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Cassandra Clare shares ‘Every Exquisite Thing’ snippet and audio book news

It’s Pride month and thanks to Cassandra Clare, we have a lot of snippets to look forward to! Cassie just took to her tumblr to share the following snippet from Every Exquisite Thing, story number three in her Ghosts of the Shadow Market series, which she co-writes with lots of other amazing authors:

Hello my Shadowhunters! It hasn’t escaped my attention that this is Pride Month, and also that it’s FOUR DAYS until the release of Every Exquisite Thing, the story of Anna Lightwood’s first love and the biggest wlw event in the Shadowhunters world since Helen and Aline got married. We’ve got a lot to celebrate! So I thought that I’d celebrate with you all by putting up snippets all month featuring LGBTQA+ characters in my upcoming books–Queen of Air and Darkness, Ghosts of the Shadow Market, The Red Scrolls of Magic and perhaps even Chain of Gold! Let’s have a pride party… it’s what Anna would want!

Anna came up and guided her, forcing herself to maintain her composure as she took Ariadne’s hand in hers and guided the toss. She was surprisingly good at climbing, but once on the ceiling beam, she took a bad tumble. Anna jumped underneath and caught her neatly.

“Oh, very impressive!” Ariadne said, smiling.

Anna stood there for a moment, Ariadne in her arms, unsure of what to do. There was something in Ariadne’s gaze, in the way she was looking at Anna … as if mesmerized …

How did she ask? How did this happen with someone like Ariadne?

It was too much.

“A very good attempt,” Anna said, gently setting Ariadne on her feet. “Just … watch your footing.”

“I think I’ve had enough of that for today,” Ariadne said. “How does one have fun in London?”

“Well,” Anna said. “There is the theater—”

“No.” Ariadne took hold of one of the pillars and gently spun around it. “Fun. Surely, you know a place.”

“Well,” Anna said, “I know a place full of writers and poets. It is quite louche. It is in Soho and starts after midnight.”

“Then I assume you will be taking me,” Ariadne said, eyes sparkling. “I will wait for you by my window at midnight tonight.”

Oh, this sounds exciting!
We cannot wait for all the other snippets! 😀

Cassie also shared that actress Lara Pulver, whom many of us probably know from the BBC’s Sherlock, is narrating Cassie and Maureen Johnson’s short story.

Welcome, Lara! I’m sure many of us are excited to have you as one of our narrators.

Every Exquisite Thing is released on June 12!

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  1. The Lightwoods’ world has certainly expanded since their lives intersected with the Herondales.

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