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TMI Set Day 2: Raian’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Tuesday morning in Toronto.

One of our Toronto look-outs, Raian (theloveinthestars), made the trip out to the set, where she saw filming and met Lily Collins and Robert Sheehan.

Check out the full report:

The set was amazing! They had the street completely cut off. When we got there and saw Lily & Robert filming we seriously started freaking out.

They saw us screaming and waving and looked over at us smiling and waving back. Lily looked beautiful and Robert just flawless. He had glasses on as Simon should, and the set team were sprinkling leafs and spraying water on the street to make it look like Fall. The scene they were filming was of Clary & Simon who were clearly in an argument. Clary stops, looks at something as if she’s trying to see through it and gets a ghostly look on her face. I definitely thought it was of her seeing a glamour. Afterwards Simon calls her name she shakes her head and starts following him again. The director yelled cut and Robert started to do this silly dance and almost fall over a pylon that had everybody cracking up. Robert and Lily’s relationship is awesome they kept smiling and making jokes with each other. They took time out of there day to meet us, sign autographs and take pictures! They were so sweet! We also saw Jamie but he didn’t stay long because he wasn’t in the scene today. Hopefully we spot him next week xx
Thanks to Raian for this great set report! So exciting!
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5 Comments on TMI Set Day 2: Raian’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. Thank you for sharing this awesome experience! 🙂

  2. Robert is so much better cast than Jamie. I’m glad about that, as I love Simon.

  3. I adore the way Clary dresses and Robbie is PERFECTION as Simon!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. Love both Lily and Robert and so happy to hear how lovely they both are.

  5. Pablo Beuno // August 22, 2012 at 6:47 PM // Reply

    Love it, love it, love it!

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