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Robert Sheehan cast as Simon Lewis in ‘City of Bones’


The Simon casting process has been a long and arduous one, but it is finally complete.

Cassandra Clare took to Twitter and Tumblr to share the very exciting news that Robert Sheehan (of Misfits) has been cast as Simon Lewis.

So remember when I said we wouldn’t have a Simon till July for Reasons?

The Reasons were that the actors up for Simon had to test with Jamie and Lily in Toronto to see how the chemistry worked. When I talked to Jamie and Lily yesterday it was about who we thought was the absolute best, the most Simon-y Simon, and fortunately we all agreed.

He’s totally cute and adorable and HILARIOUS, and his chemistry with Lily and Jamie is off the charts. I’ve wanted him for Simon for ages so I am pretty much totally and entirely happy.

Cassandra Clare called Sheehan’s American accent “flawless.”

I am really going to miss the Irish accent, but you know, happy day that he can do an American accent flawlessly.

Need proof?

Pretty exciting news! What do you think of Robert as Simon? Sound off in the comments!

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57 Comments on Robert Sheehan cast as Simon Lewis in ‘City of Bones’

  1. It’s ROBERT SHEEHAN ;))

  2. Robert Sheeran!! He looks exactly how i pictured Simon! An amazing actor for an amazing role.

  3. yaay i like him

  4. Oh! I like him.

  5. He’s actually hotter than the Simon in my head. Not that I’m complaining.

  6. Be still my heart, it’s perfect. Robert is awesome. I’ll miss his accent though.


  8. Awesome! he looks all nerdy & cute just like simon 🙂

  9. I need to see him interact with Alec, Izzy, Clary and Jace. But curiousl

  10. I literally screamed when I found out! I never actually thought has him as Simon, but now seeing him I am very happy! He’s hilarious in Misfits!!! I’m SO excited!

  11. I love Robert. I watched misfits and loved him..

    But. He doesnt look like simon.. simons supposed to be cute but nerdy and roberts just too pretty.
    Im happy but also not happy. Idk.


  13. Herondale's live 4eva // July 11, 2012 at 4:59 PM // Reply

    * Hyperventilating* yes love him in misfits but simon is a born and bred new yorker roberts accent should neva shine through

  14. I haven’t read this series but he’s British so yay and looks adorable so I have nothing negative to say here.

  15. Such good casting! Nathan in Misfite is a less obnoxious and sweary Simon. I will miss his NI accent though. No wonder Lily and Jamie were laughing so hard in the candids from Monday as they must have been spending time with him that day! LOL!

  16. I’m so excited for his screening with Jemima and Lily *_*

  17. ~TMI & TID Fangirl~ // July 11, 2012 at 6:12 PM // Reply

    He’ll be a brillant Simon!Totally happy!:D

  18. hollywood can fix his looks (not the simon i pictured) but id rather have sumone who isnt wat we pictured and can act and have cheimistry with the other charecters than one who cant and has spot on looks. Same with Jamie as Jace. Love the cast so far. Especially Jemima

  19. HAHA I had no idea he was in the runnings, and I literally did scream YESSSS! when I saw this. I can’t wait to see him deliver all those one liners – anyone who doesn’t know him will immediately fall in love!
    I posted it on facebook and four people who haven’t even read the books have commented saying that they’ll see the film just because he’s in it xD Good move, my friends. Good move.

    • lol.. i scremed when i saw this too… and i screamed so loud that i woke my baby sister from her nap. 🙂

  20. yayyy Simon!! hothothothothothothothothothothoty!

  21. What a cutie pie 🙂
    I can’t wait to see him as simon!!!!! XD

  22. When we add the glasses, he will have the perfect look! Robert is perfect!

  23. He isn’t really how I pictured Simon at all, but I guess I need to wait and see what he looks like with glasses and how he interacts with Lilly and Jamie. It’s mostly his hair that I don’t like, but I could get used to it, I guess. We’ll see.

  24. LOVE him! He is totally Simon. This is awesome! Curious about his chemistry with Jemima!

  25. YAYAY 🙂 he looks like a good simon, not how i pictured him but pretty close! didn’t pictured his hair curly like that but glasses and putting him into character he will look great! he’s so funny on all the clips i’ve watched of misfits so he’ll get the humor and play the part well! wanna see his chemistry will lily jamie and especially jemima too! GO ROBERT SHEEHAN!

