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TMI Set Day 3: Aathy’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Wednesday in Toronto. One of our Toronto lookouts, Aathy (@xoAathyTox), made the trip out to the set, where she watched filming, met Lily Collins and Robert Sheehan and caught a glimpse of Jamie Campbell Bower filming outside Java Jones. Check out her full report:
Hey Shadowhunter Fans! TMI Set Day 3 was incredible and I came home smiling the whole way at how perfect of a day it was for me personally. And let me tell you A LOT happened, so be prepared to read an essay of information. Another thing before I recap is that this was a group experience for me because I went with my sister, cousin and 2 friends. So, in essence, this day wouldn’t have been the same without the people who were with me ;). 

I received information from a police officer yesterday that they’d be filming in the same spot for the interior scenes. I arrived at around 11:50 a.m. at the same Java Jones Café location with my cousin and a fellow shadowhunter friend I made yesterday on set (we became so close we planned to come again today). There were a few fans already waiting on the roadside opposite the set. One of them was even Sandra @shadowhunting! (Exciting stuff) We were told not to cross the road to their side or pass this one pylon so the first half hour or so was pretty uneventful since the TMI crews were all inside shooting. We kind of broke the rules slightly to walk up and down the street to get a better view inside since a lot of blocked off by reflectors. We managed to see Clary fray’s signature red hair sitting down at one of the tables through the window! So that just confirmed that they weren’t on break as we first assumed! We walked back to where the other fans were and had a little conversation with one of the crew members there (little did we know WHO she was…). And then the first of many sightings of Robert Sheehan happened! We saw that he was wearing the same beige coat from yesterday’s shoot so they were definitely picking up from where they left off. We saw glimmers of Jamie and lily but what we were really waiting for was this: Robert pausing at the doorway entrance, squinting through the sunlight to see us all waving at him and him waving back! Let the squealing begin (since it was most of first times being acknowledged). The shooting took longer than expected. Made sense since one time during rolling, the reflector was knocked down by the wind!

After a little while longer ALL THREE actors leave the café and head around the corner. Like we were going to let a few pylons stop us from following. The pack of us crossed the street and now stood at the corner of the shop; just a few meters away. And Robert waved at us again! Might I add with a pearly white smile? Them enter a tent and Rob was at its mouth in clear view of us. One of the fan motioned for him to come (according to my cousin) and he mouthed “I can’t.” However, moments later, he crossed the narrow road! We thought he was approaching us but goes off to the side for a drink. Disappointing. Wait….he was totally playing us because he starts walking over! I hear one fan in front of me saying “OMG. IS HECOMING OVER? IS HE” and I just straight out laughed when he replies, “I’m coommmiiinggg!“ He is so natural with the fans! I told him that the we all love the glasses (which he was wearing) and he replied, something along the lines of, “Unfortunately they impair my vision quite a bit.” He was so charming. There were quite a few Misfits fanatics and a girl asked him “Would you have sex with fruit?” I just DIED of laughter. He replied, “Who wouldn’t.” I’m questioning who wouldn’t love this guy’s sense of humor.

Soon after that he had to head back to continue shooting and the three actors entered and exited the little tent as the day went by. Both Lily and Jamie waved a couple of times as they walked by. Jamie continued having his hood over his head and did this cute little spirit finger wave near his face. LOL. He left early on. By now it was nearly 2:30 and let me tell you, the wait to get glimpses of our beloved characters coming to life is enduring the pang of hunger. Some shadowhunters had to leave and this was when Robert walked by after shooting. My cousin and I had no shame in waving as much as I can to get his attention and he mimicked my crazy wave dance! It was so unbelievably cute, even if I did just embarrass myself. Sigh. Then my sister and her friend showed up just in time for Robert to wave at us a third time saying “hey ladies.” *Swoon* He is so friendly!

A lot of the Extras came out of the café and we noticed one, who was I have to say very good looking, with tats all along his arms and drum sticks in his hands. Could he be Matt from the band? Or was it Kirk? I wasn’t sure but we totally eye-stalked (if that’s even a word) him to the convenience store across the street. We had a quick chat with Robert’s Publicist and the set went for lunch. Thank god, because it was 3:00 p.m.

But no, me and my friends couldn’t stay away and as Robert’s and Lily’s cars drove off we went to the next block and saw directions to the lunch area. So being the creepers we are we sat on some stairs to a nearby church near the lunch area. And although we didn’t see Robert (which was explained later in our day), we saw Drummer Dude! My cousin just calls him out asking him if he was the drummer in Simon’s Band. He yells back, “Uh, whose band? Sorry I didn’t read the books. I don’t read. But clearly you do.” How funny is that? My cousin: “Can we still take pictures with you?”

