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‘Shadowhunters’: 5 Reasons Why Daniel Sharman Would Be The Perfect Jace

Daniel Sharman

With casting currently underway for Shadowhunters, we can’t help but get excited about the new actors that will join our Shadowhunters family, including who will make his way into our hearts as Jace Herondale.

With the series’ television revival, a new cast will take center stage for the hour-long drama on ABC Family. The movie cast will not reprise their roles (read why here).

While we’ve already fan-casted our picks for Clary (FYI: Molly Quinn is our favorite), we’ve been thinking about our picks for Jace. And of course Daniel Sharman came to mind. In fact, we think he’d be perfect as the cocky, snarky, vulnerable Jace.

Of course the first thing people will point out: he’s not blonde! Well, Lily Collins wasn’t a redhead before she dyed it for the film. Same goes for Kevin Zegers and Jemima West. It’s called hair dye, and it’s a main staple in Hollywood. Point is, forget the hair. Focus on the important things, like overall hotness. I kid, I kid (okay not really).

So what are the reasons why we think Daniel would be the perfect Jace?

1. He’s Hot

Sorry to get all superficial, but I only speak the truth. Just look at him. Daniel is the epitome of sex appeal. Being hot comes with the territory when you’re Jace: he’s physically attractive and he knows it; he uses it as a weapon just as much as he does his seraph blades. Plus I know I wouldn’t complain seeing him on my television every week.

2. He’s Already a Member of the “Shadowhunter” Family


If Daniel were to be cast as Jace this wouldn’t be his first foray into the Shadowhunter fandom. He narrated the audiobook for Clockwork Princess and proved to be a big fan of both of Cassie Clare’s series. It’s exactly why I love the idea of Molly Quinn playing Clary: she’s voiced audiobooks for The Mortal Instruments and she’s a fan of the books! Just think, how awesome a story would it be that these audiobook narrators eventually found their way to the small screen for a series based on Cassie’s books?

3. He’s Got the Acting Chops


Yeah, sure, Daniel is hella attractive (obviously), but he also possesses the acting chops needed for a complex character like Jace. If you’ve seen Daniel on Teen Wolf and The Originals, then you’ve gotten a glimpse of him sinking his teeth into some pretty complex characters. He’s able to pull of that cocky humor without seeming like a complete douchebag, but he’s also a master of vulnerability and stripping it down (his emotions, not his clothes, but that too) when the occasion calls for it. Just thinking about what Daniel could do with a character like Jace makes me incredibly excited and curious.

4. He Has Experience with Passionate Fandoms


The Shadowhunter fandom is at the very least a passionate one; at best, it’s a crazy, insane, dedicated one. Luckily, Daniel Sharman has some experience working with passionate fanbases. Let’s look at his two most popular roles: Teen Wolf and The Originals. Both fandoms are insanely passionate (have you seen the Teen Wolf fandom in action, it’s insane!) So having that experience acting on a show that is received as such by fans, reacting with fans and putting himself out there, Daniel would be a natural in the Shadowhunters fandom.

5. He’s All About the Supernatural


Daniel is most known for his roles as Isaac on Teen Wolf, where he played a werewolf, and Kol on The Originals, where he played a witch. Basically, Daniel seems to be drawn to the supernatural. And he thrives in the environment. Not only was this world of Shadowhunters made for Daniel, but Jace is a character that he could really sink his teeth into (no pun intended). Plus, it’d be nice to see Daniel taking on the supernatural instead of being the supernatural. What can you say, he’s a well-rounded actor.

While Daniel is currently filming a CBS medical drama pilot LFE, it has not been picked up for series yet. The thing is, hundreds of pilots are made every year in Hollywood and most of them don’t get ordered to series. But Shadowhunters already has a 13-episode order. Just saying.

After this tweet exchange between Daniel and Cassie, we can’t help but really, really, really need this this to happen!

Be sure to share your love for Daniel in the comments and on Twitter using the hashtag #DanielSharmanForJace and you can tweet @daniel_sharman and @ShadowhuntersTV!

