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TMI Set Day 3: Lori, Stephanie and Angela’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on  Wednesday in Toronto. Some of our Toronto lookouts, Lori (@LoriKhaouli_), Stephanie (@Stephaniesaleh), and Angela (@Angelasaleh) made the trip out to the set, where they watched filming and met Lily Collins and Robert Sheehan. Check out the full report:
Where to even begin? It’s been an awfully long and exhausting day… Well, to start, I had only gotten about two hours of sleep last night because I was way too excited to go downtown and see the set. So I woke up around 6:45am, even though we had planned to leave for downtown at 9am, and got all my stuff ready. Comfortable shoes, my charged camera and cellphone, a GPS, my City of Bones paperback, and I was ready to go.  We left for downtown having absolutely no idea where the set could possibly be. We had been googling possible locations, constantly checking twitter, and tweeting to other TMI fans that were heading for downtown Toronto as well. Once we got downtown and had no idea where we were heading, as ridiculous as it sounds, we decided to check the ‘Java Joe’s’ cafe’s that they have around downtown. We all knew that the ‘Java Jones’ sign was put up by the crew but we literally couldn’t think of anything else to do, so we checked out three different Java Joe’s cafe’s and none of the areas looked like the pictures we had seen on tumblr and twitter. All the while we had been tweeting back and forth with @TMI_Source and thank god, they let us know and we were so thankful because we probably wouldn’t have found the set without them.

Around 11am: So we parked our car and walked up the street for a while, and finally we see the set! There were pylons everywhere indicating where we could and couldn’t stand. We stood on the other side of the street and watched as the camera crew basically lounged for a little while. A few other TMI fans were standing there as well. There were so many screens put up that our view was blocked a lot of the time. But the Java Jones looked so cool from the outside! The door to the cafe kept opening and closing, so naturally, we had panic attacks every single time. A few times we’d see Robert Sheehan walk outside, then Lily Collins followed by Jamie Campbell Bower. Our views of them were only glimpses though because of all the screens! Usually whenever Jamie came outside he was wearing some black jacket with a hood that shielded his face. 

After a couple hours of not seeing much, and even more TMI fans showing up, we see Robert lounging against the door to Java Jones. He was just standing there and talking to people, and so we got into his view on the sidewalk and waved at him and he waved back at us! My knees just about turned to jelly. He’s so sweet. I can’t. Anyways, they called lunch break, and we were sort of fed up that we had been there for hours and decided to move onto their side of the street. So instead of standing across the street from the set, we were closer and to the left of it. At one point we were getting too close to the set and the crew workers made us move back.

Robert was talking to the crew while Jamie and Lily were filming inside the cafe. We kept waving at Robert and he continued to smile and wave back at us. My cousin, @Angelasaleh, held her book up for Robert to see and waved him over. He shrugged in an apologetic way and looked at his publicist. We took the hint – they didn’t want him coming over to talk to us. For a while we just watched as Lily, Robert and Jamie continued to walk back and forth from the tents to the set. 

Finally Robert goes to pick up a drink, a can of Coke, and my heart stopped because he was COMING TOWARDS US. I didn’t even have time to react, oh my god. I was so shocked. I just fumbled for my camera and book. I honestly cannot get over how kind Robbie was. He was greeting everyone, smiling, he answered some questions, and signed lots of people’s books. (Including ours) One girl asked him- “Do you like to have sex with fruits?” I didn’t really get it, and it was kind of awkward but he said, “Yeah, who doesn’t?” And he laughed. His laugh is musical. My cousin told him she loved him in Misfits and he was like “Wow! That’s so weird to hear from someone on this side of the world.” And then I wanted to run and hug him but one of the crew workers came and was trying to get him to leave but he continued to sign people’s books and talk to us. I was so happy to really see what people meant when they said he was so nice and enthusiastic. I didn’t expect a celebrity to be so kind to fangirls like us. And I’m also glad that he’s playing my favourite character. I got him on video talking to us, then I tried to get him to give a shoutout to tumblr but he was basically being pulled away by his publicist or ~whoever that man was. 

After that, Robert, Lily and Jamie all had to continue filming again. Lily gave us a wave! It was Jamie that always had his face hidden from the camera and never really paid attention to the group of girls goggling after his every move. In one scene outside the cafe, Jamie was standing there, and we all waved at us and finally he waved back! They disappeared into Java Jones for a while. My cousins and I unfortunately weren’t able to stay long after that. We waited for a bit to see if maybe they would come out again soon but it didn’t seem likely. We left around two o’clock. We were sort of disappointed we hadn’t gotten to meet Lily or Jamie, but then again we’re probably going to go downtown again to visit the set next week since it’s so close We’ll just have to find the new set locations. Overall, freaking amazing day.

For pictures from our experience today you can visit our tumblrs: ladycatwoman and theperksofbeingamity.

Thanks to Lori, Stephanie and Angela for the report! It sounds like they had such a great time at the CITY OF BONES set!

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8 Comments on TMI Set Day 3: Lori, Stephanie and Angela’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. The person who asked about him “having sex with fruit” was cos of Nathan’s line in ‘Misfits’ when he calls Simon a “melon f***er”, not that weird a thing to say when you know the context.

    • I knew that question had something to do with his role in Misfits. I just wish I could see the series 😦

      • It’s (‘Misfits’) airing in the US now (not sure where you are) on ‘Logo’ channel (being a Brit don’t know much about US channels but hope that helps).
        If you do get a chance to watch it (even if you have to resort to buying the dvds/blue-ray) you won’t regret it, it’s edgy, black comedy drama and he’s awesome in it, a real revelation and steals every scene he’s in (and there’s other great characters so it’s not that easy, although he makes it look that way). 😉

  2. Sorry to ask, but if I was thinking about heading to the set tomorrow in hopes of a chance of getting to meet the cast and get my book signed, would you guys be able to help me?

  3. I really doubt at this point Robbie has a publicist. It was probably a poor Production Assistant who was assigned with keeping him in check…although as a film student I’d kill to be able to follow Robert Sheehan around hahaha.

  4. Jamie is such a disappoint to me as the days go on, sigh. Love Robbie though.

    • Whys he a dissapointment? Hes not allowed to talk to fans..
      And why would he want to anyway he probably thinks we all hate him after some of the disgusting messages he got on twitter

      • What messages he got on Twitter? Dammit he’s not MY Jace, admittedly, but I don’t like how these so-called ‘fans’ of TMI keep calling him ugly & all that & now they’re attacking him on Twitter? Pffttt real mature.

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