  26. HE’S PERFECT! Wooohooo! I’m seriously fan-girling right now and watching his interviews and just smiling like a noob!Thanks for this news! ok back to the interviews! Woohoo!

  27. not exactly what i pictured simon to look like but he’s growing on me .

  28. nataliabelikov // July 11, 2012 at 10:20 PM // Reply

    He;s totally cute!! just add some glasses and he gets the nerdy cute look!!!! kyaaaaaa!! he is the PERFECT SIMON LEWIS!! Im so freaking happy!! Im still jumping!!! kyaaa!!!

  29. Put the “gamers do it better” t-shirt on him, the glasses and we will got a amazing Simon Lewis. On the other hand, I am dying to know who are Alec and Magnus. I bet the studio is waiting to reveal them at the same time!

  30. He’s cute, and nerdy, but he still hot, as we know he will be The Sexy-Vampire-Mojo!!!! YAAAY!

  31. OMG! OMG! OMG!!! I loved him in the Killing Bono. He’s a very kind and funny guy! :)Great choice. 😉

  32. Dragoness101 // July 12, 2012 at 6:15 AM // Reply

    Not how I Pictured him at all but I think it will work realy well. I havnt seen his acting at all but I’ve only heard good about him. I cant wait to see the full cast!!!

  33. So, so HAPPY!!!! He’s the perfect choice for Simon! I adored him in Misfits and now I adore him even more. CoB cast is fucking sheer perfection so far! 😀

  34. OH MY GOD! I don’t think I’ve been so happy about casting, besides Jamie. And we all know he has the immortal thing down after Misfits. CoB casting is dead on so far<3

  35. Cinderbella // July 12, 2012 at 10:52 AM // Reply

    I can’t believe it, I’m so ridiculously excited right now. We have a Simon and he’s Irish, not just Irish but is from County Laois!! He grew up like five minutes away from where I live. A friend of mine went to school with him as well and he’s supposed to be a really, really lovely guy and absolutely hilarious, he’s perfect for Simon! Now all we need is for them to cast Michael Fassbender as Valentine and I’ll be happy!

  36. I pictured Johnny Simmons (Jeniffer’s body, Scott Pilgrim) as Simon. Lilly Collins so far is the only part of the announced cast I feel works. i guess its just the actors cast messing with the picture of the cast I’ve created in my mind from having read the book before casting for the movie began.

  37. TeamEdwwardJace // July 12, 2012 at 6:51 PM // Reply

    i hadn’t heard of him till now but I love him as Simon and from the clip he’s a great actor with a believable American accent and he’s cute, and nerdy in a hot way

  38. TeamEdwardJace // July 12, 2012 at 6:52 PM // Reply

    i hadn’t heard of him till now but I love him as Simon and from the clip he’s a great actor with a believable American accent and he’s cute, and nerdy in a hot way

  39. TeamEdwardJace // July 12, 2012 at 6:52 PM // Reply

    and they are able to change his hair for the role

  40. Not how I pictured Simon, but I’m so excited we finally have someone for the role! Can’t wait to see how he does 😀 Yay Robert!!!

  41. I did not imagine simon to look like that- Robert Sheehan is waaaaay too good for simon!! At least we’ll have one fit person in the movie though.

  42. couldn’t be more perfect!

  43. I literally cried with joy when i heard he was going to be playing Simon! What makes it even better is one of my good friends knows him from going up in Portlaoise and he’d always stop and talk to you. Supposed to be such a lovely fella 🙂 Really is a bonus that he’s a lovely guy and he’ll be playing one of the most lovable characters and my favourite in it. Robert i really hope you do well and get the international success you deserve. Hon the Irish!


  45. Haven’t seen Misfits yet. I also imagined Simon to be more nerdy and goofy looking, more like the guy they cast as Eric, but now I am thinking maybe we see Simon through Clary’s eyes as more of a nerd because she sees him that way. After all, Isabelle is attracted to him…

  46. kayla roden // March 20, 2015 at 9:35 AM // Reply

    is there going to be another movie

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