sort of. I mean I always had a sinking feeling that this show would ruin the characters and destroy the mortal instruments we live, but I don’t know, some part of me was really hoping for an awesome show that would bring in everyone to the amazing world of Cassie’s shadowhunters. But now I’m really losing that hope, and I’m just… Depressed. Really. Not angry anymore, not upset, but just sad. 😦

  13. Has anyone even considered that Jace is applying a healing rune for a demon bite on her thigh to save her while she is unconscious and the idiot who leaked the spoiler has no idea that such a thing exists?

    • Thank you for not jumping to the negative conclusion like the rest of this fandom! I mean, it baffles me that most people aren’t coming to this conclusion naturally.

  14. Katie Houston // March 19, 2015 at 9:19 PM // Reply

    Hey kudos to you, Jersey^. Way to see things in the best light! Thank you for giving me a little bit of hope! We all should try to have this kind of attitude! (Not to be hypocritical)

  15. I don’t trust any of this rumor crap we keep getting. I’m going to watch the show, for all we know these rumors could be false so why is everyone lowering their expectations? Seriously, I think that the show will be amazing. You guys need to be a little more optimistic.

  16. Okay well I’m not replying to most of you saying to still have hope. Because tbh, if you don’t have hope for this fucking show, it’ll get cancelled, or worse, have one season. All ya’ll need to stop believing in these rumors. Like, what if Clary’s wearing shorts, makes sense to put it on her upper thigh. Either way that scenes honestly creepy. Someone touching me while I’m passed out, is creepy. And hey, he saved her? Plus, the show will get better if you keep watching! Believe me, it was apparently okay in Spice and Wolf to see a wolf girl naked, it was pretty freaky. But then the show got oh so good. So instead of freaking out about changes and rumors, give the show a dam chance. Because this is our last chance to enjoy a live action representation of The Mortal Instruments. Thanks for reading my shitty rant btw.

    • Someone touching you while your passed out is creepy? Lets hope you never need medical attention while your passed out!

  17. Anna Herondale // March 19, 2015 at 11:17 PM // Reply

    Are you all truly fans? Because you are so far the biggest haters this show has. You should be happy we are getting a show at all. It’s almost like you can’t wait for a new piece of news to complain about. If I were the people working on this show I would be annoyed. If it gets canceled, I bet you would all be disappointed. We are the starting fan base to this show. If you start hating now, you’re not even giving the show a chance.

    Maybe Clary got a demon bite on her thigh and passes out from it while Jace draws on iratze over the bite. Drawing a rune on her thigh is far from rape, and it is sad how the word rape gets thrown around so easily.

  18. I know there has to be changes from book to series but some things need to stay the same. That being said lets just wait to see the pilot. There are some things you just can’t describe, they need to be seen. So for now lets keep our spirits high and keep being enthusiastic.

  19. The first thing I thought of was the scene in the books that Jersey mentioned: Where Jace applies a rune to save Clary from the demon. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We still have a long way to go.

  20. Who the hell is Natalie, and the books say that Jace inscribes a rune on Clary’s arm to make her invisible this is getting so ghetto.

  21. Why can’t they just follow the books and get Cassie involved? I’m starting to think that the producers don’t care about the author or the fans at all, they just want the money and a franchise! Let me tell you something… PASSION will equal success, not strategy. READ. THE. BOOKS. and don’t make unnecessary things up! Learn from the creators of the Harry Potter movies. They were always asking for J.K. Rowling’s opinions and advice, and the Harry Potter films became the most successful book to film adaptions! with a HUGE fan base and heaps of merchandise. This TV show is going to be a disaster. It’s gonna be like watching fan fiction. I would like to watch The Mortal Instruments, not someone’s pathetic interpretation of it.

  22. cacaseqpereira // March 20, 2015 at 4:01 AM // Reply

    im reading the books for the second time now, and I might be wrong, but didnt Jace draw a rune on clary while she was passed out on the first book????
    I think you guys are all overreacting with these rumors.

  23. I just have one question about it: is it ever happened to these guys of reading the saga in full and understand what really is it about?

  24. Does anyone know if it will air in the UK?

  25. I’m very disapointed with your reaction, I’m chocked, really. Because you totaly seem to loose your sense of neutrality. And you run the fandom with you. You react strongly and I think this is not fair and good for the show. This people are professionnals, they know how to hook spectators, and most of all they are not trying to make a show for the fandom, but for a largest public! They need to hook them if you want to see a second episode and not just a pilot and then nothing! May be this natahaly is important, may be this creepy moments is important to make the spectator think Jace is creepy at first. And this is a TV show, not the first chapter of a book, may be they need more suspence, and more dead people to find the audience, and may be the audience need to think that Jace is dangerous for Clary at first.
    ANd wow, the rape thing is so huge!!! Lol what if Clary is wearing a skirt and Jace doing the rune to save her from the demonic killer??? BEcause the only part of her that is in a hurry acces is the upper thigh, still a rape? Come on…
    Don’t react so quickly, try to think positivly and try to be confident in their professionalism, Cassy said, they love the books, and so do I, but if you just want them to put the first chapter in a pilot without changing anything… You’ll just have a pilot, not a TV show.
    Please be positive. This show needs us in a good way, Cassy needs us in a support way, not rushing people to Tweet her their anger.

