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Read the first two chapters of ‘Lord of Shadows’

By the Angel! We are one week away from the release of Cassandra Clare’s Lord of Shadows and has an amazing treat for fans:

Bustle have got an exclusive excerpt of Cassandra Clare’s latest novel. You can dive into the first two chapters of Lord of Shadows right now; all you have to do is scroll down. The first chapter opens with Kit in the weapons room at the Los Angeles institute — and Cassandra Clare’s gorgeously visual writing brings the whole world alive for us all over again. Oh Kit, how we’ve missed you.


Still Waters

Kit had only recently found out what a flail was, and now there was a rack of them hanging over his head, shiny and sharp and deadly.

He had never seen anything like the weapons room at the Los Angeles Institute before. The walls and floors were white-silver granite, and granite islands rose at intervals throughout the room, making the whole place look like the arms and armor exhibit at a museum. There were staves and maces, cleverly designed walking sticks, necklaces, boots and padded jackets that concealed slim, flat blades for stabbing and throwing. Morning stars covered in terrible spikes, and crossbows of all sizes and types.

Read the rest of the two chapters here.

Thank you, Cassie and for releasing this long sneak peek!

What do you think of these chapters? Tell us in the comments below.

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5 Comments on Read the first two chapters of ‘Lord of Shadows’

  1. Do you know if Cassie is going on tour for LoS? If so what are the dates?

    • She won’t be going on tour because she’s too busy. If she did tour, we wouldn’t get Chain of Gold next year.
      Cassie will be at BookCon at the beginning of June and she is going to be in Edinburgh (August) and Frankfurt Bookfair (October).

    • Shadowhunters // May 16, 2017 at 3:36 PM // Reply

      I would be over the moooooon, if she came to England!
      …and get a signed copy of one of her books!!!<3

  2. Clary Herondale // May 16, 2017 at 3:00 PM // Reply

    “Morning stars covered in terrible spikes.” All I saw was morning stars and I freaked out because Morgenstern.

  3. Clary Herondale // May 16, 2017 at 3:22 PM // Reply


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