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Cordelia is the center of two ‘Chain of Gold’ snippets + another Q&A

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Happy Sunday, y’all! June is shaping up to be a great month for The Last Hours fans because Cassandra Clare seems to be in full Chain of Gold mode. So far we’ve had the monthly flash fiction and an Anna snippet and now we can add two more snippets to the list:

The first one is about Cordelia and Cortana:

“But Cortana is still here,” Lucie said, indicating the shining blade. “Daisy will be miserable without it. It’s more than just a sword to her.” She started to struggle upright. “I must bring it to her immediately.” (x)

I know this is just a couple of sentences, but I have many questions: Why is Cortana not with Cordelia? What’s wrong with Lucie?
The second snippet that Cassie shared yesterday in her newsletter is much longer and features Cordelia, Lucie, Ariadne Bridgestock and more:

Lucie took Cordelia’s hand and drew her over to the refreshment table, where a group of girls in colorful dresses had gathered. In the avalanche of introductions, Cordelia caught only a few of their names: Catherine Townsend, Rosamund Wentworth and Ariadne Bridgestock, who had brown skin a shade darker than Cordelia’s own. She was a tall, lovely-looking girl a few years older than the others.

“What a pretty dress,” Ariadne said to Cordelia, her voice warm. Her own gown was of flattering wine-colored silk. “I believe that’s the shade they call ‘ashes of roses.’ Very popular in Paris.”

“Oh, yes,” Cordelia said eagerly. She’d known so few girls growing up — just Lucie, really — so how did one impress them and charm them? It was desperately important. “I did get this dress in Paris, as a matter of fact. On Rue de la Paix. Jeanne Paquin made it herself.”

She saw Lucie’s eyes widen in concern. Rosamund’s lips tightened. “How fortunate you are,” she said coolly. “Most of us here in the poky little London Enclave rarely get to travel abroad. You must think us so dull.”

“Oh,” said Cordelia, realizing she had put her foot in it. “No, not at all —“

My mother has always said Shadowhunters aren’t meant to have much of an interest in fashion,” said Catherine. “She says it’s mundane.”

“Someone ought to tell Matthew,” said Ariadne. “Or is that rule only for girls?”

Rosamund rolled her eyes. “Ariadne, really —“ she began, and broke off with a laugh. “Speak of the devils,” she said. “Look who’s just come in.”

She was looking toward the far doors of the ballroom, through which two boys had just spilled. Cordelia saw James first, as she always did. He was tall, beautiful, smiling: a painter’s vision in black and white with tousled ebony hair.

She heard Lucie groan as the girls whispered among themselves: she caught James’ name in the whispers, and then a second name in the same breath: Matthew Fairchild.

I love the girls’ reactions to James and Matthew, but I also hope that they’ll be kinder to Cordelia. I really, really cannot wait for Chain of Gold to be released on March 3, 2020!

Cassie also answered a few Chain of Gold related questions on her tumblr:


Since The Last Hours is the sequel to The Infernal Devices, it’s only fitting to share the Book Depository pre-order link for the 10th anniversary edition of Clockwork Angel with you.

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More from Cassie’s newsletter:

Walker Books is putting together a gorgeous volume that will include delightful interior art by Kathleen Jennings and stunning character portraits by Cassandra Jean. We’ll also be sharing character birthdays! The gemstones in each character portrait are tied to the birthdays, so you can puzzle out some information from them. Here’s Charlotte! 💚

What do you think of the new snippets? And will you be buying the anniversary edition? Sound off in the comments below!

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1 Comment on Cordelia is the center of two ‘Chain of Gold’ snippets + another Q&A

  1. I just reread this article and suddenly it hit me: only 3 POV for Chain of Gold. I can’t wait for it, I can’t remember one of Cassie’s books with so less POV and I’m sure it will be very very interesting!!
    Oh and about James: ‚it is a bit complicated… YAY!! a complex character I can’t wait!!

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