    • *Cassie… I mixed Clary and Cassie… See how big mistakes we could make in the hurry :p

    • thank you, Martange; great comments that I support.

      Would like to add, that I don’t agree that Jace’s personality was not captured in the film. I think that the portrayal of Jace by Jamie in the film was one of the best things about the film. I also don’t agree that putting a rune on someone when they are passed out is equivalent to rape.

    • First off, this is my site and it’s my opinion (see disclaimer). Second, I don’t want them to ruin this. Just look at the movie. While it wasn’t a complete disaster, it wasn’t exactly a success either. Also, no one should be emailing Cassie any hate or anger. This isn’t her fault. At all. She’s not involved, because if she was you can bet that none of this would be happening.

      But the fandom needs to be vocal about these horrible rumors because what if they’re not rumors? How else would the fandom express their dissent before it’s too late to change anything?

      • I respect your opinion Alyssa, I just don’t understand where you saw anything that could be taken for a rape in the sentence “Jace has a creep moment where he inscribes a rune on Clary’s upper thigh while she’s passed out. ” May be it’s creepy for him because she passed out or whatever? This is all out of context, phrases, and you burned in fear and anger. THis is not just your opinion, because you are the biggest TMI site in the world and influant one and you know this. And for this reason, more than every body, may be you would have more discernment. That is what I think.

      • How about the “upper thigh” part? Or that she’s passed out? Hopefully this is some awful rumor. I’m sorry, but this is my opinion. Truth is, I’m worried about this adaptation. And NOW is the time to voice my concern for it not LATER when it can’t be changed. I’m trying to save this adaptation before it can’t be saved the only way I can: by voicing my opinion. Sorry if you don’t agree with it.

      • I believe rumours are rumours what really bugging me is what’s Yeti? Does Natalie have big foot in her bag? Is this like an American version of the term I don’t know? :S 😛 also do you know if its being aired in the uk? Love your sight by the way xxx

      • Yeti is Natalie’s dog 😉

    • Interjecting here. Alyssa is the biggest TMI site, but then stop to think about what she knows. What you may not get is that TMI Source, Mundie Moms, and Fangirlish have all sat down with Constantine with the movie, and tried to tell them what was wrong. We have also talked extensively about the TV Show, and we understand there will be changes – but we also know a lot more about the script than a lot of people – Fangirlish having read the script. There are changes – yes, but the changes are worse than the changes with the movie. Do we understand how things are when adapting. Yes. Alyssa has been involved with more than one fandom – and writes professionally and on other sites for other fandoms. She’s been involved with the behind the scenes for more than just TMI. We have the opportunity to speak up and tell you guys what is going on – and because we have people from around the globe that come to us for TMI news, it’s our responsibility to let it be known. Do we know that this actually happens? I do. I have read the script – and I can tell you that in fact Jace comes off like a creepy asshole and I am not talking the way in the book. Jace is in fact – Mr. Darcy of this world and vilifying him to the point where he would take advantage of a knocked out Clary that way. Hell no. Also – would it be okay for a young teen to watch that, and think that its okay to write something on a girls thigh when she’s knocked out. I respect opinions, but the truth is – TMI Source, Mundie Moms, and Fangirlish are telling you as much as we can without going too far, and it’s not a matter of negativity – it’s a matter of honesty. And if we wouldn’t get sued, we’d slap the whole script up here and be like go with God. But we can’t. And yes, you are entitled to your opinion, and the beauty of blogging is that it incites discussion, but it’s not okay to tell someone that they are not being positive or not supporting Cassie – cause quite frankly, that’s all TMI Source does and they do it without thinking of themselves first.

      • Damon Casale // March 20, 2015 at 11:44 PM //

        It would be massively awesome if Fangirlish were able to sit down with Constantin to discuss the TV show, since she’s read the script.

        To be perfectly frank, there HAS been a lot of needless negativity from the TMI fandom. But there have also been more nuanced opinions over what may be wrong and what needs to change. What we really need is an open line of communication between the fans and Constantin, through someone wise enough to be able to filter out the negative noise and get to the root of what fans what.

        No, we don’t all speak with the same voice. No, we don’t all share the same opinions. Yes, we all want a great TV series that’s also a reasonably faithful adaption of the book. And yes, we want to be heard.

