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Jem thinks about Cordelia in new ‘Chain of Iron’ snippet

Thank God it’s Friday, right? I hope many of you are going to have a relaxing weekend with a good book (or two).
Cassandra Clare sent out another newsletter yesterday to share a snippet from Chain of Iron or rather the short story that’s going to be in the first/collector’s edition as well as a couple of other information.

“Ah, unhappy Matthew,” said Magnus. “Unrequited love troubles him, but I sense there is something more to it. Do you know?”
Jem did know. Matthew remained crushed beneath the weight of misery, paralyzed by guilt over what he had, however unintentionally, done to Charlotte—but Jem could tell no one of what he knew, not even Will. Not even Magnus.
Nothing I can tell, Jem said.
Magnus only nodded. “And of course, there is Cordelia. If you have to return to London . . .”
Jem felt an un-Silent-Brother-like burst of yearning. He closed down that part of his mind quickly, locking away his most human desires. No, Jem said. My purpose is as a Silent Brother. I have been assigned to this task and I must see it through.

I love how Jem loves not only the Herondales and his family, but also the people close to them.

Cassie also once again shared the news about the Last Hours calendar that Hebel Design is selling – read more about it here – and she talked about Chain of Iron book boxes:

We’ve got a bunch of awesome book boxes coming up for Chain of Iron.

In the US, LitJoy has some incredible goodies to go along with the release in March.

Preorder the box to get:

The hardcover Collector’s First Edition, with bonuses
An exclusive print of a character
A LitJoy-designed slipcase with artwork by Kim of @pinktofu_art
LitJoy custom bookplate signed by me!
A BONUS LETTER from a character, written by me for LitJoy customers only!

More info about upcoming UK book boxes, etc, in the next newsletter!

There are also online events news:

I’ll be (virtually) at the Singapore Writer’s Festival November 1st and 3rd. Tickets are S$20, which is around $15 US, available HERE and are for the whole festival. Tickets are sold through a company called SISTIC, which is the equivalent of Ticketmaster in Singapore. You will have to create a SISTIC account to purchase tickets.

The Lucca Festival is usually in Italy but of course is virtual this year. I’m doing a panel called Everything You Wanted to Know About Shadowhunters and talking about The Lost Book of the White, the second volume of The Eldest Curses trilogy. I’ll post on Instagram when I have more information.

The Italian panel sounds very interesting, definitely tuning in! We’ll tweet about the festival once we have more information. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @TMI_Source and also Instagram @tmisource.

Chain of Iron is published on March 2, 2021!

Have a great weekend and stay safe! ❤

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