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New release date: ‘Chain of Thorns’ is coming January 31, 2023

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Yes, you read that right. The release date for Cassandra Clare’s final installment of The Last Hours has sadly been pushed back. Of course it’s disappointing but we’ve known for more than nine months that there have been delays in the publishing world. Cassie explained this back in July 2021 and in her latest newsletter, which was just sent out to her subscribers, she addresses why Chain of Thorns has a new publication date. Here is what you need to know:

So for a while now I know you have been patiently waiting for updates and info about Chain of Thorns: specifically, when you’ll get to see the cover, and when the book will be available for pre-order.

I do have answers, and some mixed good/bad news. So hold onto your seats.

You’ve likely been seeing book delays for a while now. Supply chain issues are in the news, and while Chain of Thorns is not at the bottom of the ocean on a container ship. it is suffering from exactly those supply chain issues. A while ago I was told by my publisher that the release date on Chain of Thorns might slide back because of limited supplies of paper, and limited availability at printers. (There are only some printers that print books, almost all of them are overseas, and there’s a huge backlog of books now waiting to be printed.)

This is a really good explanation of what’s facing publishers and printers right now, in case you’re interested.

I was told the book might slide three months. It might slide six months. I have to say I cried, because even though it’s no one’s fault — I’ve finished the book; my publisher hasn’t done anything wrong or anything to delay it — I was crushed by the idea it might not come out until 2023, even maybe summer 2023.

I haven’t spoken out about it, because I didn’t know when exactly the new publication date would land, and I wanted to be absolutely sure that when I did announce a date, that date Would. Not. Change.

So while this is not the news any of us wanted: the new pub date is now settled. It’s January 31, 2023. So yes 2023, but thank goodness, only a few weeks into 2023.

So the new date is completely out of Cassie’s hand and of course she’s just as sad as we are. 😦
If you’d like to read more about the supply chain issues, I suggest you check this article from The Guardian.

Despite everything, there’s also some good news:

On the bright side: now that there is a settled publication date, things can start moving! First: the cover reveal. It’s coming mid-May, and at the same time all the pre-order links and buy buttons will go up. You’ll find out what’s special about the Collector’s First Edition, see some cool art, hear from some influencers, check out our new set of character cards, and generally we will start being able to Have Some Fun. I am excited about it and hugely relieved, because even though I am incredibly sad over the delay, I am glad to finally have a real date I can count on, and be able to be open about what’s going on with you guys, and finally get to show you the (gorgeous) cover.

Thank you all for being patient and understanding about circumstances beyond any of our control. And of course while you wait for James, Cordelia, and the Merry Thieves we have The Secrets of Blackthorn Hall! I’m updating this story every week, and it is a bridge between The Last Hours and the as-yet-unwritten Wicked Powers, which follows on from Dark Artifices. Due to the delay of COT, it’s possible SOBH will linger around a little longer. I’ll keep you posted. 😉

So mark your calendars! We’ll get to see the cover in May – as soon as it’s online, it’ll be shared here – and there’ll be more content. TMI Source and can exclusively reveal that the first edition will have a reverse cover done by Charlie Bowater and it’ll feature a very special short story.
The new release date means we have more time to prepare for Chain of Thorns, save money for special editions, and I’m going to see whether TMI Source might host a The Last Hours readalong.

That’s it for today. I know this wasn’t the news we had been hoping for and a lot are/will be upset, but let’s support Cassie and send her some love. ❤ You can leave a comment below or tweet @cassieclare.

Catch up with Chain of Thorns snippets here.

If you subscribe to Cassie’s newsletter, you’ll get access to free downloads including a collection of short stories featuring characters from The Last Hours. Subscribe here:

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