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Studio considering filming future ‘Mortal Instruments’ movies back-to-back

With six books in the series, The Mortal Instruments franchise could no doubt take Hollywood by storm.

But something that has fans worried are some of the actor’s ages in regards to their roles, like Kevin Zegers (Alec) and Godfrey Gao (Magnus).

But it looks like Constantin Film has already thought ahead.

Cassandra Clare revealed that the studio has discussed filming future movies back-to-back.

Of course future movies in the Mortal Instruments franchise will depend on the success of the first film, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (due out August 23, 2013).

The question becomes how successful does City of Bones have to be to garner a sequel or five sequels? Would they film City of Ashes and City of Glass and gauge both film’s success before deciding to film City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire?

It’s most likely that Constantin will be able to gauge the franchise’s popularity and future success following the first film and go from there. But it’s also likely that they could pull a Percy Jackson and take some time to consider making a sequel following the first film’s decent success.

Let’s say that The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones takes Hollywood by storm (and that’s a likely possibility). That leaves five films left in the franchise. Filming them all back-to-back would make the most sense to keep the actor’s looking the same age throughout the franchise.

There’s also the other issue of the prequel franchise The Infernal Devices, that has also been optioned by Constantin Film and whose success depends on that of the Mortal Instruments franchise.

What do you guys think of the studio’s consideration to film back-to-back? Sound off in the comments!

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57 Comments on Studio considering filming future ‘Mortal Instruments’ movies back-to-back

  1. Then let’s make it happen. let’s make City of Bones take the international movie scene by storm

  2. i agree I really hope they make all six that would be amazing but will see wot happens I guess I hope city of bones is a big hit but u neva no cant wait 🙂

  3. Sounds like a plan! I have no doubt that the film will be successful enough to make the sequels. While I am looking forward to the City of Bones film, I’m mostly hoping that it’s ssuccessful enough that they’ll decide to make The Infernal Devices trilogy into films because it’s my favorite of the 2 series.

  4. They better make the Infernal Devices Good cause that is the best series Ever!!!!!!!


  6. I dont understand… what does back-to-back mean ?

    • Means one day they might be filming scenes for City of Ashes and the next day scenes for City of Glass, then Ashes and Glass in the same day. Filming it as a whole product, not filming first one movie then waiting a year or so and then making the next. That saves a lot of time to them, and money possibly, because you just have to call the actors for one long period, they travel less, they look the same age through the movies and they get to have to keep the “look” for less time.
      Cassie wrote “a la LOTR” because The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was filmed in about two years, so by the time the second movie was in Theaters, the actors had already made all their scenes for the third one.

      • IsabellaDK // August 2, 2012 at 7:34 PM //

        Ooooh cool ! Sooo, does that mean that CoA and CoG will be a mix into one movie or two? Meaning CoA out in 1014 and CoG in 2015.. Im sorry if i sound stupid my english isnt the best…

      • mina blak // August 3, 2012 at 4:20 AM //

        No, CoA and CoG would not be mixed into one movie. They would all still be made into separate movies.

    • It means that the movies will be shooting together… but the result will not be mixed. CoA & CoG will be 2 movies that just were shooting together. As the case of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (both parts were shooting together and then divided in two) and Breaking Dawn (same case as Harry Potter) 🙂

  7. I think it’s a great idea. The actors are already so much older than their characters, if they wait to film the other movies, they’re not gonna look like teenagers anymore. And it’s not like Harry Potter where each book is a different year. TMI takes place over a couple of months. Not filming them back-to-back would be stupid.

  8. I agree!(:

  9. Infernal Devices are a must! Yes, yes, yes!

  10. Chairman Meow // August 2, 2012 at 12:55 PM // Reply

    I’d rather them only make the first three tmi novels into movies then starting on TID than have six tmi films.

