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Will falls short in last-minute comeback by Adrian in YA Crush Tourney Final

Will Herondale is the YA Crush Tourney Runner-Up

Will Herondale fell short of the YA Crush Tourney title in a last-minute comeback by Adrian, of Vampire Academy and Bloodlines, and must settle for the runner-up honor.

Over 11,000 votes were cast for Will and over 23,00 votes were cast in the YA Crush Tourney Final.

Will (No. 1 seed) led most of the day, but not by more than 4%, but Team Adrian (No. 2 seed) rallied with 500 votes in the final hour to steal the title. Adrian won by about 30 votes, according to YA Sisterhood.

While Will may have fallen short this time, we can’t forget that Team Cassie has two victories in YA Sisterhood’s tournaments! Will will get ’em next time!

Jace – 2011 YA Crush Tourney winner

Clary – 2011 YA Heroine Tournament winner

Congrats to Will and Cassandra Clare! Special thanks to Katie (from Mundie Moms). It was so much fun being co-advocates for Will! And so much fun to get our fangirl on for Will! Also thanks to everyone at the YA Sisterhood for hosting these tournaments. They are always so fun and I was honored to be a part of it this year.

Thanks to all of the fans that rallied to get Will to the finals! You guys have been incredible all tournament long! Will would be so proud to have your love and support!

And thanks to my graphics guru Martange for creating our Team Will banner! You’re truly the best!

And we can’t forget the other four crushes representing Team Cassie: Jem (who made an appearance in the Final Four), Magnus, Alec and Simon. The fans rallied to get each crush at least one victory in the tourney and I’m sure they’d be honored to have you fighting for them!

Once again congrats to Will for getting to the Finals! He is definitely someone worth fighting for and this proves that.

Hopefully YA Sisterhood decides to bring back the YA Crush Tourney (and other tourneys) in the future!

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24 Comments on Will falls short in last-minute comeback by Adrian in YA Crush Tourney Final

  1. I can’t believe Will didn’t win!!!!!! He should have!!!! He’s way better than some vampire!! I’m pretty sure people voted for Adrian because he was a vampire! I would rather have a Shadowhunter than a vampire any day! At least with the Mortal Instruments movie coming out the era of the vampires will end, and the era of Shadowhunters will rise!!!! SHADOWHUNTERS FOREVER!!!!

  2. Congratulations Adrian Ivashkov. This is so sad. They both deserve to win, but I was putting my bet on Will. Although, Adrian did deserve this. (Guys if you haven’t read VA series I highly recommend you do so. Adrian is lovely. that I assure you :)) It was kinda funny actually, Adrian and Will were kinda similar in many ways,, but maybe Will will get his time. Good job Shadowhunters for putting up a good fight 😀

  3. Why do people even care? it’s just a dumb, pointless internet voting poll. It doesn’t matter at all who wins or loses.

    • Because if will had won, what if cassie had posted an extraordinary snippet or story in honor of his victory? She’s like that 🙂 let’s hope she’ll post one anyways

    • If you don’t care why did you read this article?

      • @Anna: LOL! What are you talking about? It doen’t take any time or effort to read the title of an article. It’s hardly rocket science! I don’t understand the people who are wailing and complaining about the result or insulting the winner over a silly internet voting poll. Makes certain fans look very childish and bad.

  4. Ria Jace Herondale // August 11, 2012 at 9:10 AM // Reply

    That sucks we ALL know Will is the best, butt I guess there is always next time. At least he didn’t lose to Jem,

  5. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!i cant believe this! Will was so supposed to win…..snifle why does will always come second it’s not fair. He came second with tessa and now this. I used to like adrian since rose was so mean to him in vampire academy………. now i hate him! I hate you Adrian!!!!!!!!:*( im surprised im not crying right now

