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Magnus is about to do magic in new ‘Chain of Iron’ snippet

Cassandra Clare has truly been spoiling her readers with Chain of Iron snippets these last few days and she’s not stoping today. Maybe it’s because of the holidays? Cassie took to her twitter to share a snippet featuring Magnus, Cordelia and James and as usual, I want to know more! 😉

For our visually impaired readers:

Magnus had moved James to stand before the fire. Cordelia had never noticed before how oddly alike their eyes were: Magnus’s gold-green, slit-pupilled, and James’s the color of yellow gold. Soft sparks of magic, the color of bronze, spilled from Magnus’s hands as he pressed his fingers to James’s temples.
“Now,” he said. “Concentrate.”

I wonder what Magnus is going to do? Remove the bracelet maybe? We will find out on March 2, 2021 when Chain of Iron is published!

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!
PS. If you are not able to read any tumblr posts or tweets, please let us know!

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