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Cassandra Clare updates fans on ‘The Last Hours’ and shares a new snippet

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While the publication of Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight is getting closer and closer, 110 days left, Cassie’s other new trilogy The Last Hours does not have a release date yet, but she addressed this issue in a recent tumblr post:

The first book of TLH isn’t scheduled. It is most likely, unless something weird happens, to come out after the second book of TDA. It is likely to go like this:

2016 TDA 1
2017 TDA 2
? TLH 1
? TDA 3

Etc. But none of this is set in stone, and I feel very squirrelly about even suggesting dates and order, because they are not final. In the past, when I’ve said a date was tentative and it was then moved, as tentative dates are, people have asked in droves why the book was pushed back.

I totally get that: when you’re looking forward to something, it’s nice to have a specific date you can know when you’ll get it. And I’m grateful people are looking forward to these! Part of the reason, though, that I asked — so this is on me — my publisher not to set release dates yet was to give myself a little creative freedom. To figure out the right order of publication for the story I want to tell, and not to be constantly panicked about deadlines. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I am not writing. I am a workaholic. I write 20/24.) To be able to preserve my health a bit and provide a cushion in case unexpected stuff happens (like traveling to New York to meet a contest winner!)

I don’t know what’s up with Goodreads, but like IMDB, before a book comes out, I am not sure I would entirely trust the information provided. For instance the official site of my publisher, , says TLH 1 is coming in 2017. And it might. But I can tell you it sure isn’t coming in 2016!

I know it sucks to wait. It sucks for me, too. Every time I write a scene I like with Mark, or a funny line for Anna, I want you guys to see it. But ultimately I want you to see the polished form, the best I can make it. And that does take some time.

Looks like we have to be patient and see what Cassie’s publisher will decide!

To make us even more excited for The Last Hours, Cassie shared a short snippet about Lucie Herondale:

He really did have a most arresting face, Lucie thought. She firmly believed it was all right to stare at people when you were a writer. Writers needed to gather material. That was all there was to it.

Who do you think Lucie is watching and what series are you looking forward to more? Sound off in the comments below!

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5 Comments on Cassandra Clare updates fans on ‘The Last Hours’ and shares a new snippet

  1. I like Lucie already! I’m really looking forward to TLH. It’ll be great when we have a final date!

  2. I’m looking forward to all of them! But currently, Lady Midnight! Cuz it’s coming out soon…ish.
    It’s Matthew Fairchild. i just have a feeling that it is Matthew, cuz HE’S AWESOME! And I know he’s awesome cuz I just recently read Nothing But Shadows

  3. I’m looking forward to all of them, but right now, Lady Midnight! cuz it’s coming out soon-ish. Still 4 1/2 months to go……
    It’s Matthew Fairchild. I just have an instinct it’s Matthew, cuz HE’S AWESOME! And I know that cuz I just recently read Nothing But Shadows.

  4. Oh good. I’m not the only one constantly checking Goodreads. 😂

  5. I’m exited for everything

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