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‘Reading With Reginald’ continues!

+ More 'Chain of Iron' snippets

Many of Cassandra Clare’s readers know that she has a cat called Reginald, you might have seen him in newsletters or on social media, and for the past four months she has been sharing short videos called ‘Reading With Reginald’ on her Instagram. These clips are a lot of fun because we get a new Chain of Iron snippet read by Cassie and see Reginald being his cute self.
Another episode of ‘Reading With Reginald’ dropped yesterday so let’s have a listen.

Here is a transcript of the video:

Hello, this is Cassie and welcome to another installment of Reading With Reginald. Reginald is sleeping but he absorbs these things via osmosis. We’re gonna delve into one of Reginald’s favourite characters Matthew. A very dramatic scene.

“There is no point to it,” said Matthew. “If you will never see reason or good sense—”

“Because you’re a bastion of reason and good sense?” James snapped. He knew he had a temper, just like his father; his anger spilled past everything else, tasting of copper and fury. “Matthew, you are drunk. For all I know, you mean nothing you are saying.”

“I mean all of it,” Matthew protested. “In vino veritas—”

“Don’t you quote Latin at me,” said James. “Even if you were sober, you’ve never taken love seriously enough to lecture me about this. Your passions have been a series of dalliances and ill-conceived attachments. Look at me and tell me there is something you love more than that bottle in your hand.”

Dramatic indeed! I really hope Matthew is going to see reason soon and quit drinking.

This is not the only snippet from Chain of Iron we got recently, there are several others:

“The murderer’s hands?” Thomas said. (x)

Why do I have to think of The Dark Artifices now?

“All I want for you, Math, is that you love yourself as much as I love you.”

Aw, this sounds like such a James thing to say!

“I am not to be won…love is a prison, and I have no desire for shackles. They would clash with my outfit.”

Anna, is that you? Or maybe Matthew?

These are all the snippets for now. You can check our Chain of Iron snippets tag to see whether you have missed any in the past.

Chain of Iron is published on March 2! Click here to see all the chapter titles of the book!

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