He replies: “I’m not famous, even if I am in a band.”  But he eventually let us. We totally flattered him. We tell him our names and he was totally caught him off guard when we asked him his. “It’s Jake, just Jake.” So my cousin won’t have a last name to put on after she marries him but whatever, it’s better than drummer dude. During lunch we also talked with the costume director about her crazy stories about fans on set and howmuch she enjoying having fans out on the sets. She was so nice, just like everyone on set!

When we head back to the set an hour later at around 4:40 and by now only a few fans remained. Then we spotted Chris Ratz exit the café with Robert! They looked like they really enjoyed each other’s company and appeared like they have been friends forever; just like Simon and Eric! We then even talked to one of the assistant Directors and some extras that were recently in the café. The A.D. was really curious about the book has only heard of it because of his baby sister. A lot of Extras had no idea of what they were being filmed in either!

 And then just when we thought the day could not possibly get any better Robert and his Publicist make a second appearance. I managed to ask him more questions like if he read any of the books. He said he did read CoB but needs to start the others soon. I told him he’ll be surprised where Simon’s character goes in the next one and how much he grows. He replied with a thank you for the heads up and how much he hopes that it doesn’t come to a fist fight with Jace over her. My cousin also asked him if he would do his Irish accent, but he replied with an “err, I’m not really allowed to do that. I’ve forgotten my roots while I’m Simon” (Since he needs to stay in character, and CAN he pull off an American accent! Cassie Clare was so right!)

Right after Lily approached us! We are so lucky because moments before, a crew member wasn’t sure if she’d be allowed again after yesterday. She was so sweet and personalized every one of our autographs. She commented to my friend, “Hey we’re both wearing blue and white stripes today! How cool is that,” and to my sister, friend and me, “You all have really unique names down here.” She.Made. My. Day. Along with another dozen waves from Robert to us, but with the added bonus of Chris/Eric’s acknowledgment of us with his little nods and smiles. And then Jake comes out of no where and starts conversing with Chris and Robert! He IS totally in the band! I caught them even exchanging numbers! My cousin couldn’t stand still and wanted us to walk right through back alley set where they all were! I thought we were all getting kicked out for sure! But nothing happened and as she walked by Chris and Jake said hi. So he remembered us from like 2 hours ago! We also conversed with some extras and a pair of them just talked with Robert also getting his autograph and they explained to us how embarrassed he is of his lopsided hearts because he can’t draw a perfect one. I can say for all of us his real heart is already perfect!

By 7 we were debating weather to go home but an en extra stopped us because they were going to film outside soon! So that totally explained the crew members attaching a hose to the fire hydrant. Just then Jamie RETURNED! We also caught Robert running back to set after a quick snack break with an orange slice in his mouth after using a lot of body language (including jumping in and out if his tent, LOL) to tell an engaging story to Chris and crew members. Jamie seemed to be really focused throughout the day on bringing our sexy hero to life and maybe he stay affray from his fans to keep the vulnerable persona in tack for shooting time! It totally made sense after what I saw next.

They were hosing the road when it was starting to get dark and we all decided to head across the road, homebound. That’s when we saw in a few minutes a crew member nearly hit by car while hosing the road down with water (to look damp I guess) and Jamie in his shadowhunter gear looking into the Java Jones among a crowd of extras. So cool and to make things even better! The lighting inside was lit really bright so we saw Simon directly across that window with 2 coffee cups and clary sitting down in a chair! It had of been the scene in Chapter 3: Shadowhunter, when Jace comes back to see her! So awesome! Unfortunately we couldn’t stay much longer but a pleasant surprise before we left, was the crew member we saw at the beginning of the day. Turns out she is the Set location Manager and she let us know that she is not going to be here tomorrow, which in turn probably means they might do some indoor set shooting. Then she spotted my sister’s iphone 4S case cover and said she totally loved that green color and offered to trade her fuchsia pink one for it! So we made the trade and left the set for the day. It was an unforgettable day to say the LEAST!

Thanks to Aathy for sharing her CITY OF BONES set experience with us! What a day she had!

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4 Comments on TMI Set Day 3: Aathy’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. the guys name is Jake Parsonson and thats his facebook!!/lifeandcrime

    • He has a Twitter too: @TourLife. He saidon it that Lily complimented his Audrey Hepburn tattoo and some fans said Lily was taking pictures if the tattoo too!

  2. What accent is Jamie talking in? Wonder if they’ll go with American or English for the shadowhunters.

  3. Michaela Herondale // August 23, 2012 at 8:05 AM // Reply

    Awwwwwwwwww. I can’t wait. Just one year to go!! *sigh*

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