        Granted, Constantin isn’t going to share all of their secrets before the TV show airs, let alone before it even gets into production. But there are those among us fans that we trust, Fangirlish being one of them, to work with Constantin to achieve the best possible outcome for the fans AND for the larger potential audience.

        For those saying to simply sit back and have faith, sorry, we can’t. We’re meddlers. We want our hands in things. We want to feel good about the TV series now, not just when it comes out.

        Even if you prefer to wait and see, please respect us if we feel differently.

        Thank you for listening. 🙂

      • Well, reading this, We can now guess rumors are not rumors anymore and freak out 🙂 Or not because for my part nothing bothered me.
        I’m secretly hoping Nathalie is going to die with the demonic killer and Yeti will be eaten by church 🙂

    • Anna Herondale // March 20, 2015 at 10:50 PM // Reply

      I agree with Martange completely.
      Come on people. The reason we have a show in the first place is because the books have a fan base. If that fan base starts advertising that the show will suck, we won’t get a show. And then you will all wine and complain that it was because of the addition of a “natalie” character and fail to see it is because you banded together as a group of about 100,000 strong to advertise how the show will suck because it isn’t your perfect vision of the story.

      You are taking rumors out of context. Drawing an iratze on a thigh probably due to a demon bite is not rape and it disgusts me that you call it that.

      Stay open minded, and “have a little faith.”

  26. I don’t understand why the creators of TMI adaptations always feel the need to turn Jace into a creep. While reading the book I never really saw Jace as a creep. Sure, he was a little strange, but he was never thát creepy!

    These rumours about the pilot script and that one scene in the movie where Jace is stroking Clary’s face through the ‘portal’ make him seem really creepy and weird. And none of these things are from the books which means the creators of the books put them in!

  27. I thought I was excited but now i just felt like screwed up. Thanks to this rumour.

  28. These are bits and pieces, that’s it, bits and pieces without context.

    While I can’t say I’m surprised to see so many people being so negative (fandoms have a tendency to be), it still disappoints me.

    Let’s not assume things. For all we know the rune carving may be that first rune, and Jace healing her, to call it “rapey” at this point is absurd!

    I also find it absolutely ridiculous that “no one cares” about a character that they haven’t even had a chance to get to know yet. I don’t care if she wasn’t in the books, or if Jace didn’t carve the rune on Clary’s thigh in the book, I’ll say this once– THIS ISN’T THE BOOK! If you want things to be exactly as they are in the book, then read the book, this is a TV show.

    IT IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. As long as we keep the heart of the story and the world, than we’re good. These rumors are bits and pieces that could be totally taken out of context.

    I want to remind people of The Walking Dead. If you aren’t familiar with the show, just know that probably the most fan favorite character of the entire TV series, was not a character in the Comics. He is a completely new character, created for the show, and by far the most loved.

    If you are really sick and tired of the negative rumors, than stop facilitating them. You can’t get an accurate picture without knowing the full context, and to call the Jace thing rapey, without that context, is just an insult to the people who are making this show for us.

    I mean, you can take about a dozen things out of the book and tease them to a non-reader, out of context, and they will seem super creepy.

    I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just trying to be realistic and to help the people who keep jumping to the most negative connotation possible, realize that it’s too soon to be doing that.

    • Well said, all my thought in this comment. Wise.

    • @amber i love what u said so true keep spreading that positivity and common sense about all these rumors.

      @alyssa i think everyone appreaciates that this is your site (hopefully they do) I just think that many are just surprised that you’ve been leaning more towards the negative rather than being opened minded and not being swayed by things that may or may not occur. Maybe u are just reacting to being burned, so to speak, by how the movie turned out (I mean, who dosent remember Valentine’ mullet!) I’m trying to stay positive myself, so are many others it seems.

      Actually we are a pretty spoiled fandom, if u think about it. Something to keep in mind is that we are a luckier fandom than say the Vampire Academy fandom whose second movie has been put on hold indefinitely, due to the fact thak their kickstarter campaigned failed. And here we are talking about a TV show for the Mortal Instruments! Remarkable.

  29. cherrybee147 // March 20, 2015 at 11:28 AM // Reply

    OMG! This sounds really bad and I’m becoming less and less excited by these horrible rumors! I hope changes won’t be so big as in the movie, because the show will reach less success and that’s not so good for this incredible book series! 😦 And we can instigate a #JaceIsNotARapist trend, it’s great idea and maybe it’ll help! 🙂

  30. Hopefully TMISource will post that Cassie very recently tweeted that she had recently talked to the production company and network about the show, and that there is NO final pilot script yet. I feel the need to repeat that, Cassie says their is NO final pilot script yet. LOL

    • Damon Casale // March 20, 2015 at 12:22 PM // Reply

      Maybe that’s part of the reason production has been pushed back to late June? :p

      • @damon yeah that’s definitely a possibility. Quite frankly with all the crazy rumors flying around I’m glad that Cassie talked to those directly involved.

