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‘Mortal Instruments’ experts react to Jamie Campbell Bower casting

Jamie and Lily "had incredible chemistry," Clare said.

We have our Jace, ladies and gentlemen.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Jamie Campbell Bower was cast as Jace Wayland in “The Mortal Instruments” film franchise just one day ago.

Cassandra Clare talked in depth with Hollywood Crush about Bower’s casting. After watching his audition with Lily Collins, Clare said that “I was crying.”

“I have seen his audition tape,” Clare told Hollywood Crush. “They sent it to me because they were so impressed with it, and they wanted to get my feedback. People have been asking me what scene he filmed. The answer is a bunch of different scenes. He did scenes where he had to be funny. He did scenes where he had to be romantic. He did scenes where he had to be angry and badass and he pulled that all off amazingly.”

“People obviously have favorites before a movie is cast. And so there’s the Alex Pettyfer for Jace camp, and there’s the Max Irons for Jace camp, and there’s the Ed Speleers for Jace camp, and they’re all going to be disappointed because it wasn’t the guy they wanted. But mostly I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses, especially after I mentioned I saw the audition and he was really great. I think they just wanted to be reassured.”

“Mortal Instruments” experts, including myself, also chatted with Hollywood Crush about Bower’s casting.

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“The Mortal Instruments” Examiner Natalie C. Markey was quite pleased with Bower’s casting.

“I was really excited, and I think fans kind of got a preview of the idea of him being Jace in the days leading up, the week leading up, as there was some speculation,” she said. “I think he has a lot of experience. Not only do I think he looks the part, but he has the acting chops to pull it off. Plus, he’s had experience working with big-name actors in major franchises, so we know he can pull off a lot of pressure.”

Katie Bartow of Mundie Moms pointed out that fans are going to have to get used to not seeing their first pick in the role.

“There’s been a lot of, ‘That’s not who people pictured as Jace.'” she said. “So there are a lot of people who are anxious to see what Jamie’s going to bring to the big screen.”

I pointed out that fans should give Bower a chance and not judge him based on the initial reaction and give him a chance to prove his worthiness as Jace.

“The fans need to just really trust in the casting and the studio that they made the right choice,” I said. “Don’t freak out. We haven’t seen the audition tapes. Just wait until you get your first glance at him to start judging him. But give him a chance. Everyone deserves a chance.”

Now that Jace has been cast, casting for other roles can commence and you can be sure the process won’t take five months.

Do you agree with me, Natalie and Katie on the topic of Jamie as Jace? Are you willing to give him a chance? Sound off in the comments below!

Read more coverage at Hollywood Crush and The Mortal Instruments Examiner.

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5 Comments on ‘Mortal Instruments’ experts react to Jamie Campbell Bower casting

  1. mina blak // June 2, 2011 at 4:41 AM // Reply

    Words can’t express my elation and I’m so looking forward to seeing Jamie transformed into Jace 🙂 He’s the PERFECT choice and I can’t wait for all those “haters” to start eating their words lol.

  2. I believe he will be awesome. There is something about him… I dunno… when I watched New Moon …what feels like ages ago.. I saw him and was like…OMG that could be an awesome Jace contender. It`s kinda weird `cause I was a big AP shipper but JCB where always lingering in the back of my mind. He calls himself as extroverted person. That`s so Jace. Let`s have hope and wait and see. BTW looooove this site. It`s by far the best.

    • Oh thank you, Lila! You are too sweet. And I agree with what you said. There is just something about Jamie that just screams Jace. In Camelot he had some snarky lines and delivered them perfectly. That’s Jace for you.

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