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It’s Official: Jamie Campbell Bower cast as Jace Wayland in ‘Mortal Instruments’ movie

Deadline is reporting that Jamie Campbell Bower has been cast as Jace.

Deadline was first to report that Camelot star Jamie Campbell Bower has been cast as Jace Wayland in the “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” movie adaptation.

EXCLUSIVE: Screen Gems has made its choice: Jamie Campbell Bower will get the male lead in The Mortal Instruments, the Scott Charles Stewart-directed adaptation of the Cassandra Clare novel series. He’ll play Jace Wayland, starring alongside Lily Collins, who’ll play the lead heroine Clary Fray. She has The Sight, and can see both demons and Shadowhunters. Jace is one of the best of the latter. When Clary’s mother is abducted, she is forced to learn about her bloodline and abilities in order to get her mother back. Clare’s series is comprised of six novels and is expected to launch a franchise. The role has been considered a potential star-making vehicle for an actor, and there has been much speculation on who’ll get it. I’m told the deal is being made now for Bower, who is best known for playing King Arthur in the TV series Camelot, and for playing Caius in the final installments of The Twilight Saga and Gellert Grindelwald in the final Harry Potter films. He’s repped by CAA and London-based Simon Beresford. Source: Deadline

Author Cassandra Clare confirmed the casting and is compiling a post in which she will talk about Bower joining the “Mortal Instruments” family.

Clare is quite pleased with the casting.

“Yes, Jamie Campbell-Bower is Jace. And yeah, I am really really happy about it.”

Clare had a chance to view Bower’s audition and said that it was “unf-ing-believable.”

Are we good? Yes, I believe we are.

The wave set off mixed reactions among the fandom, which started off mostly negative but since then has gravitated towards positive, as more fans are willing to give Bower a chance to bring our favorite Shadowhunter to life on the big screen.

Clare had this to say about the news: “Well, always interesting waking up to the equivalent of a gigantic nuclear bomb dropped in the middle of my readership…”

Bower was one of three actors who had read with Lily Collins a couple of weeks ago for the role.

Fans even got Jamie Campbell Bower trending on Twitter when news broke earlier in the day, when it was presumed a rumor.

What do you think of Jamie as Jace? Be sure to sound off below and play nice!

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96 Comments on It’s Official: Jamie Campbell Bower cast as Jace Wayland in ‘Mortal Instruments’ movie

  1. LoveJaceWayland // May 31, 2011 at 1:21 PM // Reply


    • I think Jamie is going to give me night mares. i was looking forward to seeing jace taking his shirt off but who wants to see a flabby belly? Jace is supposed to be hot and in the book it said he had sharp facial features, while jamie’s face is all rounded. If he is a good actor than great but he needs to seriously work out and change the frilly girl hair. remeber JACE IS SUPPOSED TO BE HOT!!!!! i agree tht if alex pettyfer didn’t want the role than he might not do a good job as jace however, we need to find someone tht looks the part like he does. all in all im completely on edge about jamie. we can give him a chance but tht doesn’t mean he’ll do good.

      • PaigeWantsAbetterJaces // February 28, 2013 at 6:26 PM //

        this is so true!!!!!!!!!! i couldn’t wait to see jace! alexander ludwig would have been an amazing jace not this guy…..=( ruined the movie


    • 2 words man BENJAMIN STONE!!!! >.<''
      (wayy better than this guy)
      This is Jace were talking about hes suppose to be a fallen angel! Not a typical Blonde Mundane!!

    • i agree with you on jace


  2. SOOOO not happy about this! This might just ruin the whole thing for me!

  3. I had to google this guy and after looking at a few (better) pics of him, he isn’t a bad choice after all. He can definitely pull off Jace just so long as they change that hair. Yikes =\

  4. The news made my day. I always had faith that Jamie was going to play Jace. I’m so happy I could die:)

  5. Well, I can’t believe it, either. When I first read Jamie’s name among the other names, I almost fell from my chair xD I don’t like him, and yeah, it would ruin Jace’s character if he got the role. I was praying that he is the one who certainly won’t get the role, and I won’t stop now xDxD

  6. I’m not really surprised with this turn of events-I guess we need a double confirm from screen gems although I will say that Deadline is legit Nikke Finke always knows stuff before anyone else.

