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Cassandra Clare shares news about ‘Ghosts of the Shadow Market’

Although it is Friday the 13th today, we have nothing but good news for you, especially for all the Jem fans out there! Cassandra Clare sent another newsletter to her fans earlier today and she officially announced a new short story collection called Ghosts of the Shadow Market.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Teaser art by Davood Diba.

The Shadow Market is a meeting point for faeries, werewolves, warlocks and vampires. There the Downworlders buy and sell magical objects, make dark bargains, and whisper secrets they do not want the Nephilim to know. Through two centuries, however, there has been a frequent visitor to the Shadow Market from the City of Bones, the very heart of the Shadowhunters. As a Silent Brother, Brother Zachariah is sworn keeper of the laws and lore of the Nephilim. But once he was a Shadowhunter called Jem Carstairs, and his love, then and always, is the warlock Tessa Gray.

Follow Brother Zachariah and see, against the backdrop of the Shadow Market’s dark dealings and festive celebrations, Anna Lightwood’s first romance, Matthew Fairchild’s great sin and Tessa Gray plunged into a world war. Valentine Morgenstern buys a soul at the Market and a young Jace Wayland’s soul finds safe harbor. In the Market is hidden a lost heir and a beloved ghost, and no one can save you once you have traded away your heart. Not even Brother Zachariah.

Also from Cassie’s newsletter:

I’ll be co-writing this collection with Maureen Johnson, Robin Wasserman, Sarah Rees Brennan and Pulitzer finalist Kelly Link! Ghosts of the Shadow Market will be published in a similar fashion to The Bane Chronicles and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. The first story, SON OF THE DAWN, will be released as an ebook in April, with seven more to follow, one per month. The print version of the collected stories will be released in 2019 (Walker Books will be publishing Ghosts of the Shadow Market in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand).

We are incredibly excited for these new short stories :mrgreen:

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!

You can find a previous post about Ghosts of the Shadow Market here.

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14 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares news about ‘Ghosts of the Shadow Market’

  1. redstonedemigod // October 13, 2017 at 5:06 PM // Reply

    Why didn’t I receive this newsletter? :/ Thanks Cathrin.

  2. Dr. Sanford Leffler // October 13, 2017 at 5:25 PM // Reply

    I shall have to wait until 2019 in order to get all the stories in one volume.

  3. Wondering why the first Malec book is being pushed back and this released instead.

  4. Colleen West // October 14, 2017 at 3:11 AM // Reply

    “In the market is a lost heir”. Could that possibly be the Unseelie King’s first born? I doubt this is referring to Kit.

  5. Traci Shiels // October 14, 2017 at 7:21 AM // Reply

    I hate waiting but the anticipation is exciting.

  6. i love these books/series, but . . . When is Cassandra Clare going to address all the loose ends and the obvious cliff hanger of the Shadowhunters Artifices Series ? With as many co-writers to help, this fan is at a loss of interest. To start another co-series not knowing if it will be completed? I can only hope that interest last for years. Geesh, I’m so sorry the characters don’t have strong enough voice to hold the author(s) need to tell the story.

    • ok I just got the notification for this post today. but I saw you asked it a couple weeks ago……so in case you haven’t already seen this I’ll still post it….but you probably have already seen it. She details her reasons in this tumblr post. I’m glad she was nice enough to want to publish something in between waiting for QoAAD. Waiting a whole year for something new was sad. I’ll take this in a heartbeat!

  7. So when they say walker is publishing in UK, etc. Does that mean it’s not published for US customers or is Simon and Schuster doing it? I NEED this book! ❤

  8. I thought it was 10 stories. 8 on ebook and the other 2 on the print edition

  9. The anticipation is so exciting, I freaked out when I got the newsletter! My only question is why so long of a wait!

  10. Wondering why the first Malec record book is being pushed back and this released instead.

    • Cassie’s publisher decided that The Eldest Curses would be published in 2019, she addressed this in a newsletter. Simon & Schuster thought it was “the best time to publish it”.
      The short stories are a group project, five different authors are working on them and these stories are also much shorter than a whole book so it’s easier to write them.

  11. . 8 on ebook and the other 2 on the mark edition

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