  6. Blue & Silver eyes // August 11, 2012 at 1:15 PM // Reply

    D”X nnoo-ooo!!! Whhyyy?!?! Nephilim will always be the superior ones to me

  7. CecilyLightwood // August 11, 2012 at 1:50 PM // Reply

    doesn’t cassie owe us like 4 or 5 snippets? maybe i’m mistaken

  8. No! Poor Will! He should have won!

  9. TiffanyAmber // August 11, 2012 at 2:56 PM // Reply

    Come on guys don’t judge Adrain especially if you havent read Vampire Academy, that would not be fair to Richelle Mead because the series is wonderful (Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments are both my favorite series) and none of us would like it if VA fans were bashing Will if he won.
    Adrian did fully deserve to win, if not nobody would have voted for him (not going to lie I voted for Adrain). Anyways both Jace and Clary won last year, it’s time to give someone else the spot light too 🙂

  10. It really makes me sad that some of my fellow shadowhunter-fans are responding this way because Will lost.

    I agree that Will is an awesome guy and it’s sad he lost, but that doesn’t mean Adrian didn’t deserve to win. It’s also kind of unfair to react this way if you haven’t even read the VA or Bloodlines series. Adrian Ivashkov is one of the best written characters in YA literature (as are Cassie’s characters) and his personality is actually pretty similair to Will’s. So as much as I love Will, I’m pretty happy for Adrian as well and I don’t think shadowhunters should talk about him like this just because their favourite, Will, lost.

    You guys wouldn’t want VA fans to talk like this about Will and Jace, without even reading about them, would you?

    • THIS.

      People don’t bash on Adrian, I’m pretty sure, if you take time to read the VA/Bloodlines series you’ll understand why he won. Just like what you said, Adrian and Will are really pretty similar. Let’s just be happy for both Will and Adrian. I voted for both of them hahaha, because they’re both awesome like that. Adrian is awesome enough that he’s on par with Will on my fictional hot guys list. Yes, that’s how cool Adrian is.

      So guys, please refrain from bashing Adrian if you haven’t read VA series. Well, if you’ve read the VA series still don’t bash Adrian if you haven’t read the Bloodlines series. If you’ve read both series and still want to bash Adrian, then I don’t have anything to say about that. Everyone is entitled with their own opinion, just don’t do it here… 🙂

      Cassie wouldn’t want us bashing other author’s characters right? And besides, it’s the right and responsible thing to do. 🙂

      • Thank you! I mean, I love Will, but I also love Adrian, and I love how Richelle Mead dedicated Bloodlines to the fans of Adrian.

        Will and Adrian are both awesome. I mean, William Herondale. Adrian Ivashkov. Just the sound of their names is awesome.

        Both of them go through tough situations. I’m pretty sure Will’s life was worse, but Adrian still had to put up with bad stuff in both Vampire Academy and Bloodlines. And Adrian’s not just some vampire, just like how Will’s not just some Shadowhunter.

  11. TeamEdwardJace // August 11, 2012 at 4:32 PM // Reply

    i’m sure will will win next time! and jace and clary won though adrian sounds cool

  12. Cassandras characters are ready one everything else its ok to let other good series win a few things. I love will, but both Moral instruments/infernal devices And Vampire Academy are my favorite series, so I really wanted a VA boy to win this time. So yes I voted for him. I would have been happy either way but it think its more fair if other series have a chance, Cassandra Clare’s series aren’t the only good ones out there. VA is a great series and Adrian is a great character, if you like ID or TMI you’d really like VA.

  13. Although I’m sad that Will didn’t win, I’m glad for the Adrian fans- he sounds great. Don’t bash him just because he won over Will- how would you feel if you had the VA/Bloodlines fans bashing you over Will’s victory? I just hope that Will will win next time…

  14. mykena(future mrs. wayland // August 11, 2012 at 6:48 PM // Reply

    HOW!!!!!! I THOUGHT FOR SURE DARN IT! GRRRR i wanted will to win 😦

  15. People keep hating Adrian. Adrian is actually a lot like Will. I do like TID more than VA, but Adrian’s pretty awesome. Will is too, of course.

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