  7. I have to say Jamie Campbell Bower is not who I pictured as Jace but I think hes talented so everyone should give him a chance!

  8. I really hope the rumor is true. Give Jamie a chance, everyone 🙂

  9. ack! this suck…..!!! this RUIN Jace for me sorry but I can´t give him a chance…. my sixth sense tell me that if this it´s true the movie will suck. My life is over

  10. At first i though he had a devilish lookin face that would work better for clary’s real brother jonathan aka sebastian. but after lookin at him more in detail, I can see him as jace! he’s good looking, the type that would attract looks from several girls, or the “public mennace” as simon put in in CoFA, sooo as long as he can act the cocky,sacastic, but sensible Jace.. I think he’s good to go!!

  11. Well, I think we must give him a chance! Moreover I think he’s good to play Jace! I know many of us would prefer Alex Pettyfer but if Jamie has been cast and then he got the role it means that it’s been decided he was perfect to play Jace. So why not? I think HE DESERVES it!

    • Jersey121 // May 31, 2011 at 8:23 PM // Reply

      or it could mean that they couldn’t get Alex to agree so they went with their second choice which they better pray works out for them or they will lose their asses on this like they did on Priest!!!

  12. I know I already commented, but oh my goodness people, calm down. It’s not the end of the world. obviously this guy is a good Jace or they wouldn’t have cast him. These people know what they’re doing, and it’s impossible to please everyone because everybody has their own interpretations of what they think Jace should look like. I’ll admit, I had the same reaction when I heard who was playing Edward in Twilight, but i enjoyed the movie nonetheless because I loved Twilight. So don’t worry guys, everything will work out 😉

  13. I already figured it would be him. Kind of appalled though! He better get to working out that’s all I have to say.

    He can act so that’s good and I’m trying to remember that everyone hated Robward at first.

    30 lbs of muscle Jamie, 30!

    • Jersey121 // May 31, 2011 at 8:25 PM // Reply

      And please do something with that hair alls I see is forehead!! You know he is 22 now by the time they finish they will be lucky if he still has hair!!! Not many 17 year olds need plugs!!

    • Everyone always hates the castings of YA adaptations at first but once they see the actor as the character they come around. Everyone imagines characters differently in their head.

  14. 30!

  15. I really wanted Ben Stone to play JACE!! I seriously do! He is my first choice now since Alex seems to be avoidant of the Mortal Instruments casting. I just realy hope Hollywood knows what they’re doing. I understand so many fans are pissed! I, myself, included. Well, I guess Jamie deserves a fair chance. Hey people! He may just surprise you! Remember how we all disliked Robert Pattinson for Edward Cullen, and he actually surprised some of us? We grow to like people. I just REALLY HOPE they make Jamie more masculine,(hate being rude here) but he does look a bit feminine-ish.

  16. Jersey121 // May 31, 2011 at 8:27 PM // Reply

    It figures of the three mentioned this was the one I DID NOT WANT TO SEE AS JACE!! Screen Gems I hope you can prove me wrong I really hope you can but I doubt it!!

  17. ohhyeah96 // June 1, 2011 at 1:11 AM // Reply

    All of us should just be happy that we already have a Jace! Stop the negativity, wait for the movie and give him a chance! At first I also had my doubts but Cassie was confident with him so let’s just wait and see 😉

  18. WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! Did anyone at the auditions besides Clare even OPEN the books, EVER??

  19. I’m very excited we finally have a Jace! That being said, I think this guy looks the complete opposite of how imagined Jace to look! He isn’t masculine enough or good looking enough. I am a little disappointed but, if Cassie has confidence in him then I think we should all give him a chance 🙂

  20. Stephanie // June 1, 2011 at 3:42 PM // Reply

    I just wanted to say that I am a big MI fan and I can’t wait to see the movie COB. On to the issue of JCB I personally do not mind him as Jace I just hope that he beefs up a little fixes his hair and teeth and then he should be fine. I wish people would stop being so negative and wait and see what JCB can do. Also stop with these crazy petitions. I want to see the other casting choices like my girl Izzy, Simon, Alec, Magnus and Valentine.