  11. I don’t care how they make the movies, as long as they come out with a bang! And the actors and actresses look around the same age in the book. I personally want to see an Infernal Devices movie with Godfrey as Magnus looking as great as he will look in city of bones. Same with the other actors if they decide to make the dark artifices a movie

  12. It sounds like a ton of work, they would must start a new casting process immediately after finish shooting City of Bone; not knowing whether the film is a hit or it is not (which does not matter because we will make the film a hit). Besides, I would like the studio to make all the movies, but only the TMI series. I love TID too but I am not sure…

    I am kinda stressed -.-

    • How can you not want them to make TID into films? The Infernal Devices trilogy is the best of the two series. Don’t get me wrong, I love TMI too, but I personally think that TID is even better.

      • I dont I luv tmi better than tid I luv both really but tmi is better I think

      • I would have preferred they to make TID instead TMI series, but I think TMI is, probably, a better commercial shot. Making counts we would have almost eleven films…too much for this little fangirl.

      • mina blak // August 3, 2012 at 4:24 AM //

        I agree with Tara.
        I like TMI more than TID.

  13. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to do my part by going to the midnight premiere of City of Bones!!!! I HOPE they do the Mortal Instruments back-to-back!! That would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. HELL YES! jus what i had in mind, but oh god i hope they dont leave out that many important scenes thought they probablly will.
    Damn i hope the movie gets more famous then Twilight and Hunger games otherwise they will just leave it at city of bones

  15. I think they will only make the second and third books if the first film is a success. Even if they film them back to back it will take at least two years. The first three books were the best anyway. Cassie should have just left the series a trilogy. CoFA was so boring and CoLS was only a slight improvement.

    I don’t think TID will ever be filmed. Steampunk doesn’t do welll at the box office and it is very expensive to film. TID sales aren’t good enough to take that risk.

    • I know the handicaps of steampunk, but I can only hope TID gets filmed, I love that series more than TMI 🙂

    • I doubt it. If this turns out to be the next mega franchise like many are saying it’s going to be they WILL make all 6 films and all 3 TID films and probably all 3 TDA films as well because it means more money and not to mention that there will probably be the demand from the huge fanbase to make all of them. Also I would like to disagree about TID not selling well, the first printing for Clockwork Princess is going to be 1 million copies. That is a HUGE first printing even for a popular series. Not to mention if this turns out to be as big as some are saying sales will pick up substantially anyway because of all new fans who will undoubtedly jump on the Shadowhunter bandwagon.

      • Corey: I didn’t say they are not selling well, just not good enough to take the huge risk of a steampunk period film.

        Yes, it is a huge first printing but first printing doesn’t equal sales. Quite a few books (especailly now with the YA books currently dominating the market share) get large first prints but don’t sell anywhere near that amount. It’s like how albums get certified for shipments which is the amount shipped rather than actual sales. Most of the time news of these huge printings are released by the marketing department to build hype and bragging rights. That’s obviously the case here. Neither of the preceeding books have sold anywhere close to a million so why would “A Clockwork Princess”? As of March 2012 according to Publishers Weekly Clockwork Angel sold between 350 000-400 00 hardback (not exact figures) and 142,046 paperback; Clockwork Prince has only sold 252,169 hardback. Looking at USA Today’s chart Clockwork Angel only managed 13 weeks on the best seller list and Clockwork Prince only 8 weeks before falling off.

        Simon and Schuster are also probably hoping that if the CoB film is a success it wil lead to a rise in interest in the rest of her books. They are pushing the TID series hard because Cassie’s agent negotiated a BIG advance but the sales whilst they are good they are not as great as they had hoped.

