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TMI Set Day 4 Recap: Filming at The Institute begins and launch of TMI movie Facebook page

The one-year mark before the theatrical release of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES was only the beginning in a busy day on the fourth day of filming on Thursday.

Filming at the Institute, which is taking place at Knox College, began and fans were delivered some fantastic photos of both the set and the actors.

The first photos of Robert Sheehan (Simon) and Jemima West (Isabelle)–or Sizzy, as they are collectively known in the fandom–surfaced, followed by some gorgeous shots of Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace) all runed up and then some shots of a fiery Lily Collins (Clary).

From set photos to movie announcements, catch up on everything that went down on the fourth day of filming:





Gelyn: “…So again we were alone pretending with our phones and I look up to see a man in black with runes passing by, I instantly yelled “can I have your autograph?” and when he turned to me I did NOT realize that it was KEVIN and I was so happy. He said to hold on and that he would be back and he was real nice. When he came back hes like “ok” and we said “can we have autographs/pictures?”  and Kevin smiled his god smile and was like yeah sure no problem and he signed our city of bones book and we were so happy! I got a picture with him and to pose, he put him arm around me and I was soo happy and I’m thinking “omg!! His arm is around me!” so I wind my arm around his waist which was the best thing on earth! and his smile oh gosh his smile….” Read more

Michelle: “…Being tired of standing in the field: Seb, Maia, Alleen and I decide to walk around the block/ building and found ourselves in “PRIVATE PROPERTY” (psh, show me the sign). Don’t get me wrong, they don’t kick you out harshly they politely ask you to leave so don’t be intimidated to them! Anyway, right before we were told that we weren’t allowed on this side- I was able to take a picture of the scene. Basically, the crew was setting up for green screens and all the CGI screenings (special effects)….” Read more

Seb: “…Eventually we were all very antsy and just either waited by the back entrance or explored. Personally I went with mrwillw to see the cast’s trailers. Now this next part is where you choose to believe me or not, because as kind as they were in letting us stay near the trailers absolutely no photos were allowed and mrwillw can vouch for this. We managed to not only see Robert, Kevin and Jemima, but also got waves from Kevin after he had just changed to a more rune-exposing outfit, and a wave from Robert Sheehan. Finally as we were just about leaving the trailer area we managed to see Jamie, and this was quite the surprise indeed because he was kind enough to sign the books for a few of us…” Read more

Maya: “…As we were walking down the street I saw a trailer door open and just inside the doorframe was a tall, sexy, fit Jace casually smoking a cigarette. He was honestly the hottest person I have ever met and he did have about him that sort of cavalier look about him. I walked past the doorframe because I literally could not believe my eyes but then snapped back to reality. We walked the couple steps back to the door and I timidly approached him my book held out. I couldn’t speak so he asked me if I wanted my book signed I helplessly nodded yes. Then out of the blue a blonde man with long sideburns came running towards our group yelling  “NO, no, that is not how it’s done around here!” he thought we had knocked on Jamie’s trailer door. Jamie then assured him that that was not the case and he had been outside already. He finished signing my book and then signed some other peoples too. I can safely say he is all that you could want in a Jace….” Read more



Yesterday was the one-mark for the highly-anticipated release of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES on August 23, 2013.

Filming on the adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s internationally bestselling novel began on Monday and fans have been treated to tons of photos and set reports from fans that made their way up to the set.

Fans on Twitter showed their support by tweeting the hashtag #COB1year2day, sharing their thoughts and reminiscing about the first moment they fell in love with Clare’s Shadowhunter world.

Official MORTAL INSTRUMENTS movie Facebook page launches

The official Facebook page for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS movie launched on Thursday in conjunction with the one-year mark before THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES hits theaters on August 23, 2013.

According to Cassandra Clare, the page will “feature milestones in the filmmaking process, backstory on the books and the writing of them, exclusive on-set photos, videos of the actors, interviews, production info, and all kinds of cool things. Like one day there will be a teaser trailer up there. It’s kind of mindblowing.”

Check it out:

After the previous four days of excitement of filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, Day 5 of filming shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to fan accounts and photos.

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  1. omg omg…..Alec and Simon have more muscles than Jace does. :OOOOO

  2. Really liking Jace! Everything looks so cool.

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