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50 Comments on ‘Shadowhunters’: 5 Reasons Why Daniel Sharman Would Be The Perfect Jace

  1. me-sjoukje // April 1, 2015 at 9:09 AM // Reply

    I’m all for Daniel to join the cast, but I’d cast him for Alec myself. He would be better fit for him

  2. Omigosh he’d be perfect!! I love Kol/Kaleb on the Originals and he can definitely be sarcastic and cocky! Yesssss

  3. Like Said above. I think he’d be better for Alec. And it’s not because he isn’t blonde. I just feel that someone else would fit Jace better. I really liked JCB as Alec but I know it might not be him coming back as Jace, if that will be the case ( and let’s face it, we are speculating that none of the movie actors will be back for the show. We could very well be wrong and some of them could sign up for the show too.) I think someone else would be a better fit. Say like Chris Zylka (secret circle) or another fan favorite from before Alex Pettyfer, especially since Cassi confide they’ll be around 18 for the show. For me, I don’t think Daniel would look good blonde, it would ruin him for me cause tall dark and gorgeous is soooooooo his thing!! And I ALWAYS pictured him as Will Herondale. ALWAYS. Cause he can definitely play that Herondale cockiness that shows itself so much in all the Herondale men, from Will’s father all the way down the line to Jace. 🙂 But if we don’t get him as a Herondale I think he’d make a nice Alec. 🙂

    • WarlockBane // April 1, 2015 at 6:40 PM // Reply

      My parabatai and myself have discussed Daniel Sharman being a part of any cast via for anything Shadowhunter. I agree with you on him being a great Will, but we also pointed out that he’d make a great Gabriel or Gideon too 🙂

  4. Oh and anyone else wonder if the meeting between Cassie and Molly was to talk to her about playing Clary?!!!! 😉

    • me-sjoukje // April 1, 2015 at 2:30 PM // Reply

      Yes I do! I’m just waiting now for it to be confirmed. Thoug it doesn’t explain the open audience, if it was already decided.

  5. While I really like this casting, I must admit I’m personally not a fan of Molly Quinn as Clary but rather Freya Mavor (most notable role from the UK TV series ‘Skins’). Like you said, she could dye her hair the actual carrot-colour Clary’s known to have as opposed to that fake ‘auburn’ colour Lily Collins was given…plus, Mavor is young enough that she can pull off being an 18 year old.

  6. No. He is not Jace. He is not so hot as Jamie.

  7. Though he sounds ok I would love to see Benjamin Stone who played Alek Petrov on The Nine Lives of Chloe King series which also was an ABC Family series. He is blonde already and played a cocky handsome character.

  8. He is amazing, but he isn’t a Jace. I think he is more Jordan. But everyone will have different views on Jace’s character, because everyone has so many different ideas on how he looks. From my point of view, Daniel isn’t Jace. He’d be perfect for Jordan, maybe Alec.

  9. I want Daniel, I wanted him as Jordan Kyle maybe even Alec… Chris Zylka is right now my first choice for Jace still maybe Lucas Til

  10. I don’t see him as Jace. At all. He is cute but not hot enough to play Jace. I see him more like Alec, or Sebastian…
    For Jace I would love someone hotter ¡and blonde!
    I’m not saying Alex Pettyfer, but he is a perfect example to how Jace should look like…

  11. I honestly think he’d fair well in any of the major roles haha! Jace, Simon, Alec,… if we get that far, Johnathan! Good pick!

  12. Stilldreamy // April 1, 2015 at 2:28 PM // Reply

    No. only Jamie. Please.

  13. Katie Houston // April 1, 2015 at 3:37 PM // Reply

    I think he could definitely be a great jace. I mean we all saw Jamie and started picturing jace that way, but think back before the movie, to when you first read the books, and jace was a bit more of an open slate. Also I hope he could wear contacts to get the “golden” eye color right. (Not that blue isn’t gorgeous)

    • There is no “before the movie” for me. I first started reading “City of Bones” a month before the movie came out. That’s why I can’t picture anyone else playing these characters.