  21. This f-ing sucks
    hesss soooooooooooooo ugly.

  22. Awesome. RUIN the movie, why don’t you? -.- He is the fugliest Jace in the world, I HATE IT! God, I’m so not watching this movie. It’s completely effed up. What were they thinking?

  23. This is fucking RIDICULOUS.
    The guy better get some fucking muscles.
    Because he looks fucking scrawny.
    Fucking casters are MADE outta their minds.

  24. Kaitlin May // June 7, 2011 at 12:12 AM // Reply


  25. MortalDanger // June 9, 2011 at 2:54 PM // Reply

    im actually not upset. I was one of the people who said I wouldn’t even watch the movie if Alex wasn’t Jace. Now, though, I feel different. When I think about it, Alex would have ruined the movie. He’s more of a disney/children type actor. His movies are good but cheesy and predictable. If CoB is going to be epic, it needs someone with just enough credibility but somewhat unknown (Lily Colins) and someone with experience in fiction films (Jamie). I thought I’d be pissed but I like him as Jace.

  26. People, stop saying ur life is ruined! According to cassandra clare,

    “Which I replied to with, I believe, the one word unfuckingbelievable. (Sorry for the swearing.)

    He was Jace, down to the snark, and the vulnerability, and the humor and the romantic side. (You’ll be happy to know one of the scenes in the audition was the “greenhouse scene”, and the chemistry between Jamie and Lily was intense.) So then after that I just sat around and hoped they picked him. There were other actors in the mix (names I think you largely wouldn’t recognize, at least not in a discussion of the casting for this film) and I wanted Jamie but — beyond saying I liked him, I knew I was the smallest cog in a big machine. For casting a lead role like this, all the producers (there are like eight, nine of them), the financial guys, the head of the studio, all have to agree that this guy is the best.

    And they did.”

    He’s going to be a great Jace!

  27. He is not perfect for the role of Jace!!!!! If he is playing Jace, they’d better make the fans (I’m one of them) happy! If not… Pitchforks and torches on me!!! 😡

  28. okay so ill give him a chance or whatever.. but going into this i truly do not like him 😦 ugh he was so annoying in Sweeney Todd and he jsut seems so … feminine ?! i dont know i guess we’ll have to see.I guess i imagined clary as a bit more Badass than lilly collins as well.. but oh well

  29. My dreams for Alex Pettyfer have been crushed x.x

  30. warriorcats,mortalinstruments,hungergames // July 12, 2011 at 2:01 AM // Reply

    im ok with this as long as i get my movie,but WHY, ALEX, WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST TAKE THE PART???WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

  31. Jamie is Jace // August 3, 2011 at 1:25 AM // Reply

    People are so stupid. It’s like get the fuck over it. Jamie is amazing and Alex DOESN’T WANT THE ROLE!!! If your life is ruined then fall off a cliff. No one needs you. When everyone realizes that he was a good choice I am going to say “You never were a fan and your a hypocrite!!!” I on the other hand will be able to tell him I loved you from the very start and I will love you until the very end. I am a true fan and you know what? I like Jace more than I like Alex. Jace is the best I am not just going to miss out on the movie because Alex isn’t in it. There is more to Jace than being sexy. Jace is funny and sweet and deep. Alex is just hot. THE END!

    • I totally agree with you. I wish I would have read your comment first before making a stupid decision to sign that stupid petition. You are awesome and I’m sorry. Jamie good luck, can’t wait for the movies

    • Good for you…all I’m sayin is the whole time I’m watching the movie ill be disgusted by Jamie …I LOVE JACE and if they want to mess up the movie with Collins too that’s their call!

