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TMI Set Day 3: Stefania’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Wednesday in Toronto. One of our Toronto lookouts, Stefania (@StefaniaG_91), made the trip out to the set, where she watched filming of the Java Jones scene and met Lily Collins and Robert Sheehan. Check out her full report:
So my friend and I got to Toronto later than expected and we also did something really stupid like getting off at Union. So we walked for about over an hour to get to the set but we made it! <3 Met some fellow TMI fans <3 and I met the lovely @ Shadowhunting. Nothing really happened for a while ... We saw ROBERT SHEEHAN first and he looks so adorable in his geeky glasses!  Once in a while we saw Lily and Jamie walking around.  Jamie has his hood on most of the time probably because of the runes and such on him. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a picture or an autograph from him but it’s understandable.  About an hour later Robert waved at us as he passed by. Then decided to come over to the crazy girls staring at him walk up and down the street lol <3 He was super sweet and HOT... he also signed my book! YAY ME ! After that he went back to work and it was a lot of waiting and snapping pics and Lily and Robert waving.

Around 2:00 pm Jamie was done for the day and he jumped into a car and drove off the set.  My friend and decided to leave and grab a bite to eat. When we got back, about 15 mins later the Cast and Crew went for an hour break.  A crew member said “Ladies, we are breaking for lunch for about an hour. I think you guy should rest and do the same.”  So we took another break and had an Iced Cap ❤ YUM! 

We went back to set and about 2 hours later the publicist went and called Robert over again!! No Irish accent though =(  He signed some stuff and we took pictures of him. Not even 20 mins later Miss LILY COLLINS comes by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She was super sweet and gorgeous! I was one of the last people in the circle around Lily to get an autograph.  Lily’s face when it’s my turn O.O!  I drew a picture of her to get signed and she was REALLY liked it! “Wow! Did you draw this?! You drew this!? It’s AMAZING! <3” I was so happy !!!!!!! I have a picture of Lily’s O.O face and pointing at my drawing!  LOL!  The publicist and another lady with red curly hair ( I feel so bad I don’t know what she does! )  Were right next to me and gave me a compliment on it as well! The curly haired woman took a picture of Lily signing my drawing with her fancy set camera ❤ She also asked me if I was giving the drawing to Lily, I told her no.  She said I should do some more and give them to the cast. ❤

Overall a FANTASIC DAY!  Everyone was really nice and the crew didn’t kick us off which was great! Hopefully I can go back tomorrow if I find the new set =)

Thanks to Stefania for her set report! Sounds like she had an amazing time at the CITY OF BONES set!

Check out her photos from the set visit:

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5 Comments on TMI Set Day 3: Stefania’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. So cool! From what I can see your drawing looks amazing. It’s great Lily loved it-she seems like such a sweetheart! Robert seems sooooo incredibly nice too.

  2. I live in toronto and wanna see them, where would I go to find the set?

  3. you stalked them;)

  4. I envy you

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