  14. I’m debating whether I should try to audition for Clary. I’m around the right age, I have curly red hair, and I actually do act in quite a few theater productions when I can.

    Any thoughts?

  15. I’m not very fond of this, I imagine Jace with more of a square facial shape (like Dan Radcliffe, though I’m certainly not suggesting him, lol).

  16. He is born 1986…too old to play Jace

  17. Oh God no. Just no. It took us all a long time to get used to the old cast, and we did. And now they are changing it ughh

  18. I think he can do it. Give the guy a chance, people.

  19. Alice Carstairs // April 1, 2015 at 11:48 PM // Reply

    I do not see him as Jace. Jace would never have got his eyebrows done.

    Is this truly a fansite? Because we weren’t even asked who we would like to see as Jace. I feel that this site doesn’t just bring us news, but uses the number of followers to promote the authors opinion.

    After the unfaithful initial (and extreme) negativity about the show and now this post, promoting who the author thinks should have the role, & being blocked for having different opinions, I am done visiting this site for good.

  20. No! He’d be the perfect WILL if we’re being real. But if nothing from TID at all will be on the show, then he would make a good Alec, I agree.

  21. I am really glad that the fans don´t make the casting. We´re not really good at it, so let´s just leave it to the ones who know what they are doing and hope they make the right choices.
    I, personally, don´t picture Daniel as Jace, though I could live with it if he did a good job. But Daniel as Alec, hell no! He doesn´t have the Alec-look, no blue eyes which is very important for this role and Daniel is rather the cocky type who knows he is good-looking, so the opposite of Alec´s character. He would do as Jordan, maybe.
    And Molly Quinn as Clary is also not a good choice. I like her, but I can´t imagine she could bring out the stubborn, rebellious side of Clary. Molly seems too nice to act this, but, well, I´ve only seen her on Castle so far.
    But as I said, fans have various differing opinions. Some people hated Jamie C. Bower as Jace, some loved him. I was somewhere in between.
    Let´s just hope they find actors who adore the story as much as we do and who are just as commited to the characters. That´s already half the battle.

  22. jenni deppe // April 2, 2015 at 12:06 PM // Reply

    I don’t think he makes a good jace and i cant see him as jace he would be better for jordan kyle

  23. Ok so I’m gonna say this and let’s hope everyone see it. To the two people above who were absolutely rude to your fellow fans. We are just speculating here. We’re having what should be a grown conversation about who we would like to POSSIBLY play a certain part. Saying that others are stupid for the stuggestion is just rude and hateful. Also there’s a reason theses people are called ACTORS they ACT out personalities all the time. That’s why they get paid mega bucks. Because they can play their real life personalities of sweetness or arrogance but can also play the complete opposite. And here we are again arguing about the looks of the actors. Does no one remember the conversation about what wonders are involved in Hollywood and movie production? A blonde haired pale skinned girl was made into a dark haired olive skinned Katniss Everdeen, werewolves become real, look at the wonders they did with that knew Cinderella movie, Jim Carrey became the Grinch. I’m pretty friggin sure they can turn a dark haired, blue eyed (yes Daniel has blue eyes, look closely so the only change to his appearance to make him Alec might be darkening his hair to black) man into a blonde haired golden eyed one. It’s called hair due and contacts. And Daniel is an excellent actor, I’m sure he can go from arrogant pretty boy in real life, to quiet but slightly aggressive (in the beginning) loyal valiant Alec Lightwood. But how about we just stop calling people names huh?

    • If you were refering to me in the comment, I didn´t mean to be rude to other fans. Like I said, everyone has another opinion and what I said about Daniel was mine. You don´t have to agree with me, I don´t expect you to and I thought I made that clear in my comment. Sorry for stating my opinion, I thought this was a fan site where people can discuss things without starting an argument.