        By the way I’m suprised that more people haven’t mentioned that there are multiple drafts of scripts for TV and movies. So the one u read may not be the one that’s filmed. They could even be in theory, changing or adding things on the day of filming.

    • I saw that. That’s why it’s so important for fans to make their voices heard NOW instead of LATER when nothing can be done.

      • Anna Herondale // March 20, 2015 at 11:08 PM //

        Or perhaps production is pushed back because of all the negativity this show is getting before even airing, and they are reconsidering whether to go through with the show or not.

      • Hopefully they’re actually listening to the fans and working on fixing things.

  31. What if?

    “Clary’s passed out and is lying on the ground her skirt rip up. Jace has a creepy moment putting a rune on clary’s upper tigh, Alec rushing to join him :

    – Seriously, You runed her? You just could have kill her!
    – No, i can feel it. She can support it.


    – On the Upper thigh… Alec frowned.
    – What’s the point? I runed the body part I reached first.
    – Nowhere else, you picked the upper Thigh…
    – Oh come on, if I was in danger, I wish you rune my butt if this is the first part of me you can rich at the moment.

    • And Isabelle coming close and discovering the rune on the upper thigh, would say,
      – Boys are you serious? You marked her like a cow!
      The 2 of them starring awkwardly the mark…
      -fortunatly the mark will fade. You stupid.
      -It’s not me… Alec defends himself.

      • Anna Herondale // March 20, 2015 at 11:10 PM //

        LOL!! Exactly! It could also relate to humor. Add to Jace’s snarkiness, and Alec’s irritation/jealousy. It’s perfect!

  32. Anna Herondale // March 20, 2015 at 11:17 PM // Reply

    I’d rather have a less than perfect show than no show. Think how fun it would be to anticipate the show each week…And have viewing parties with the people in your life who read and love the books. Having different elements from the books will be fun too, because we readers know the main line of the story but with changes we can be left in suspense of some things to! And think how much fun we will all have, banding together to talk when they probably kill off the unpopular Natalie character!

    THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE FUN! And great! We need to bond together now with positivity so that we still get it.

  33. Inscribing a rune on an unconscious person’s upper thigh is not equivalent to rape. It just isn’t. Without knowing the context, it does sound creepy but calling it rape is far too extreme. It’s also disrespectful to people who have been raped – the actual experience of rape is not comparable to waking up with a tattoo.

    It’s important to keep a sense of proportion and not exaggerate things. Otherwise, you end up undermining your own credibility. Think about this from the TV showrunners’ perspective: when they find out that an influential TMI fansite thinks that Jace inscribing a rune on unconscious Clary is the same as rape, are they likely to think that TMI fans are reasonable people who should be listened to? Or are they more likely to think that TMI fans get angry about everything, blow fairly minor things out of proportion and are totally impossible to please? Because if they start to believe the latter, fans’ opinions will have zero influence.

    The showrunners aren’t communicating with the fans properly, that much is clear. They need to be more upfront about the reasons behind core changes and the circumstances around these out-of-context moments so that fans can understand them better. For example, I would guess that in the context of the TV show, Clary is wearing her super-short dress so her upper thigh is exposed and that she fell unconscious due to a demonic attack and the rune in question is for healing/strengthening. Under those circumstances the moment is understandable. We need the showrunners to communicate MORE with the fans. We need them to talk about the creative choices they have made and the reasons why they have made them. Fans need to adopt a welcoming, supporting attitude so that the showrunners feel part of the TMI community and feel comfortable sharing more information.

  34. @BayLeaves I agree 100% with your post. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

  35. I think I’m just going to stop reading rumours (except the news about the cast when they’re casted) and wait for the actual show, because this isn’t helping. I just hope most of those rumours aren’t true and they keep the characters the way they are in the books because they’re perfect in the books.

  36. there are three things that annoyed me whilst reading this, 1) Clary’s age is supposed to 16 not between 18-21, 2) the part about Jace inscribing a rune on Clary’s upper thigh when he just met her, 3) Natalie

    but overall I am really looking forward to the show and am eager to see how these rumors are addressed in it.

  37. lol i think you are overreacting with the rune in her thigh thing. We dont know the circunstances yet. Maybe he doesnt have a free space on ehr arm or something and his alst resource is the rune on her thigh.
    Natalie is looking more and more like Maureen.
    The rumour i want to eb fake is the CIA Thing

  38. the directors obviously need to read the books

  39. Will Herondale // March 23, 2015 at 6:15 AM // Reply

    what about staying true to the books:(

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