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TMI Set Day 2: Rebecca’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Tuesday morning in Toronto. One of our Toronto look-outs, Rebecca (@stolethenight), made the trip out to the set, where she saw filming and met Lily Collins and Robert Sheehan.

Check out her full set report:
The day started out hectic. I got out of bed at 6am (not that I slept very much I was far too excited) and was out the door at 8. My friend and I arrived downtown by St James Cemetery at around 9-930. We had heard from a lot of people that they would be filming there today so we figured it was a good start. We even saw trailers! We were excited. We even saw another fan - Sam - and brought her along with us. Well... we soon found out that it was actually the trailers for a TV show called Rookie Blue. We were bummed. We had no idea were the TMI set would be. We literally wandered around the area for an hour until we decided to go to the cemetery again. We then met five more lovely people and we decided to ban together and find the set! For a long time, our search was futile. We dwindled in numbers - at one point we were 9 but by 11am we were 6.  We drove around aimlessly until Humility saw a tweet with a picture attached. It had an NYC cab in it. By then we were elated. All we had to do was figure out where it was! Eventually we saw a sign. We managed to read what some of it said and a few google searches later, we were on our way! It took us a while to get there, especially to find parking but once we did, we were set. We arrived at the set at about 12pm. 

It was being filmed on a long stretch of road (Queen St E) filled with lots of shops. It could definitely pass for a street in NYC. Right off the bat we spotted Lily. Her and Robert Sheehan were talking to the director (probably about a take, but who knows it could have been chit-chat). That lasted for a while while they let traffic go through the street. We took a few pictures and stood on the other side of the street. Jamie was there but only for a few minutes. Apparently he had either left for the day or was off to another location for a separate shoot. At one point we waved at Robert and Lily and told Lily she looked awesome. Robert waved and Lily did too! We soon realized that the scene they were filming was the one outside of the cafe. They did a few takes of Lily and Robert walking fast paced. At one point Robert shouted “CLARY!” very loud while she looked glazed over. I think she was trying to see through a glamour. (At one point, after the director yelled CUT, Robert nearly tripped over a pylon). We watched that for a little while until a brunette and a blonde approached our group. At first we had no idea who they were but it turned out they were the screenwriter and Lily’s publicist! We were dumbfounded because wow – awesome! – and we told them how excited we were to be there and that we were huge fans. Eventually they had to shoot more so they went back across the street and we watched.

About a half an hour later during more downtime, Lily’s publicist approached us again. She told us to give her our books so she could get Lily to possibly sign them. We. Were. Stoked. We couldn’t believe it at all! We just watched in awe as she took them over to Lily. Then to our astonishment, she began to walk across the street with Lily! Lily smiled at us, greeted us and said “well, I have to personalize them!!” We just kind of stared in awe. I managed to snap a few pictures too but I didn’t want to be obnoxious. She was so, so, so lovely. She seemed so happy that we were there and that we were so excited for the movie. I told her that I LOVED her hair and she seemed so happy. (It looks super fab in person). Eventually the publicist took her back across the street – or off to lunch, actually. We were just kind of in awe by that point. One of the AR guys or someone that works on the crew told us “Wow you girls are so lucky! Lily never does this!” We basically stood there like :o!

Eventually we noticed that Robert was down the street a little. We walked towards him but stopped because we weren’t sure if they were filming a scene or not and we didn’t want to intrude. We soon realized that he wasn’t filming, he was just talking to someone so we held up our books and sharpies, grinning like crazy people while nodding our heads. He grinned back and literally WAVED us over to HIM. We took off running towards him. He seemed so genuinely pleased that we were there too. He is such a sweetheart! Two of the girls asked him to say SAVE ME BARRY!! (a line from his Misfits days). I told him that he was missed on Misfits and he was all “Aww! :(” We asked him for autographs too but instead of an autograph I wanted a photo because It’s. Robert. Sheehan. And I was too nervous to ask Lily for one so I HAD to ask Robert. He was like of course! He even took a group shot with us. He is just fantastic. Eventually he had to be pulled away too to do more shoots and then go to lunch. 

By that time they broke for lunch. We lurked around a little bit but all they were doing was filming stock and extras scenes. They had started filming Lily running into a car but the street was getting so busy that we hardly saw anything and we left.

It was a fantastic day. I’m still pretty mind blown. I probably left a lot out because honestly not all of it has sunk in yet. It was just such a fantastic experience. They were all so, so, so nice!

Rebecca asks that if any fans wish to use her photos to please link back to her blog:

Thanks to Rebecca for this amazing set report! Sounds like she had an amazing time!

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4 Comments on TMI Set Day 2: Rebecca’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. @stolethenight – Thank you sooo much for sharing you report, you lucky girl! ❤

  2. Thanks so much Rebecca! When i wrote to sourstiles i didnt know it was you. Love your blogs!!!Thanks again

  3. Um I feel bad for ever doubting Rob as Simon (visually at least, personality there’s no denying that perfection) he looks amazing!!!!! So excited and I wished I was one of the crazy people that are stalking this set!! There are pictures of Kevin Zegers that are amazing, I can’t wait for Magnus/Godfrey!!!!

  4. omg!! Rob’s such a sweetheart!!!

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