    • And as for the eye-color, I looked at pictures of Daniel. In one his eyes appear green, in another bluish. It looks different on a computer screen than in real life, sue me.
      Of course, the appearance isn´t as important as is good acting.
      I tried to say that if Daniel or Molly or any other actor could perfect the role it wouldn´t matter if they´re the exact copy of the character (which isn´t even possible). I am also just a fan and not very good when it comes to casting choices. I just have my opinion. That´s what I wanted to say. If that came out wrong in my comment above, well, sorry.

  24. I hate when people make such a big deal about hair color and eye color. It’s really not that important. The Harry Potter movies went on just fine without a green eyed Harry.

    I actually really like the suggestion of Daniel. I’d be very happy with that.

    • Ikr! I think people are getting too caught upin the hair colr thing. Who cares?? He can dye his hair. It’s not that far off from blonde anyway lol

  25. Shelby Elaine // April 2, 2015 at 3:07 PM // Reply

    I can’t really see him as Jace… my top choice for Jace is Mitch Hewer ( and Chrishopping Zylka. I see Daniel as Jordan Kyle. I always saw Taylor Lautner as Alec and Adelaide Kane as Isabelle. Sebastian is absolutely Conor McLain, I can’t see him as anyone else. I think Sebastian is going to be one of those characters that will either have the perfect actor or the worst. I don’t think I there will be much inbetween…

  26. But do remember everyone, the producers want an actor who looks the age of 22. As they want to age up the characters, all the people we select will most likely not be Jace. The cast will most definitely be people we would never consider to play our loveable characters.

  27. Would he have time to do both Teen Wolf and be part of the Shadowhunters.

  28. I think he would be perfectfor Jace!!! Why do people keep saying “he doesn’t have the blonde hair, so he can’t play”? It’s called dying hair people. He can always dye it. Daniel should defs play Jace!!!

  29. He’s definitly got the hot factor going on, I’ve never seen any of his shows so I don’t know about that BUT Jace needs to be a blond.

  30. Would soooo love (practically NEED) Daniel on the show, but as people have been commenting maybe as Alec…? But how about as Jordan even? Yes not american but he’s done the accent before for teen wolf. He has the personality of Jace dooowwnnn though it’s very true, but because of looks maybe as a different character. Someone photoshop Daniel as Jace for us please?!

  31. They gotta put some gold contacts on whoever is playing jace cause they have to get it right. It’s not jace unless he has the blond hair and gold eyes, the same goes to all of the other characters they have to get their features too. US obsessed with the books want it to be as close as the book as possible please.

    • No they don’t.

      “US” obsessed with the books weren’t enough to make the movie successful, nor will be enough to make the TV show a success. Good storytelling, charismatic acting, and production will do that by capturing a large audience.

      Harry color and even more so, eye color, are insignificant details. I mean, the Harry Potter movies did just okay with a blue eyed Harry Potter. At the end of the day was it really that important? We all know the answer.

      Personality and charisma are so much more important! So much. This show is not going to be the books, people need to get over that. As long as they keep the heart of the story, that is the best we can hope for, and in my opinion, would be a success. It’s in the heart, not the details.

      The best part, is that the people all complaining now, will totally have no problem once the show starts, same as the movie.

  32. I’d be very happy if Daniel ended up with the role of Jace. I could care less about his natural hair color. He is charismatic and I think would do a great job.

    It baffles my mind to see so many people hoping the movie cast comes back when everyone hated the movie cast at first. Not only that, but WHY would the production be at all interested in bringing back any of the movie cast? The movie didn’t do well, if it had, we wouldn’t be getting a TV show at all. They aren’t going to repeat old mistakes, that would not be wise.

  33. I prefer Alex Nifong as Jace. I see something in him that was also brought out by Jamie so Alex is my Jace for the TV series. 🙂

  34. If they made a series of The Infernal Devices, I can see Daniel Sharman as Will. His got the dark hair with those baby blues and just enough of a brooding/wicked look to pull it off.

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