    • jamieisntjace // February 8, 2013 at 8:06 AM // Reply

      But there’s also ben stone and mitch hewe

  32. Wow. I’m not entirely against JCB. I mean, if he was chosen above everyone else, then it must be for a reason right? But he is definitely starting on the back foot as far as I’m concerned. He looks nothing like the Jace I have in my head, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t make him look like Jace either. Sooooo disappointed. These poor casting decisions are enough to make me want to become a casting director myself!

  33. jace=alex pettyfer // October 2, 2011 at 3:33 AM // Reply

    I really am disappointed to see the one who’ll cast as Jace Wayland isn’t Alex Pettyfer. the first reason is : look at his hair. it doesn’t fix with Jace at all. second : his face is not as pretty as Alex’s. see what I mean? he looks nothing like the Jace I have in my head, and no matter how hard I try, how hard I accept Jamie as the Jace in my head, I can’t make him look like Jace either. get rid of Jamie! Alex is the most suitable actor ever to play a role as Jace.

  34. When Will The Move Come Out?

  35. Ehwn wil this move come out ?

  36. Alondra Honstein // October 10, 2011 at 9:41 PM // Reply

    im still stunned tht thaires gonna be a movie im only 11 but i read ALL of your books & loved them cant wate till the other 2 come out i love the way the imagery is i just love it

  37. no i dont like him as jace who ever is in the front of the cover of city of bones should play him just saying it will be better

    • thank for having some common sense! i mean why not cast the guy clare imagned in the 1st place? jamie, clearly not it.


  39. He looks freaky and little kid faced BOO!

  40. i guess we will not get Alex after all.. T^T
    but Jamie seems fine.. 😉
    can’t wait to see this movie.. xD

    Go The Mortal Instruments!

  41. I hate him, the last thing I pictured when I imagined Jace was him. He is so NOT jace, please what where they thinking about? first that girl collins and now this, i’m telling his a bad actor or tha he is ugly but i don’t like him, he is not jace, can you get smeone who’s below the 20’s for themovie? THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TEENAGERS F….CKING IDIOTS

  42. jamie’s got the part and i figured if im a real mortal instruments fan i will go c the movie no matter what for cassandra clare but i do have some suggestions for other characters Simon lewis- Kristopher turner isabelle lightwood-megan fox luke garroway- patrick dempsey, leav a comment below and let me no wat u think of these guys 4 the movie maybe we can get some good ppl in there tht we want even if jace isnt wat we wanted lets not give up on the rest of the cast!!!:)

  43. When does the movie come out hope really soon plzzzz!!!!!!

  44. Virgie-Anne Lejero // February 16, 2012 at 7:58 AM // Reply

    I would say nothin but bring alex pettyfer back to the role… Once I saw the trailer when alex portrays jace, I felt very excited about it but ending up slightly “disappointed” … No matter happens, still gonna watch this movie:)

  45. stop being heifers Jamie will do an amazing job and if you need a reason to make yourself like him go to YouTube put in his name and the wordes ITS AMAZING that is his song and it is really good.listen to the song pull up his 2012 pics on a different window and soon you will love him.

  46. OMG! having all those hotties casting for the role and they have to pick the wrong one, if the trailer doesn’t convince me Im not going to see the movie):

  47. living the life // May 19, 2012 at 6:34 PM // Reply

    Well i think i might me on team simon now… stupid stupid stupid. LOOK AT HIS HAIR!!!! its not even that blond for crying out loud!!!

  48. HATE IT…..they should use Alex Petterfer

  49. Give him a chance , guys . Hes very passionate about the role of jace , if u look at his interview for jace , he was very passionate about it . Give him a chance. Hes a great actor also. Hes our jace and we should be supporting him . I respect u guys opinion but you guys need to shut up too about this alex pettyfer shit becausehe went to another movie. And look , Jamie actually read the books and dressed for the audition and knows everthing aout Jace. So please give him anchance. Plus hes in a boot camp trying to get buff so stop being assholes please. 😉

  50. sabrina romero // July 5, 2012 at 4:44 PM // Reply

    Why cant the person on the book cover be jace. O _o

    • That’s a great idea! Dude, on the cover of City of Lost Souls, I thought it was acutally Alex Pettyfer. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

  51. No way this will ruin the whole movie… what do they see in him???? Alex pettyfer would be a way better choice!!!!! Now I’m debating if I will still see it…..if u like Jamie u must be blind and deaf. Lily Collins is no better…..really is it that hard to cast decent people for these roles???