    • i agree with you ! the first three books were great.The new TMI books not so much they lack good writing, i don’t know what happened but Cassandra lost her Oh! how do i put this she lost her touch in writing the TMI world but don’t get me wrong i still like her & i’ll continue to read her books…but i think i’ll skip the Dark Artifices. 🙂

      • The last two books of TMI could have been combined into one book. Too much boring drag time, then at the end something got interesting. She could have gone into much more depth, with the interesting tidbit of interesting storyline in the end of both books but didn’t…Of course it’s to drag to another book. Lets hope Heavenly Fire has something more going on. Infernal Devices is the best by far. Lets hope Clockwork Princess is as good as Clockwork Prince. Clockwork Angel and City of Bones was almost verbatim dialog between Jace and Will’s character.

  16. I like the idea! oh City of Glass and City of Lost Souls pure epic.

  17. TeamEdwardJace // August 2, 2012 at 7:07 PM // Reply

    great idea and maybe they shoot two or three back to back, a few month break and then again with the rest?

  18. haha these actors are going to hate us for wanting them to do so much in so little time…oh well they will get over it I guess.

  19. Brother Jeremiah has been casted! Love how this cast keeps getting bigger and bigger!

  20. I can’t wait! 🙂 Nothing will beat this movie.

  21. I for one think they should make both series into movies. I love them both equaly. I dont get why everyone is talking abou hiw one is better then the other .Their both awesome

  22. The best way for the movie to have an amazing run is for 1) fans to recommend the book series to everyone you come across so you help create new fans who’ll want to see the movie and 2) for the movie and the acting to be done so well that people pass the good reviews on to others so that whether they read the novels or not, they still will become interested in seeing the movie. Go to work MI fans!!!

  23. I want to audition for maia, but………there is probs someone way better for her than me!

  24. They need to have a website that creates the excitement like Summit did with the first few Twilight movies. Who ever has been in charge of the last few of those movies has bombed. What’s the name of those last two Twilight movies?? Out of sight, out of mind.

  25. Sounds like a LOT of work, but I think it’s a good plan

  26. mykena(future mrs. wayland // August 5, 2012 at 10:17 PM // Reply

    Get on it i cant wait much longer

  27. valentine has been casted!!!!!! XD

  28. I love both series immensely and I can only hope that they garner enough success to create movies for both of them. This series has a fairly large fan base to begin with, so I do believe that the first film will do well.

    But honestly, I’m a bit worried that people will look into Clare’s history with her alleged plagiarism issues and then take out their anger on the films and basically try to dissuade people from going to see them. They do it enough with the books as it is, so it’s possible they’ll try with the movies.

    • I thought i was the only one with this fear,good to kno i’m not but most of the hate i think comes from Harry Potter fans am not saying all of them just some,i personally think its bull* Harry Potter & The Mortal Instruments, are two different series they don’t have much in common except that the main characters are fighting aganist evil in epic battles & what not…i mean seriously u want to look at Plagiarism look at the Twilight Saga & Stephine Meyer..she copied The Vampire Diaries & The Sookie Stack House novels Aka True Blood,i mean Meyer couldn’t be more obivious! anyway i think that is what u call true plagiarism. 🙂

    • I’m not really worried about it. Pretty much all of the big name authors have been accused of plagiarism. JK Rowling has been accused multiple times of stealing the idea of Harry Potter, Suzanne Collins has been accused of ripping off Battle Royale and The Running Man for her Hunger Games trilogy, and like someone else mentioned Stephenie Meyer has been accused of stealing from Vampire Diaries and Sookie Stackhouse. And these authors being accused of plagiarism certainly hasn’t affected the success of their franchises.

  29. I agree

  30. That’s a lot of books to be made in to movies so i agree they should make all the the mortal instruments movies back to back

  31. I need this to be successful. Basically my whole life revolves around Cassandra Clare’s books so yea I need this

  32. hope all the movies get make the book are great

  33. Excellent internet site. A great deal of very helpful info in this article. My business is transmitting them to a couple good friends ans moreover sharing with delightful. And definitely, thank you for your energy!

  34. I think they should do them back to back if they dont make all of them thats a whole lot of confussing plus it will be amazing acually seeing the books as films. I love jace and clary all the cast were great.

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