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Preorder an exclusive Waterstones hardcover of ‘Lady Midnight’

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Last year Cassandra Clare shared news about special content in the first editions of Lady Midnight, the first book in her new The Dark Artifices trilogy, and today Simon & Schuster UK has a very special treat for fans.

Cassie’s English publisher is producing a special edition of Lady Midnight, which will be exclusive for Waterstones. Want to know what’s so special about this edition?

  1. It will look like this:

Basic RGB

2. It will be signed by Cassandra Clare herself.

3. There will only be 1,000 copies available.

4. It will be a UK hardcover.

5. It will have a The Mortal Instruments short story (the same one that is in the first editions), a written piece from Cassie about Emma’s LA, and a map!

If you just fell in love and need this book to become part of your Cassandra Clare collection, you can now preorder it on This special edition costs £16.99/~$24.90 and Waterstones offers wordwide shipping so it is available to fans everywhere. You will have to hurry, though, because Waterstones will remove this edition from their website once they have gotten 1,000 preorders so

preorder your exclusive copy now!


Lady Midnight will be published on March 8, which is in 57 days! 🙂



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27 Comments on Preorder an exclusive Waterstones hardcover of ‘Lady Midnight’

  1. Just pre-ordered my copy 🙂

  2. Very sad that I can’t pay with my PayPal account, cause I don’t have a visacard. Totally missing out on everything and I don’t even live in such a remote country (The Netherlands). Very dissappointing.

  3. My dad won’t let me use his anymore, unfortanetely

  4. Yes! Just ordered mine! It is so gorgeous!

  5. This is so beautiful, i knew why I have been delaying my preorder from Amazon 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  6. I kind of like the other cover. I’m going to hold of on that edition instead.

  7. I’m kind of confused. The header of this says it’s for UK fans, but then apparently the site will ship anywhere?

    So is this only for UK fans, or can anyone preorder it?

  8. So. . . this edition will not have the US jacket cover I gather? Or am I completely confused here?

  9. Clary Herondale // January 11, 2016 at 6:55 PM // Reply

    btw, is that pic the book with the dust jacket? So does it look the same with the dust jacket?

    • I pre-ordered Lady Midnight the same day it was available to do so. But no, the covers/jackets look different. In other words, the limited edition looks exactly as it does in the picture at the beginning of this article, and we all know what the other Lady Midnight looks like.


  10. aubreysbooknook // January 11, 2016 at 7:48 PM // Reply

    This is so gorgeous! Thanks for all of the updates! I cannot wait for tomorrow!

  11. I keep trying to order mine but it won’t take my “Verified by Visa” password….. Im in the US and i just can’t call them 😦 Any suggestions?

  12. Dawn Hardin // May 12, 2020 at 8:44 PM // Reply

    Can I still get a limited edition Lady of Midnight Cassandra Clare ?

  13. Will there ever be more copies of this edition printed? Can’t believe I actually missed this 😦

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