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Cassandra Clare shares ‘Chain of Iron’ chapter titles, a new snippet and more!

New year, new month, new issue of Cassandra Clare’s newsletter. Cassie’s readers were treated to a lot of Chain of Iron goodness in the January newletter. We now know the chapter titles, have a new snippet and new artwork by Cassandra Jean.
Let’s have a look at the chapter titles first. There were twenty-three chapters and an epilogue in Chain of Gold and its sequel has twenty-nine chapters (and probably an epilogue). Six more chapters for us to enjoy! Some of them have really cool names but see for yourselves:

If you cannot read the graphic, have a look below:

  1. The Bright Web
  2. All That Turns
  3. Bitter and Sweet
  4. A Good Name
  5. The King is Dead
  6. Things to Come
  7. Tread Lightly
  8. To Bring a Fire
  9. The Scars Remaining
  10. The Damned Earth
  11. Crowns and Pounds and Guineas
  12. Requiem
  13. The Wintry Wind
  14. The Flaming Forge
  15. Walk by Daytime
  16. Dark Breaks to Dawn
  17. Prophet of Evil
  18. Goblin Market
  19. Thine Own Palace
  20. Equal Temper
  21. Hell’s Own Track
  22. Heart of Iron
  23. Silken Thread
  24. He Shall Rise
  25. Archangel Ruined
  26. Older Than Gods
  27. Wake With Wings
  28. No Wise Man
  29. A Broken Mirror

My favourite titles are from chapters 25 and 26 although I doubt we’ll see any archangels or gods in the book.

Furthermore, Cassie shared a new snippet from Chain of Iron:


Someone was on top of him, holding him down. James thrashed and kicked, trying to shake them off. The claws of the dream were still in him: not a real memory, but a feeling, a feeling of hatred and darkness, a choking sense of horror—

“James, please!”

His eyes flew open.

The world spun around him. He was on his bed, tangled in a snarl of blankets. Most of his pillows were on the floor, and the window had been cracked open—the air in the room was cold. There were hands on his shoulders—Cordelia’s hands. She had clearly climbed on top of him in an effort to control his thrashing. Her chemise was slipping off her shoulder, her red hair undone, spilling down her back like a river of fire.

“James?” she whispered.

He had dreamed something, something awful, but it was fading, gone like morning mist. This was the real world. His icy bedroom, the air so cold his breath puffed out in white clouds. The empty tincture bottle on his nightstand, the bitter taste of its dregs still on his tongue. Cordelia above him, her dark eyes wide. She was shivering.

Argh, Cassie, don’t stop there! (Hope James is okay.)
Since this snippet is already mentioning Cordelia, James, and a bed… have a look at this:

Why on earth is James tied to the bed, what is going on??

In addition to all the goodies that were shared in the newsletter, Cassie also took to her twitter to announce The Penultimate Hours.

Cassie acciddentally shared the wrong link in the tweet so head over here if you have not subscribed to her newsletter yet. As someone who has already read the bonus letters, you do not want to miss The Penultimate Hours! 😉

Chain of Iron is published in 45 days, you can get a signed copy from Good Choice Reading, a cool US hardcover in an exclusive slipcase from LitJoyCrate or a regular US/UK hardcover (ISBN 9781481431903 / 9781406358100) wherever books are sold.

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3 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares ‘Chain of Iron’ chapter titles, a new snippet and more!

  1. Do you know when the penultimate hours is supposed to be sent out? I’m already subscribed to the newsletter but didn’t get a link to them.

  2. We can’t wait to read Chain of Iron.

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