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Cassandra Clare shares information about exclusive first edition of ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’

Shadowhunters, check your inboxes because Cassandra Clare sent another newsletter to her subscribers! While some stuff like a new The Red Scrolls of Magic snippet as well as some The Dark Artifices art is exclusive and thus will be shared here in a couple of days, Cassie also has some exciting Queen of Air and Darkness news for her readers!

I want to take a moment to talk to you about the first edition of Queen of Air and Darkness. For this book we’re going to do some pretty special stuff. The whole first printing will be an exclusive first edition. Once that first printing runs out, there won’t be any more exclusive editions printed.

The exclusive first edition will contain ten black and white illustrations by Alice Duke, who has done a couple of awesome illustrations for us before, and a full color poster printed on the back of the book jacket, also by Alice. In addition to this exclusive art, the first printing will include a short story that functions as a sequel to A Long Conversation.

As with Clockwork Princess, there will NOT be different editions with varying special content available at different bookstores. Instead there will be a limited number of first editions available to anyone who preorders or buys the book as soon as it comes out. Once they run out, they’re gone.

I love Alice’s work, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her illustrations bring Queen of Air and Darkness to life visually!

I cannot wait to for all these extras! They sound amazing ♥

As soon as I know if the Simon & Schuster UK edition (paperback) is going to have the same extras, I’ll let you know by updating this article.

You can buy the ebook of A Long Conversation here and preorder Queen of Air and Darkness (out December 4) on

Amazon USBarnes and Noble / Book Depository (paperback / hardcover) / Amazon UK (paperback) / Amazon GermanyAmazon Canada / Amazon France (ebook) / Amazon SpainAmazon Italy (ebook) / Amazon Brasil (ebook) / Amazon India (ebook)/ Amazon Japan (ebook US / ebook UK)

Leave a comment below and tell us what you’re most excited for or if you do have any additional questions.

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25 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares information about exclusive first edition of ‘Queen of Air and Darkness’

  1. So to get the limited edition for both we preorder now?

  2. So is it okay if we preorder it from anywhere as long as it’s before it’s released?

  3. Will the paperback have the bonus stuff I wonder?

    • “As soon as I know if the Simon & Schuster UK edition (paperback) is going to have the same extras, I’ll let you know by updating this article.”

  4. Warlock Bane // January 30, 2018 at 8:07 PM // Reply

    There’s going to be special editions of CP2? When and where? I’m a little confused lol

  5. So no special edition to match the first two books I got from Waterstones, the special hardcovers with the Runes on them?

    • The Waterstones special edition is from Cassie’s English publisher, the special edition mentioned is the US edition. As soon as either Cassie or Simon & Schuster UK shares anything about the runes edition, you’ll find information here on TMI Source.

  6. Michele Mattos // January 30, 2018 at 10:14 PM // Reply

    I am excited about the special extras but have to say I am a little bummed that is seems like they are not doing the special “rune” cover to go with the other two editions that they did – such a shame to not complete the covers that way.

    • The rune cover editions are special editions by Cassie’s English publisher and we don’t know yet what they are going to do. This post is about the US edition!

  7. I’m so relieved to see the comments above – I was seriously worried I’d end up with mismatching covers, as my first two are the UK rune covers from Waterstones. Fingers crossed they do them again for #3!

  8. Don’t you know whether the Simon & Schuster UK edition (paperback) is going to have the same extras yet?

  9. Will the special edition of queen of air and darkness only be available from certain retailers? Also how we will know if we have the special edition

  10. Is this first edition available through Amazon or Barnes and Nobles?

  11. Cat, do you know if ebooks will also include the exclusive content (short story and illustrations)? Or is it just for print editions? Thanks

    • Hi Meri! Sorry, I don’t know. The short story wasn’t in my Lady Midnight ebook because you could buy it separately later on. I’m guessing this will also be the case for the ‘sequel’. If you have Twitter, I’d ask @ShadowhunterBk, they should know.
      If you don’t, let me know and I’ll ask for you.

  12. Hi Cat! Thanks for the reply and for suggesting @ShadowhunterBk, I have messaged them on twitter and I’m waiting for their reply.

  13. I pre-ordered a box-set that was made available for Canada. Would that contain the extra story and the illustrations? Also if I want to order the very first edition for Clockwork Princess (the very first cover) where should I do that? Would it still be available?

    • Ask Simon & Schuster Canada, they should know about the extra story and the illustrations.
      I doubt that you’d be able to find a first edition of Clockwork Princess since it’s been over five years. Maybe try ebay?

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