  52. I think i’m going to cry. Alex Pettyfer is the best Jace there is! Hayden Christensen is my second best choice. Jamie is okay, maybe for the role of Alec Lightwood! But Jace? No way! Oh well…. I’m still curious to see how Jamie portrays Jace Wayland, so I’m still definitely going to watch… i just hope he’ll do well.

  53. Wrong. The casting for the entire movie should be changed. If this picture is going to have any credibility with fans, the cast must be more carefully chosen. Edward Cullen was perfectly cast, Harry Potter was perfectly cast, Damon and Stefan Salvatore were perfectly cast. One thing this director doesnt seem to have is respect for the readers. The choice of the actor MUST fit the description of the character in the book as closely as possible. Aside from obvious make up, hair, and costume the actor must be as close as possible for the fans to accept any cinematic interpretation.

    • Um, Edward Cullen was NOT perfectly cast. Rob thinks Edward is way more depressed than Edward really is. e.e Seriously. I love him, though. Remember Me is my favorite movie of all time. He just wan’t a good Edward.

  54. Okay, I HATE his hair. i mean, he can be Jace, fine. If he can master the role, perfect. I trust CLare when she said he was amazing –it’s her own creation. But Jesus! Give him better hair, people! ugh!

  55. I dont know why no one seems to notice that Benjamin Stone seems to fill the character of Jace PERFECTLY! if you dont believe me you should look him up yourself. He looks the part. And equally important he acts the part. He has the experience. and hes not very very well known. Which is important, almost every hit series that came from a book that also got very famous found its own gems that not many new about.

  56. I’m sorry to tell this but HE’S A MUNDANE!

  57. awwww just give Jamie a chance….I’m sure they did not choose him for no reason. I think he’ll be just right for our Jace Wayland. : )

  58. What?! HE WILL NEVER BE JACE WAYLAND!! He doenst look ANYTHING like him!! If the person who is cast to play Clary doesnt look like her Im rage and cry and not watch the movies like OMG


  60. jamieisntjace // February 8, 2013 at 7:51 AM // Reply

    No! It should be either alex pettyfer benjamin stone ir mitch hewer! Get someone more muscular and hotter too!

  61. i love these books // February 21, 2013 at 2:33 PM // Reply

    omg-this movie is going to be so epic-i think that AP would have been great to play Jace because he looks exactly like what i built up in my head but me and my friend have been at war for weeks now because we are arguing over who should play jace. JCB is alright but i think that the darkness inside him would more suit the role of clary’s brother aka sebastion. i think that benjamin stone wouldn’t suit this part- he would be great at the role of finnick odair in the hunger games.

  62. I am actually very unhappy with the casting…Jamie looks absolutely nothing like I envisioned Jace, and neither does Lily look like Clary. I imagined Jace to look like Alex Pettyfer and Clary to look like Hayley Williams with a more normal shade of hair. I hate Lilys eyebrows (it sounds stupid but they really irritate me) and Jamie just isn’t Jacs. In my opinion.

  63. I think he does not look anything like Jace. His face is too rounded and his hair is way too long. Someone else would do a better job looking the part.

  64. They should have done Alex pettyfer!!! He would have been perfect! This guy isn’t cute enough

  65. Jamie Campbell hater // August 29, 2013 at 11:37 AM // Reply

    Watched the movie and it sucked.Worst mistake ever especially with the wrong lead male casting.

  66. Its a disappointment he is supposed to be handsome. But sorry to say hes pretty ugly come on theres plenty of actors I hate seeing his face when I watch the movie shame it was a great story line…

  67. clary fray // July 29, 2014 at 1:41 AM // Reply

    hes so not how i pictured jace max thieirot is my jace 🙂

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