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First Look: Lily Collins as Clary in THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES

Lily Collins as Clary Fray (Photo: Sony Pictures)

The first still from THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES has arrived. shared a First Look at Lily Collins as Clary Fray “fending off an enemy with the first rune that she’s ever drawn on herself at the amazement of the other Shadowhunters.”

Here, Clary brandishes one of her self-created runes — the magical symbols Shadowhunters use to protect themselves. “Clary has the ability to both create new symbols and make runes that are stronger than other people’s. In this scene, she is fending off an enemy with the first rune that she’s ever drawn on herself at the amazement of the other Shadowhunters,” Clare said. “It was very reassuring to come on set and see everything covered in runes and replicated down to the last detail. The movie was definitely made by people who love the books and wanted to do right by them.”

Look out for this still–and an interview with Cassandra Clare–in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday.

The teaser trailer for the film (due out August 23, 2013) premieres on Thursday (Nov. 15) on Entertainment Tonight before debuting online at at 10:30 PM EST.

It will also run in front of screenings of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

What do you think of the still? Sound off in the comments!

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34 Comments on First Look: Lily Collins as Clary in THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES

  1. Umm, I didn’t think Clary creates any runes until City of Ashes. This has me worried now……

  2. I think its a good thing for this element of the Clary character to be brought in earlier. It strengthens her character for this film. Films are a different medium than books and I prefer to see a strong film with the same main characters, mythology, vibe, and key plot of the book, instead of an exact execution of the particular book. I am trying to keep a flexible view. For example, something that I hoped would not make it into the movies from the books was the vampire/demon bike things – but they are for sure in there, so I am not going to worry about it but trust that Harald won’t them let them look stupid.

  3. Does she? ><! I love it!
    She does at one point but, when? Remember? Its a suspenseful part… XD Awesome job!

  4. I think it’s Jace who actually puts a rune on her- to protect her when a greater demon was going after her- He gambled on her being part Nephilim {which he assumed she was because she could see past the glamours} This results in Alec, Isabelle and others to be upset with him, as he could have put Clary in harms way by putting a rune on her.

    • Ya know now that I think Back to it I belive your right…But, Doesn’t Luke give her her Mom’s old Stele to use and she draws her first rune? I can’t tell what rune it is in this Picture but I know she draws a cople in the book. Hi I’m Kaze How are you?

  5. brb freaking out!!!

  6. Yeah, this was something from City of Ashes, but it doesn’t bother me that they put it into City of Bones. I would be more upset if that element was missing from the series.

  7. I’m happy that the more magical and mysterious part of Clary is in the City of Bones movie. 🙂 I think sticking to the books exactly with this would be strange because the sequel will be out at least a year after City of Bones, and if this progression with Clary’s character happened in the City of Ashes movie it wouldn’t be as emphasised and important, as a lot goes on in the second book. It’ll show the audience who havn’t read the books that Clary’s special and important and not just a character who is going to step back and let other people take over. 😀

  8. I love the look of Lily and it looks like its the hotel scene.

    • I agree I think its the hotel scene. Although I know it doesn’t happen in the book like this we know that Alec and Isabelle are there in the movie as well, so might Clary end up coming to the rescue and giving them a way of escaping? And if you look at the background behind her it is grotty looking and shes wearing the same leather jacket I think, I don’t know I might be wrong. But I really like the idea of Clary kicking some ass in the City of Bones as well as the later ones.

  9. i love it! and so it’ll be jace draws something on her and then clary learns. so they’ll have her learning it ealeri but i’m so excited!

  10. She fines the cup with her ability, isn’t that in City of Bones? when they go back to Madame Dorothea place, and that’s how they got into the huge battle with that demon?

  11. Now I’m just confused. Like everybody already said, she doesn’t create her first rune until the 2nd Book. Keep in mind that I’m not criticising, I’m just wondering that if they changed this bit of the story, what else did they change?

    Anyway, even though I have no idea how this is going to turn out, I think the still is pretty good. Can’t wait for the teaser trailer.

  12. Hang on a sec, this little description describes her power, but “fending off an enemy with the first rune that she’s ever drawn on herself at the amazement of the other Shadowhunters.” doesn’t necessarily mean that she created a rune here. Maybe she just drew her first rune,(one from the Grey book) and the Shadowhunters are amazed by the fact that she was able to Mark herself without any training prior. And Scavenger, I sort of agree with your comment, but the whole rune thing with Clary is a huge part of COA.

  13. This amazing! Maybe this is when Hodge traps her and Valentine takes Jace! I know no one saw her escape, but they found out eventually! They could have her draw the rune on herself rather than they barrier! Man its gona drive me insane waiting till August!!!

  14. I think they may have taken some liberties with the first and second books just to establish the characters a little for the many who will see the film and not have read the books at all. It is hard to combine everything into the short space of a movie and still have everyone interested enough to want to see more (a second film).

  15. what does the rune on her hand in this picture mean?

  16. Can anybody tell me name of this rune, plz???

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